Rilakkuma on Facebook!

As of yesterday, 12/12/12, Rilakkuma officially has his own Facebook page!

To commemorate this occasion, they’re giving away 100 souvenir towels in the new year with a special Rilakkuma 10th anniversary design that won’t be sold anywhere else! Only for Japanese addresses though :( but still adorable!

Facebook - Rilakkuma Towel GIveaway

Not sure what the special design specifically will entail, but here’s the promo pic! Rilakkuma got stuck!

Keeping track of where Rilakkuma will appear in the San-X internet universe is quite the adventure:

  • This new Rilakkuma Facebook page has up-to-date Rilakkuma news, but it’s all in Japanese. It’s a little hard to tell at this point since the Facebook page is only a day old, but it looks like it follows the San-X Rilakkuma blog pretty closely, and in a timely manner.
  • The San-X Facebook page posts general news about San-X characters, and it’s all in English. Historically, it’s had a ton of Rilakkuma content; not sure how much that’ll change with the new Japanese Rilakkuma-only page. Also, news is generally delayed a few days and vaguely distilled from the general San-X blog on their website. The English is a ton of help though.
  • The San-X Net Shop Facebook page updates slightly more often than the Net Shop blog – also in Japanese. Their Facebook page came out recently, too (October 18).

They all hold different giveaways, and there’s really not as much overlap in news as you would expect.

What this means is Rilakkuma content on a different platform! What this means for me specifically is more hours looking at Rilakkuma content, for better or for worse (leaning towards the former haha).

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