Rilakkuma Valentine’s Day 2013 products!

Did you know that Japanese chocolate companies make more than half their annual sales during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day? Whoa!

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? It’s just under a month away, but it looks like some Rilakkuma Stores have already started selling pink Valentine’s themed Rilakkuma products – there’s even Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma holding donuts and looking suspiciously like the Misdo Rilakkuma collaboration series hahaha.

Rilakkuma Valentines Series - 2013

Seriously, Rilakkuma’s essentially holding the same type of donut.

Wow, San-X has been doing WORK recently with all these new shiny releases!

Though with the exception the (unaffiliated) donut Rilakkumas, this set looks pretty similar to last year’s; if you’re curious, Relax Kuma has a really great post about last year’s 2012 Valentine’s set, with a cool explanation of Japanese Valentine’s Day traditions!

Personally, my childhood Valentine’s Day memories were of chalky Sweethearts candies and punny cartoon cards – could’ve used some Rilakkuma back then!

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