Rilakkuma Furikake!

My sister’s friend from Japan gave our family some Rilakkuma furikake!

Furikake is a delicious dried condiment that you can sprinkle over rice. No, these flakes aren’t Rilakkuma shaped (not that I’d eat Rilakkuma anyway), but they do have some great packaging designs!

Rilakkuma furikake - packaging

Adorable packaging!

Rilakkuma furikake - packets

Flavors by row, from top to bottom: salmon, vegetable, egg, okaka (bonito flakes)

Rilakkuma furikake - Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori

One of my favorite packet designs, front and back! OMG that Kiiroitori’s is egg flavored though hahaha

Rilakkuma furikake - with Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma loves his rice with veggie furikake!

San-X began selling these as a collaboration with seasoning/instant food brand Nagatanien in July 2011. According to the product page, they are a great source of calcium!

So yummy! Getting addicted…

6 thoughts on “Rilakkuma Furikake!

  1. This is so cute~when I first got married my husband always wanted to eat this for breakfast but now that there’s a rilakkuma version I might be the one asking if we can have this. You’re so lucky~

    • Haha since I’ve been eating so much of it, I was worried about how I would handle withdrawal after I ran out, but luckily it’s on sale at Amazon for $10, so I don’t have to jump through as many hoops as I do for plushies lol.

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