Kinokuniya – NYC!

I visited NYC last week (just before Nemo – so scary!), and checked out Kinokuniya!

Kinokuniya is a Japanese bookstore chain (the largest in Japan) with locations all around the world. Most importantly for me, of course, is that they’re licensed sellers of San-X items!

The San-X display was super cute! There was a TV looping Rilakkuma animations at the entrance. They had a small bin of collectible theme plushies, but mostly older releases that my family already owns (like Chicken Rilakkuma); however, they did have a pretty sizable stock of unthemed (naked) Rilakkumas, even the big life-size (165 cm) one!

While I was there, resisting a splurge, I picked up a few gifts – I’m so lucky to have people in my life who love Rilakkuma as much as I do!

Kinokuniya - store

A corner of the store devoted to San-X & Rilakkuma!

Kinokuniya - purchases

My purchases! A Tamago Series Rilakkuma stationary set for myself, Rilakkuma picture book and Tonkatsu cell phone cleaner charm for my sister, and Rilakkuma Café Series key covers for Simon!

Kinokuniya - Rilakkuma picture book

The Rilakkuma picture book has the best illustrations! A gift for my sister, who can actually read Japanese.

Yay! Hopefully I’ll have a chance to visit more stores around the US that stock Rilakkuma things to compare – so far, I’ve only been here and Maido in SF, and they have approximately the same stock (though Kinokuniya has more non-Rilakkuma San-X products).

10 thoughts on “Kinokuniya – NYC!

  1. I remember when I went to NYC about 4 years ago and I accidentally stumbled upon Kinokuniya. It was so awesome! I loved it but they didn’t sell any San-x items back then ;_;

    I desperately want to go back just so I can shop there (crazy, huh?)!

    I love Summiko Gurashi line! I love the rilakkuma manga :D

    • Yeah, I just wish they had a bigger range of the Sumikko Gurashi line – I wanted to buy a bigger Tonkatsu plushie, but they only had phone charms and pencil cases.

      Having only ordered Rilakkuma stuff online over the past year, it was so nice to go to an actual storefront and see all the products in person!

  2. Kinokuniya is the best!! ^_^ glad you got to find some cute stuff there! That rilakkuma book looks so cool, the illustration inside is so kawaii, hehe. I will now check if my local kinokuniya has it… The book hunt is on! Was the book in the books section or the rilakkuma section?

  3. Speaking of Rilakkuma in the U.S. there is a little Japanese store in the town of Edgewater New Jersey (which is across the Hudson River), that is called Mars which sells a lot of Rilakkuma items such as plush toys and much more that are actually imported from Japan.

    • Hello! I have not been to Kinokuniya in a few years, but last time I went was before there was a US license and they only had the Japanese San-X plushies! It is most likely that they still stock those plushies since they specialize in Japanese imports.

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