Triple Feature! Ocarina Rilakkuma + Koguma-chan’s Acorn House + Acorn Rilakkuma Plush!

Weekend relaxation mode!

Today’s post features three great bear plush associated with Chairoikoguma (チャイロイコグマ) / Koguma-chan (こぐまちゃん)! “Chairoi” means brown, “koguma” means bear cub, and “chan” is an honorific with an endearing connotation. Both names for the same cute bear! Koguma-chan was introduced to the Rilakkuma crew in March 2013, and has been highlighted in two additional series since then!

First up is Ocarina Rilakkuma, the Caravan exclusive plush from Korilakkuma’s New Friend Series!

リラックマキャラバン限定商品あつめてぬいぐるみ - コリラックマと新しいお友達 - Korilakkuma's New Friend - Caravan Series - Ocarina Rilakkuma plush - full angle instagram

Contemplative ocarina time in the forest!

リラックマキャラバン限定商品あつめてぬいぐるみ - コリラックマと新しいお友達 - Korilakkuma's New Friend - Caravan Series - Ocarina Rilakkuma plush - front full

“Hey! What are you doing in my secret spot?”

リラックマキャラバン限定商品あつめてぬいぐるみ - コリラックマと新しいお友達 - Korilakkuma's New Friend - Caravan Series - Ocarina Rilakkuma plush - bee detail

The cutest bear bee sits on top of his head! I love the bear face, fuzzy pom-pom antennae, and tiny circular wings!

リラックマキャラバン限定商品あつめてぬいぐるみ - コリラックマと新しいお友達 - Korilakkuma's New Friend - Caravan Series - Ocarina Rilakkuma plush - ocarina detail

Rilakkuma plays a beautiful baby blue ocarina. I absolutely love the soft color, submarine shape, and subtle bear emblem!

リラックマキャラバン限定商品あつめてぬいぐるみ - コリラックマと新しいお友達 - Korilakkuma's New Friend - Caravan Series - Ocarina Rilakkuma plush - tag art

Tag art features Rilakkuma relaxing on a tree branch with Kiiroitori taking a peek! And of course, a little bear bee flitting around! I tried to recreate this scene in the first photo hehehe.

Though this plush does not explicitly look like it’s Koguma-chan related, he is the Caravan release for Korilakkuma’s New Friend Series, the series that introduced Koguma-chan back in March 2016! Check out the video for this series:

This plush represents my favorite scene from this series, Rilakkuma peacefully playing the ocarina by a tree while Korilakkuma plays with Koguma-chan!

Huge thanks to @rilakkumacrossing for the tip on this bear—I love him so much!

Next up is Koguma-chan’s Acorn House Playset!

てぶくろをとどけに - チャイロイコグマの どんぐりのおうちセット - Kogumachan - Chairoikoguma - Handmade Mittens Series - Acorn House Plush Playset - full

Welcome to Koguma-chan’s acorn home!

てぶくろをとどけに - チャイロイコグマの どんぐりのおうちセット - Kogumachan - Chairoikoguma - Handmade Mittens Series - Acorn House Plush Playset - separate parts

Check out all of the separate parts! The acorn house, Koguma-chan, chair, scarf, bee, and of course, the handmade mittens!

てぶくろをとどけに - チャイロイコグマの どんぐりのおうちセット - Kogumachan - Chairoikoguma - Handmade Mittens Series - Acorn House Plush Playset - bee detail

A smaller scale take on the bear bee! Compared to the one attached to Ocarina Rilakkuma, this one has all the features flattened to one side, and the wings are displayed dorsally instead of laterally.

てぶくろをとどけに - チャイロイコグマの どんぐりのおうちセット - Kogumachan - Chairoikoguma - Handmade Mittens Series - Acorn House Plush Playset - mitten detail

The eponymous handmade mittens! You can actually physically put these on Koguma-chan’s paws, but seemed like a little bit of a hassle.

てぶくろをとどけに - チャイロイコグマの どんぐりのおうちセット - Kogumachan - Chairoikoguma - Handmade Mittens Series - Acorn House Plush Playset - scarf detail

Cute baby pink scarf to keep him warm, just in case his chest hair doesn’t! And at this angle, you can take a peek at Koguma-chan’s signature honey print!

てぶくろをとどけに - チャイロイコグマの どんぐりのおうちセット - Kogumachan - Chairoikoguma - Handmade Mittens Series - Acorn House Plush Playset - outside house detail fish

In addition to a window, Koguma-chan’s home features a cute acorn stem on the side of the roof, and there’s an elastic loop for the doorknob to keep the door closed! And one of my favorite details, a light blue fish on the door, just like the fish he caught with Rilakkuma! And like the ones they eventually eat for dinner, if you follow their story.

てぶくろをとどけに - チャイロイコグマの どんぐりのおうちセット - Kogumachan - Chairoikoguma - Handmade Mittens Series - Acorn House Plush Playset - box insert art

No tag for this playset, but the box shows all the component parts, as well as the source illustration! If you look closely, you can see that the bear bee has his own beehive attached to Koguma-chan’s home!

I absolutely love playsets, and this one is no exception!

One thing that is silly about a lot of these house-themed playsets is that while all the component parts can fit comfortably inside for storage, they really do look super crammed in there for a living space—like all Koguma-chan can do in his own house is sit because there isn’t room for much else haha.

Also, these different Koguma-chan plushes make it hard for me to figure out what Koguma-chan’s body shape really is! This version makes him look a lot skinnier than the illustrations. Furthermore, he looks a lot different from his standard M classic counterpart, who then still looks quite different from his fishing counterpart. What is the truth?

I think Koguma-chan is such a super addition to the Rilakkuma group! I love that he shares his passion for fishing with Rilakkuma!

Speaking of which, here’s Acorn Rilakkuma Plush!

てぶくろをとどけに - あつめてぬいぐるみ - Handmade Mittens Series - Rilakkuma - standard plush - full

Rilakkuma keeping warm in a beautiful acorn poncho!

てぶくろをとどけに - あつめてぬいぐるみ - Handmade Mittens Series - Rilakkuma - standard plush - poncho detail

A beautiful knit poncho with collar, embroidered floral band pattern, delicate fringe trim, and embroidered acorn, cherry, and flower details! My favorite is the wood finish button in the middle, reminds me a lot of an earth-theme Korilakkuma hehehe.

てぶくろをとどけに - あつめてぬいぐるみ - Handmade Mittens Series - Rilakkuma - standard plush - ugg boot detail

Of course, since it was cold when this series came out, Rilakkuma is wearing some stylish ugg boots! Hahahaha doesn’t he look so warm?

てぶくろをとどけに - あつめてぬいぐるみ - Handmade Mittens Series - Rilakkuma - standard plush - acorn hat detail

At the very top, an acorn top hat with leaf detail, a lot like the roof on Koguma-chan’s home!

てぶくろをとどけに - あつめてぬいぐるみ - Handmade Mittens Series - Rilakkuma - standard plush - tag art

Tag art from the series depicting the matching handmade mittens between Korilakkuma and Koguma-chan, but it actually looks like Rilakkuma isn’t wearing the outfit he has on in the plush at all haha! Looks like he’s wearing a scarf instead, what’s the deal! Nice peek of the tiny fabric tag here too, which is a gold “R” with an acorn cap on a pink background.

So fancy and detailed! This sylvan poncho aesthetic is very reminiscent of the Store Exclusive designs from the 2010 Forest Series, don’t you think?

Both Koguma-chan’s Acorn House and this Acorn Rilakkuma are from the Handmade Mittens Series (てぶくろをとどけに), released in October 2016. As the story goes, Korilakkuma gave handmade (paw-made?) mittens as a gift to Koguma-chan, her newest friend. Check out this animation about their story!

I’m not 100% sure what acorns have to do with all of this, but it is a really pleasant motif—it reminds me a lot of the Happy Natural Time Series that paired deer with freshly baked fruit pies.

Big thanks to my Aunt Lulu again for facilitating the immigration of the Koguma-chan Acorn House and Acorn Rilakkuma plush—what a fabulous set!

The three plush featured here join my existing M Koguma-chan and fishing Rilakkuma/Koguma-chan plush for the Koguma-chan themed section of my collection!

Now that we’ve revisited Koguma-chans throughout history, what do you think about this summer’s Koguma-chan series: Korilakkuma Meets Chairokoguma (コリラックマ meets チャイロイコグマ)?

コリラックマ meets チャイロイコグマ - Korilakkuma meets Chairoikoguma - cover

Korilakkuma Loves Koguma-chan so much!

コリラックマ meets チャイロイコグマ - Korilakkuma meets Chairoikoguma - ぬいぐるみ - standard plush design

This series gives Korilakkuma a light pink floral poncho, and gives Koguma-chan a blue and white flower crown!

The aesthetic is so pretty and soft! These designs were released just this past May, and should still be on the shelves at Rilakkuma Stores everywhere!

One of my favorite things about these Kogumachan series is the awesome food designs that pop up, like this one at the Korilakkuma x Hands Cafe collaboration this season:

Roar!!! Big ferocious Koguma-chan burger! So adorable! A meal very fit for a Koguma-chan hehehe.

What do you think about this newer Koguma-chan series? Has Koguma-chan integrated himself well into Rilakkuma’s world?

Kichijoji 6th Anniversary Series Archery Rilakkuma Plush! + Deep Sea 2017 collaboration!

We were blasted with a summer sun last week, but now it’s been rainy and gloomy everyday! What happened? I guess now it’s just nap weather, which is fine by me hehehe.

Introducing the last of the recent sports Rilakkuma additions: Archery Rilakkuma plush from the Kichijoji 6th Anniversary Series!

リラックマストア吉祥寺店6周年記念 - 弓道 - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - full

Archer Rilakkuma, ready for action!

リラックマストア吉祥寺店6周年記念 - 弓道 - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - arrow detail

Rilakkuma draws a colorful dango arrow! And one of my favorite details of this plush: all kyūdō archers traditionally hold the bow with their left hand, and draw with their right hand, and Rilakkuma maintains this technique, albeit with paws.

リラックマストア吉祥寺店6周年記念 - 弓道 - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - back detail

A lovely yellow bear on the back of the uniform, a motif consistent with the other bears of this series.

リラックマストア吉祥寺店6周年記念 - 弓道 - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - tag art

Tag art features a wonderful yellow and white target, with a bear symbol at the center.

リラックマストア吉祥寺店6周年記念 - 弓道 - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - sports team full

Bear Country athletes from 2016! Who will be next?

Right on target! This dango archer was released as part of the Kichijoji Rilakkuma Store’s 6th anniversary celebration, held in October 2016.

Kyūdō (弓道) is the Japanese martial art of archery that began in Japan long before recorded history. Rilakkuma is depicted here wearing a standard kyūdō uniform, proudly representing his nation’s athleticism and culture. I love how the sports theme for this anniversary cycle incorporates a wide range of sports from Japanese history from traditional to modern!

As this is not Rilakkuma first time as an archer, I love the contrast between this traditional kyūdō design and the elegant Sagittarius design from the 2013 Zodiac Series! I appreciate that these concepts are so distinct in both general feel and details, and it is great having two talented Rilakkuma archers here!

Major gratitude to my Aunt Lulu for adding this precision Rilakkuma to my collection—thank you!

Over in Rilakkuma-land, an awesome collaboration coming up: Deep Sea 2017 x Rilakkuma!

This summer, Rilakkuma is teaming up with the National Museum of Science in Tokyo for their special exhibition on deep sea life called Deep Sea 2017 (深海2017) which opens July 11!

深海2017 - リラックマコラボグッズ - Rilakkuma x Deep Sea 2017 - cover

Rilakkuma snuggles a giant squid! Kiiroitoi rides a suspiciously adorable anglerfish! And Korilakkuma… is riding a jellyfish? Any insight on what animal that is would be appreciated haha.

Wow, what an incredible collaboration! I adore the playful artwork and concept! I hope they make a Rilakkuma and giant squid plush hehehe.

The first live giant squid was photographed back in 2013, and in the 4 years since then, the world’s been fascinated with the mysteries of giant squid and its friends of the deep sea. This exhibition sounds like an absolute delight, and I love that Rilakkuma is part of it!

I absolutely love deep sea creatures! Have you seen Planet Earth? There is really some beautiful footage of deep sea life on their “Oceans Deep” episode!

Ever wanted to try Rilakkuma shaved ice? You can this summer in Japan!

リラックマたちのかき氷が - リラックマコラボカフェ - Rilakkuma shaved ice

Rilakkuma is coffee/milk shaved ice and vanilla ice cream, and Korilakkuma is milk shaved ice with mango ice cream! Love how Korilakkuma’s button is even peeking out!

Two of the current Rilakkuma collaboration cafes, auréole d’ange and Cafe Coconoha, will be introducing beautiful Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma shaved ice desserts starting June 20. Don’t they look tasty and refreshing for the summer?

The Rilakkuma collaboration cafes this season (auréole d’ange x Rilakkuma, Coconoha x Rilakkuma, and Korilakkuma x Hands Cafe) have truly beautiful, wildly intricate, and stunningly detailed designs. I am always blown away by how these collaboration cafes seem to outdo themselves in design complexity each year!

My sister will be going to Japan next week, and hopefully will be able to share some photos and comments about her Rilakkuma adventures across Japan in a guest post series! Stay tuned!

What Rilakkuma food would you most like to see?

I’ve seen these cafes accomplish beautiful burgers and dainty waffles, but I’d really love to see a Rilakkuma ramen shop! Maybe with a ton of bear-shaped carrots and seaweed and Rilakkuma-molded tofu blocks, like the Nabe Rilakkuma plush playset. What about you?

End of June update!

Hello everyone, and sorry for the long delay since my last post! I’ve been working hard on my neurology clerkship, and got to see all kinds of cool things like angiograms, EEGs, and lumbar punctures. Lots of hard work, but I just took my neurology final yesterday, and next week, I will be starting with my psychiatry clerkship – wow, my third year of medical school is already flying by!

Since we’re gearing up for summer, Rilakkuma fans have a lot to look forward to, as generally Rilakkuma releases come in big waves this season! Here are a few releases I’m looking forward to!

Panda Series - cover

They’re cuddly pandas!

Panda Series - standard

Standard edition: 1,800円 each.

Panda Series - caravan

Caravan edition: 1,500円

Panda Series - store exclusive

Store exclusive edition: 2,100円 each

Panda Series (パンダでごろん) – July 2015

This is the big summer series this year! San-X usually saves the animal themes for the major fall release, but I really love this design! Pandas are so adorable, aren’t they? And I really love the idea of bears dressing up as other bears haha.

In addition to plushies, there’s lots of other cute products in the series, like this super adorable tissue box cover – wow!

I’m definitely getting a plushie from this series, but not sure which one yet! I’m leaning toward the caravan design right now, because I love the panda dango!

Tower Records 2015 - cover

Looks like Rilakkuma’s take on the Rolling Stones!

Tower Records 2015 - standard

Look at these rockstars! I always love a Rilakkuma in a jumpsuit hehehe. Only attainable by lottery after buying another product.

Tower Records 2015 - cafe collaboration

Glad to see that the Riakkuma x Tower Records Cafe is continuing this year too!

Rilakkuma x Tower Records 2015 – July 10

I look forward to this collaboration every year – I love seeing Rilakkuma and friends as rockstars! They look super cool this year with their sunglasses hehehe. I hope they release a playset like last year, too! Seems a little more complicated to get the standard sized collectible plushies this year though, since you have to buy something, then hope you get the plush though a lottery (thanks for the info, sundusts!).

I’m also really happy to see the continuation of the Rilakkuma partnership with Tower Records Cafe, too! There were some pretty amazing photos from last year’s event (check out angelacarpediem’s!), and I hope I get the opportunity to go in the future! I wonder what Rilakkuma-themed meal they’ll be serving this year! Rock on!

Kamiotai Opening - standard

Hooray, celebrating another Rilakkuma Store! 1,900円 each.

Kamiotai Opening - playset

Adorable playset released on the same day at all Rilakkuma Stores! 3,580円.

Kamiotai (上小田井) Rilakkuma Store Plus Sumikko Gurashi Shop Opening – July 3

Wow, another Rilakkuma Store is cropping up in Japan! Cool that it’s another Rilakkuma Store plus Sumikko Gurashi Shop like the one they recently opened in Fujimi. This time it’s in Kamiotai, in Nagoya!

In this series, Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma hold a golden (Kiiroitori) orca whale, a symbol of Nagoya. A very cute and meaningful design, and I love that these bears are sitting down (that Kiiroitori whale must be heavy)!

On the same day of the Kamiotai opening, Rilakkuma Stores across Japan will also be selling a special Rilakkuma playset! Can anyone shed any light on what they’re snacking on? Kinda looks like something dipped in honey.

Hahaha all of these new store openings are gonna make it hard for me to see all of them! When I went to Japan in 2013, I got to visit 4 out of 8, but now there are 11, and probably more to come! So cool to see more and more Rilakkuma Stores crop up!!

Harajuku 3rd Anniversary - cover

Popcorn Rilakkuma ready for the movies! 1,580円 each.

Harajuku 3rd Anniversary – July 4

In addition to a new Rilakkuma Store opening, the Harajuku Rilakkuma is celebrating it’s 3rd anniversary with a popcorn theme during Independence Day here in the US! Rilakkuma seems like the only one who avoided being actually inside a popcorn bucket himself haha. I like that they’ve been going with food themes for recent anniversary plushes :D

Any Rilakkuma designs catching your eye? I’ve been eying the Mister Donut beach towel promotion recently, and might pick up the blue design since there are a ton of affordable ones on auction right now!

Rilakkuma & SHINKANSEN Plushie! + Rilakkuma Day @ FAO Schwarz NYC + New! Misdo Rilakkma 2014!

Please give a warm welcome to Shinkansen Rilakkuma!

Rilakkuma & Shinkansen - full

Bullet train bear!

Rilakkuma & Shinkansen - front

Front and center!

Rilakkuma & Shinkansen - top

S1 denotes the 8-car N700-7000 series train set!

Rilakkuma & Shinkansen - side

Cool detail that the side window/door design is slightly different from the Dr. Yellow series!

Rilakkuma & Shinkansen - back

And of course, reminding you which series this bullet train bear is from on the back!

Rilakkuma & Shinkansen - tag art

Tag art features Rilakkuma conspicuously not as a train haha, just riding one.

Rilakkuma & Shinkansen - with Dr. Yellow

The two bullet train bears meet! Will there be more to join them in the future?

Super adorable! This bear-turned-train/train-turned-bear was released August 2014 to commemorate the Tōkaidō Shinkansen’s 50th birthday!

The Shinkansen (新幹線) is a network of high-speed railways in Japan, and the Tōkaidō Shinkansen is the world’s busiest high-speed rail line – it has transported more passengers than any other line in the world!

Richelle mentioned that this Shinkansen Rilakkuma kinda looks like an airplane haha – especially since trains aren’t terribly commonplace where I’m from, I’d agree too haha.

You know, I never thought of myself as someone who was really fanatical about transportation, but I’ve collected all of the train line-related Rilakkumas so far (Yamanote, Dr. Yellow, and now Shinkansen) so who knows anymore haha.

NYC Rilakkuma fans! Rilakkuma Day is coming to FAO Schwarz NYC on October 11 from 1-4PM!

Rilakkuma Day 2014 - cover

Mark your calendars!

This event will feature a special Rilakkuma photo booth, Rilakkuma prize packs for those who post their Rilakkuma day photos on social media, Rilakkuma-themed lolita girls, as well as the latest Rilakkuma goods!

Even if you can’t make the event, Rilakkuma displays will be up at the NYC FAO Schwarz for the rest of October!

Since I’m all the way down south here in Florida, I unfortunately will not be able to attend T^T but! I’ll be interviewing the lead organizer of this event afterwards, so stay tuned!

If you do end up attending, shoot me an email at – I would love to hear how you thought the event went!

In other news, check out the newest iteration of Mister Donut x Rilakkuma for 2014!

Misdo Rilakkuma 2014 - cover 1


Misdo Rilakkuma 2014 - cover 2

Three flannel blanket designs!

This year’s collaboration includes 3 blanket designs (70 cm x 120 cm) featuring Rilakkuma and pals with the many different donut types offered at Mister Donut!

From what I understand, for every purchase over 300円 at a participating Mister Donut, you get a card, and then you can redeem 8 cards for one of these special edition Misdo Rilakkuma blankets – wow!

If I can, I’m gonna try to snag one on the auctions! It’s about to start getting chilly (well, relatively), so I could use a nice warm blanket! I’m thinking the pink or blue design right now – which do you like best?

Rilakkuma’s collaborations with Mister Donut have always held a special place in my heart – my Misdo Rilakkuma plushie was one of the first in my collection!

Lots of cool Rilakkuma things for the month of October! What are you looking forward to the most?

JAXA + Space Series Rilakkuma Plushies: Double Feature! + New! Kichijoji 4th Anniversary + JINS PC promo photos + Cat Cafe!

Let’s get things rolling! Wrapping up the summer, check out my final 2 cosmic Rilakkumas!

First up: JAXA Rilakkuma!

JAXA - full

Ready for work in his JAXA jumpsuit!

JAXA - left side detail

Cute Rilakkuma ID patch, with the Japanese flag on his left sleeve!

JAXA - rocketship detail

Rocketship with a bear-shaped window!! His jumpsuit also zips down, but not removable due to this little rocketship, which is sewn to his suit.

JAXA - right side detail

His ride side features the JAXA logo and a Rilakkuma design on the right sleeve!

JAXA - back detail

And of course, a giant JAXA emblem in the back! Love that his uniform also left a little room for his tail haha

JAXA - tag art

Tag art: not so JAXA themed, but a cute space design! Also one of the only rectangular tags in the series!

Doesn’t he look like such a hard worker?

Not only was this dutiful JAXA employee a cool collab between JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and Rilakkuma, but he was also a special product for the Space Expo 2014: The Great Challenge of NASA · JAXA! He was first released in July 2014 as an extension of the Space Series.

Special thank you to Trinie for the Space Series bag that is the beautiful backdrop for today’s photoshoot!! These shopping bags are so meaningful to me because as a Rilakkuma fan who depends on online ordering, I rarely get the special edition bags for every series! Especially as a fan who loves the illustrations, I am so appreciative – thanks a ton, Trinie!!

Speaking of the Space Series, next up is Space Series Rilakkuma!

Space Series - full

Greetings from outer space!

Space Series - suit detail

His space suit has a similar color scheme and belt as the Space Series Store Exclusive Rilakkuma, but with different designs: this suit features a different Rilakkuma logo as well as a dango with its planetary rings!

Space Series - back

Rilakkuma’s space suit is completely attached to his body so no signs of the back zipper typical of Rilakkuma, but there is somewhat of a replication of his back zipper on his helmet!

Space Series - back detail

Amazingly cute embroidery in the back, with a little planet as the dot in the “i”! I also love the three stars embroidered throughout the suit and helmet, which represent the 3 colors of the Rilakkuma team’s suits (yellow for Rilakkuma, pink for Korilakkuma, and blue for Kiiroitori).

Space Series - helmet switch

His helmet is removable by the back zipper, and can be transferred to any other standard collectible sized bear so they can play astronaut, too! Though the helmet is not the easiest to get on and off due to Rilakkuma’s ears haha

Space Series - tag art

Tag art: similar to the other Space Series plushies, a handsome Rilakkuma lounging on a planet.

Hahaha I think this is the only Rilakkuma I have who is truly covered from head to toe! Well except for his little paws peeking out hehehe.

Like the JAXA collab, the Space Series came out in July 2014.

Since I went a little nuts this summer on Rilakkuma, I decided to restrain myself and only get the brown bear from this set. I think Bear Nation has a pretty thriving space program between this astronaut, JAXA Rilakkuma, planet Rilakkuma, and the 3 space explorers (Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, and Kumartians) haha.

As a JINS PC follow-up: have you seen their super cute promotions and interviews?

Rilakkuma x JINS PC - mascot

Wow… just… devastatingly cute!

Rilakkuma x JINS PC - interview photos

Adorable medically-themed photoshoot featuring Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Bonjour Kiiroitori (where’d he come from??) learning more about JINS PC through an interview with a physician!

Make sure you check out the Rilakkuma page at the JINS website for more cuteness – my favorite is definitely the interview with one of the physicians endorsing the product (lots more adorable photos at the source!).

In plushie news, check out the design for the Kichijoji 4th Anniversary!

Kichijoji 4th Anniversary - cover

Kiiroitori turned into a swan paddle boat! Like the Egg Series, Kiiroitori transforms into another bird species haha. Miniplushies 1,500円 each.

These plushies look really cute and clever hehe, I always love when the designs deviate a little from standard – sitting on things, different facial expressions, etc. The different color theme swan boats (yellow for Rilakkuma, blue for Kiiroitori, and pink for Korilakkuma) is a great touch! I really like how Korilakkuma got her own swan boat crown too haha. These plushies will be available on October 11!

As always, I do love how culturally relevant these anniversary plushies are! Swan paddle boats are a popular attraction at Inokashira Park (井の頭恩賜公園) in Kichijoji.

One day, I hope to visit every Rilakkuma Store, but I especially want to visit Kichijoji because the Ghibli Museum is also in Inokashira Park! Do you like Studio Ghibli films? My favorite is Spirited Away! Though really, I haven’t met a Studio Ghibli film I didn’t like!

For Singaporean Rilakkuma fans: did you hear about the Rilakkuma @ the Cat Cafe event?

Rilakkuma @ Cat Cafe 2014 - cover

Oooh looks like they made a Korilakkuma meal!

Rilakkuma @ Cat Cafe 2014 - Jemolian's Store

Cats love Rilakkuma, too! This photo was taken by Jemolian’s Store, who sold Rilakkuma merchandise at the event!

According to the event page, Bon Japan holds this themed Rilakkuma cafe event every year, and this year, the event was held on August 30 at the Cat Cafe to celebrate the upcoming Cats Series! Hahaha what a clever collaboration!

The Cat Cafe is a cafe that allows you to play with cats while you dine and relax, and part of the proceeds were donated to the Cat Welfare Society!

At this year’s event, a man proposed to his girlfriend of 11 years – in a Rilakkuma suit! Check out a few videos and photos over at Stomp.

I have my first exam of my second year of medical school next Friday on cardiopulmonary diseases so things will be quiet from me until then! Until then, take care!

Blue/Green Which Color Do You Like? Rilakkuma Plushie + New! Space Lawson Rilakkuma Plushie +Photos from the Rilakkuma x Tower Records Café!

Say hello to this Which Color Do You Like? Rilakkuma!

In this series, you can pick and flip between two colors – it’s like 2 outfits in 1!

Which Color Do You Like? Series - green full

Are you green with envy?

Which Color Do You Like? Series - disrobed

Laundry day?

Which Color Do You Like? Series - blue full

Flip the hoodie inside-out, and be blue instead!

Which Color Do You Like? Series - blue back

Looking fly from the back, too!

Which Color Do You Like? Series - lanyard detail

One interesting feature is that this Rilakkuma plushie has a lanyard attached by two lobster clasps to the top of his head (directly on the bear, not the hoodie).

Which Color Do You Like? Series - tag art

Tag art makes Rilakkuma the star!

One of my favorite details is the secondary star theme: a bear shape made of gold stars on the front, as well as stars on the back, tag, and lanyard.

In addition to being quite versatile, the hoodie is really well designed too, allowing lots of space for his ears to get in and out. The only major obstacle in changing colors is minding the paper tag.

This two-tone bear was released in May 2013 as part of the Which Color Do You Like? Series, which featured lots of cool and special edition colors in addition to this blue/green combo.

Though this bear was acquired last year when I was in Japan, I somehow neglected to write about this since he’s technically my brother’s Rilakkuma.

Hungry for more Rilakkumas in Space? You’ll love the Space Rilakkuma Lawson Exclusive!

Lawson Space Rilakkuma - 1

Astronaut Rilakkuma in outer space with Kiiroitori!

Lawson Space Rilakkuma - 2

Cute Kumartians with Korilakkuma under a pink bear planet!

Hey, pretty cool! Looks like Kiiroitori gets featured twice, that’s a good deal for him! The little poofs they’re sitting on are a nice touch.

They are each 1,944, and these suave Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma sets are available from HMV online, or through the Loppi system. You can make your pre-order now, but these plushies won’t actually be released until… November 19? Dang, it’s just like the time Ariel (Rilakkuma Desu) waited all that time for her Lawson Rilakkuma Wonderland playset last year, guess they’re doing the same thing again this year.

But in any case, they look really great, and could be worth the wait if you’d like this special set in your collection! I’m passing since I already way overspent on Rilakkuma this month, but let me know if you need help ordering.

In other news, while you’re waiting for your Space Rilakkumas to arrive, check out these photos of the Rilakkuma x Tower Records Café in Shibuya!

Rilakkuma Tower Records Cafe 2014 - 1

Enjoying a refreshing drink, Rilakkuma?

Rilakkuma Tower Records Cafe -2

What a cute welcome display!

Rilakkuma Tower Records Cafe - 7

“May I take your order?”

Rilakkuma Tower Records Cafe - 3

Looks like Rilakkuma would like to take a break at the café, too.

Rilakkuma Tower Records Cafe - 4

The Rilakkuma Factory plushie working hard as a paperweight… or is he pretending to be a cup, too?

Rilakkuma Tower Records Cafe - 5

We’ve seen a sneak peek of the rice Rilakkuma before, but ooh check out the desserts!!

Rilakkuma Tower Records Cafe - 6

Rilakkuma Factory x Tower Records Cafe products!

Whoa, so awesome!! As you may recall, this café is part of this summer’s Tower Records x Rilakkuma collaboration, and features a cute nod to the Rilakkuma Factory Series.

Definitely love this concept! I hope to visit Japan one day in the future when one of these is going on! Dang, I would even want to keep the plastic cup from this collab hahaha.

Reminds a little of the Rilakkuma themed café in Korea, Capi Capi Loom Loom! Oooh this blogger’s post shows that Capi Capi Loom Loom has Which Color Do You Like? Rilakkuma too! :3 Hopefully I can visit that café one day as well!

Also, if you’re curious, I’ve updated the Licensed Rilakkuma Plushie Collection page (so far: Fansclub, HNA, Mister Donut)- which made me realize I still have a ton more to photograph! So the page my reflects all the licensed plushies I’ve featured on my blog so far, but know that there is more to come!

New! Tower Records x Rilakkuma Summer 2014!

Well, seeing as the Tower Records collaborations come out around the same time every year, I shouldn’t be surprised anymore but WOW check out the new Tower Records x Rilakkuma collaboration for summer 2014!

Tower Records x Rilakkuma 2014 - cover

Oooh it’s 70’s roller disco themed!

Tower Records x Rilakkuma 2014 - standard plushies

Check out their fabulous outfits!

Tower Records x Rilakkuma 2014 - playset and keychains

Just like last year, there’s a playset featuring all 3 performing together on a bear-shaped stage! Looks like Rilakkuma only has one wheel per skate though haha maybe that’s why he’s too tired to stand.

Tower Records x Rilakkuma 2014 - cafe

In commemoration of this collaboration, Tower Records Café will also be offering a super cute Rilakkuma menu, unique products from the Rilakkuma Factory series, and a song book!

Wow, what a glam theme! I love the bright colors and outfits – I think San-X has really been showing their creativity this year! Such an interesting design choice to put Kiiroitori on a skateboard instead hehehe

The playset looks really lovely, and I appreciate that they’re continuing the “bear band” theme from last year! I wonder what they’ll think of next!

This flashy set will be released on July 10… because there just weren’t enough July Rilakkuma releases for us to juggle, right? Hahaha

My family will be taking a trip to Charleston, SC over the next week – I’m trying to enjoy every last vacation moment I have with my family!

I’ll be back soon though, still have lots of incredible plushies to share with all of you! Hopefully I’ll be able to take some photos of Rilakkuma in Charleston, too :) Until then, take care, and let me know what you think about this new design!

Cupcake Rilakkuma Plushie!

Got a sweet tooth? Then you have to check out this Cupcake Rilakkuma!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - full

What a dainty cupcake bear!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - ear detail

The ears are my favorite detail: the change from the normal circular yellow ears to this pattern is really exquisite, and I love the sprinkles, too!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - back

“Rilakkuma” beautifully embroidered in gold in the back!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - tag art

And a perfectly pretty tag to match!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - with Sweets&Sweets Rilakkuma

Perfect pair: Cupcake Rilakkuma with the Cupcake King Sweets & Sweets Rilakkuma!

Adorable! This plushie is so special to me because he’s a deviation from the standard bear shape, and has such a unique and interesting shiny fabric, too – really breathtaking for me!

Also, this bear-cake is my first plushie from the Sweets Series from December 2009! What a cool design; I hope San-X will introduce more interesting bear shapes in the future like this one and the Mushroom Rilakkuma from the Forest Series Net Shop Exclusive.

Cupcakes are one of my favorite foods – he makes me so hungry! This plushie joins a long legacy of food Rilakkumas in my collection :D

Huge thanks to Trinie for this sugary-sweet Rilakkuma! What a wonderfully cute cupcake bear :D Wow – he really is a special plushie!

Hungry for more? Check out this Rilakkuma tofu box set!

Rilakkuma Tofu - Summer 2014

Ooooh, it’s “I Love Rilakkuma” themed!

Rilakkuma Tofu - shapes

Comes with 3 kuma face shapes, and one Kiiroitori face! I wonder what flavor sauce is on that Kiiroitori…

Rilakkuma Tofu - box uses

After you’re all done with the tofu, you can keep the box as a collector’s item – ingenious!

Handy! This clever tofu set is produced by Satonoyuki (さとの雪), which also released a similar Rilakkuma tofu product around the same time last year – no commemorative box back then though.

I think the box is a really smart marketing idea because I am a huge sucker for collectable items like those – seems like a great box to keep all of my smaller, non-plushie Rilakkuma items (like pins, finger puppets, and pizza cutters) safe!

Rilakkuma never struck me as a tofu-loving kind of bear, but I guess he eats all sorts of things haha. Tofu is also one of my favorite foods… though I think my list of favorite foods is rather long haha. What kind of food would you like to see as a Rilakkuma theme?

ETA (6/6/14): AHHHH the Space Rilakkuma Series has been announced and I’m out of town! I’ll post about it when I get back on Sunday but WAAOOOWW what a release!

Shaved Ice Rilakkuma Plushie!

Well, it keeps getting warmer and warmer around here, so to chill out a little bit, say hello to Shaved Ice Rilakkuma!

Shaved Ice Rilakkuma - full

Hungry for shaved ice!

Shaved Ice Rilakkuma - spoon detail

Super cute spoon detail!

Shaved Ice Rilakkuma - bowl detail

氷(kōri) means “shaved ice”, and it’s usually served with a light syrup – yum!

Shaved Ice Rilakkuma - tag art

Tag art! Looks like Rilakkuma is looking forward to a huge dessert!

Lovely! Looks like he’s ready for seconds (or thirds) haha.

Fansclub released this plushie in July 2010, but what’s really interesting about this plushie is that he was part of the 7th Anniversary Happy Rainbow series – wow! I’m not sure what all shaved ice has to do with the rainbow series (I always thought they featured more ice cream in that line), but it’s really beautiful and one of my favorite series because of the colors :) The 7th anniversary series has always been on my wishlist, so I’m so glad to have this plushie in my collection!

The shaved ice motif actually reminds me a lot of the Harajuku Rilakkuma Store opening plushie from back in 2012!

Again, this beautiful plushie was courtesy of the ever generous Rilakkuma fan Trinie!! Thank you so much for sharing your love of rare and hard to find Rilakkuma plushies!

Also, I tweeted about this back when it was announced in January, but how BEAUTIFUL does this Ecole Criollo x Rilakkuma collaboration cake look?

Ecole Criollo x Rilakkuma - bar

What a wonderful heart theme!

Ecole Criollo x Rilakkuma - square

Wow, I really can’t believe how immaculately this was cut!

Looks delectable (and fancy)!

So much more to come! Can’t wait to share more Rilakkuma plushies with all of you!

Aloha Rilakkuma Fansclub Plushie!

Is it summer yet? Hahaha it certainly feels like it here in Florida – the weather is really heating up, and I’ve exchanged long pants and jackets for shorts and tank tops!

That makes it a perfect day to introduce Fansclub Aloha Rilakkuma!

Fansclub Aloha Rilakkuma - full

What an adorable hula dancer!

Fansclub Aloha Rilakkuma - lei detail

Check out his flower lei!

Fansclub Aloha Rilakkuma - tag art

Tag art!

Fansclub Aloha Rilakkuma - family

Aloha family photo featuring the Aloha Rilakkuma Caravan plushie and Lawson playset!

Doesn’t he look happy with all of his Aloha Rilakkuma family? So relaxed!

I do love this series a lot because it shows Rilakkuma doing so many activities: grocery shopping, hula dancing, surfing, and even sun tanning!

This adorable hula-dancing Rilakkuma was released by Fansclub in April 2013, during the height of the Aloha Rilakkuma release! He really gets me in the mood for sunny skies and warm weather :)

Thank you so much again and again to Trinie, for sharing this beautiful and relaxing Aloha Rilakkuma with me – he really fits in so well with the all of the other Aloha bears! :D

In other news, there are a few new things in the Rilakkuma world, like the Stripes Stripes Everyday Series Caravan plushie!

Stripes Stripes Everyday Caravan - Korilakkuma

Striped booties and a striped penguin!

Stripes Stripes Everyday Caravan - announcement

Penguin Rilakkuma and Polar Bear Korilakkuma will be at the Caravan holding Penguin Kiiroitori and a striped bear of their own! (I don’t think I’ve seen Korilakkuma wearing shorts before!)

How cute, a Korilakkuma caravan plushie! So nice to see the other members of the Rilakkuma crew getting some attention!

Simon, our resident Rilakkuma artist, really loves the little plush striped bear that appears in this series – I think he wants one just like the one featured in the caravan (bottom left corner), but I don’t think they’re for sale haha. I do like those Rilakkuma proportions for a maybe Craftholic-inspired bear hehehe.

And I’m also happy to share that another iteration of the Enherb x Rilakkuma collaboration was just released for this spring!

Rilakkuma x Enherb 2014 - Spring ad

Herbal tea can be perfect even when it’s sunny and hot out!

Rilakkuma x Enherb 2014 - Spring lineup

What a great selection of springtime flavors!

I love this collaboration! The strawberry rose honey looks really yummy, and I always love the illustrations that are paired with the teas :)

That’s all for now – off to study antibiotics! I hope everyone is enjoying the season!