Licensed Rilakkuma Plushie Collection

Licensed plushies in the Rilakkuma world refers to plushies that are not made directly by San-X, but instead by a third party company that has purchased a license that authorizes them to use Rilakkuma imagery in their products.

They generally have a unique look and feel to them, and they can really add a novel level of design to a collection! Learn more about Rilakkuma licensing from my post here.


Fansclub is UFO catcher company with a license to sell official Rilakkuma plushies. In addition to coming from UFO catchers (crane games), these plushies have a unique and distinct aesthetic about them, which is why they have their own special section in my collection!

Most importantly, many of these plushies were given to me by dear friends, so I cherish them even more!

Since there are many Fansclub Rilakkumas that I have yet to photograph, this is a very incomplete list and a work in progress – stay tuned, there are lots more bears for this page to come, I just need to give them the post spotlight they deserve!


Strawberry Bag SeriesStrawberry Bag Series

いちご巾着ぬいぐるみ [SS7373]

Rilakkuma (sleepy)

Released: January 2014

* Thanks, Mira Plush!


Striped Knit SeriesStriped Knit Series

リラックマボーダーニットぬいぐるみ [SS7298]

Rilakkuma (orange/white sweater, sitting), Korilakkuma (pink/white sweater)

Released: December 2013

* Thanks, Trinie!
Fashionable Christmas SeriesFashionable Christmas Series

おしゃれクリスマスぬいぐるみ [SS7249]

Korilakkuma (scarf)

Released: October 2013

* Thanks, Trinie!

10th Anniversary Royal SeriesRilakkuma 10th Anniversary Royal Series

10thぬいぐるみ [SS7165]

Rilakkuma (dango)

Released: August 2013

* Thanks, Jennifer!
Wagara SeriesWagara Series

和柄ぬいぐるみ [SS7058]

Rilakkuma (scarf)

Released: May 2013

* Thanks, Jennifer!

Aloha Rilakkuma 4/2013 SeriesAloha Rilakkuma Series

アロハ コレクションぬいぐるみ [SS7020]

Rilakkuma (lei), Rilakkuma (guitar)

Released: April 2013

* Thanks, Trinie!


Fu Series福 (Good Fortune & Happiness) Series

福よこいコレクションぬいぐるみ [SS6851]

Rilakkuma (recumbent)

Released: November 2012

* Thanks, Trinie!


Mikan Hat SeriesMikan Hat Series

みかん帽子 ぬいぐるみ [SS6447]

Rilakkuma (scarf), Korilakkuma (scarf)

Released: December 2011



Outdoors Together SeriesOutdoors Together Series

アウトドアごっこコレクションぬいぐるみ [SS6359]

Rilakkuma (kabob)

Released: July 2011


Yukata SeriesYukata Series

ユカタぬいぐるみ [SS6217]

Rilakkuma (fan), Korilakkuma (fan)

Released: June 2011


Winter Pastel SeriesWinter Pastel Series

パステルウィンターぬいぐるみ [SS6015]

Rilakkuma (light blue)

Released: November 2010

* Thanks, Trinie!


Mr. Shaved Ice SeriesMr. Shaved Ice Series

氷屋さんぬいぐるみ [SS5894]

Rilakkuma (empty bowl)

Released: July 2010

* Thanks, Trinie!
Fansclub Strawberry Series Part 2Strawberry Series Part 2

イチゴぬいぐるみ Part2 [SS5728]

Rilakkuma (strawberry crown), Rilakkuma (strawberry hood)

Released: March 2010

* Thanks, Trinie!


Halloween 2008 SeriesHalloween 2008 Series

ハロウィンぬいぐるみ Part4 [SS4987]

Korilakkuma (fairy)

Released: ~November 2008

* Thanks, Trinie!


Flower Bouquet SeriesFlower Bouquet Series

花束ぬいぐるみ [SS4203E]

Korilakkuma (orange flowers)

Released: ~November 2006

* Thanks, Trinie!

Rilakkuma 3rd Anniversary SeriesRilakkuma 3rd Anniversary Series

ぬぐるみBIG 3rd anniversary 4種 [SS4184]

Rilakkuma (gift)

Released: July 2006

* Thanks, Trinie!


Children's Day SeriesChildren’s Day Series

ポーズぬいぐるみBIG こどもの日編 [SS3051]

Rilakkuma (kabuto)

Released: ~April 2005

* Thanks, Trinie!
~ denotes approximate release date based on other websites, since no official Fansclub or San-X record was found. 


HN&Associates (HNA)

HNA is a company that produces special licensed Rilakkuma products unique to each area in Japan! They’re great souvenirs, and they each represent a interesting part of that city’s culture or history. They’re a little tough to find, but I hope I get to visit Japan enough in the future to collect many more!

Nara HNANara (奈良市) Rilakkuma

Kansai Region (関西地方)


Mister Donut

Misdo RilakkumaMister Donut is a donut franchise that originally started in the US, but has since become incredibly popular in Japan and is now non-existant in the US.

Since Rilakkuma is a lazy and hungry bear with a sweet tooth, this a very fitting collaboration!

Released: November 2012


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