>> Under construction! Please be patient as I figure out how to organize everything! <<

San-X Rilakkuma Plushie Collection
This documents my San-X Rilakkuma plushie collection, which includes San-X as well as Lawson plushies, in reverse chronological order.

Licensed Rilakkuma Plushie Collection (WIP)
A peek at the diverse world of licensed Rilakkuma plushies: e.g. Fansclub UFO catchers, HNA, Mister Donut, and more!

Miscellaneous Rilakkuma Collection (WIP)
All of my Rilakkuma things that aren’t plushies! Since I’m a huge collaboration girl, this includes items such as pizza cutters, food items, kuma shorts, and then some!

Non-Rilakkuma Collection (WIP)
Though Rilakkuma has my heart, I am a Sumikko Gurashi fan, too! Other non-Rilakkuma things that I love as well go here.

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