Sapporo 5th Anniversary Rilakkuma Plush!

Dreaming of snow and winter as summer gets closer? Cool down by hanging out with one of my newest additions: Bobsled Rilakkuma Plush from the Sapporo 5th Anniversary Series! This sporty bobsled Rilakkuma was released as part of the Sapporo Rilakkuma Store’s 5th Anniversary celebration held November 2016! This is the first Rilakkuma plush to … Continue reading

Goodies from the Rilakkuma Booth at Anime Expo 2016!

Woooo! Check out this swag from the Anime Expo 2016 Rilakkuma booth! Haha so I didn’t actually go to Anime Expo this year but! Rilakkuma.crossing did, and she picked up a ton of Rilakkuma stuff for me from their booth – so huuuuuuuge THANK YOU!!! (And check out her Rilakkuma-filled instagram!) I appreciate the opportunity … Continue reading

American West Rilakkuma Plushes! + Independence Day weekend issue!

Howdy! Time to introduce the American West Rilakkuma team! These patriotic mini-plushes were released in October 2015 as part of the Kichijoji Rilakkuma Store’s 5th Anniversary celebration, but I thought it was appropriate to write about for this weekend as the United States celebrates its Independence Day on July 4! Like always, I enjoy the … Continue reading

Tokyo Station 7th Anniversary NYC Rilakkuma Plush!

Rilakkuma visits the Big Apple! Check out this NYC Rilakkuma design from Tokyo Station’s 7th Anniversary celebration! Wow, what an amazingly detailed design to celebrate the Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store’s 7th Anniversary! This patriotic Rilakkuma came out in February 2016, as part of the Rilakkuma World Tour anniversary theme. He joins the Wild West Rilakkuma … Continue reading

Koguma-chan M Plush + Rilakkuma Store Exclusive Fishing Plush!

Long time no see! At long last, introducing Koguma-chan! Koguma-chan (こぐまちゃん) was introduced in this spring’s series called “Korilakkuma’s New Friend” (コリラックマと新しいお友達), which was released this past March. Above is the M (medium) standard design, which I think is super adorable! “Koguma” (こぐま) means bear cub, and this bear cub loves honey! I was also … Continue reading

Lemon Series Rilakkuma Plushies! + Rilakkuma Goes West!

Still feeling the summer heat? Check out these two Lemon Rilakkumas! Eeeeee they are so cute together!! Their look is so fresh and I love the amount of detail in their outfits! I think both of their designs are an especially creative take on the lemon theme, and I am so happy that these two … Continue reading

Hankyu Rilakkuma Plushies! + End of August Update!

Hope you’ve been having a wonderful summer! Say hello to these two Hankyu Rilakkumas! I love the color scheme of this line, and these bears hold a special place in my heart because I rode the Hankyu line with my family in 2013, and actually visited the Umeda Rilakkuma store while I was there! I’m … Continue reading

Rilakkuma Cat Series Net Shop Exclusive!

So excited to share the Rilakkuma Cat Series Net Shop Exclusive plush set today! What I love most about this plush set is that they both fit snugly on one’s lap! This plush set was particularly exciting for my family because many of us are allergic to cats hahaha so this is as close as … Continue reading

New! Rilakkuma & SHINKANSEN collaboration + Tokyo Souvenir Series!

Hi everyone! I’m back from the Dominican Republic finally, and whew it is wild being back in the States again! But wow, lots of cool things have happened while I was out! First up, a Rilakkuma & SHINKANSEN collaboration! I picked up the Dr. Yellow version of this plushie, so I’ll probably try to get … Continue reading