The Rilakkuma Reference Sheet

I created this spreadsheet to keep track of Rilakkuma history – and now it’s open for everyone to see!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle Links

The Rilakkuma Lifestyle network expands beyond WordPress!

  • Tumblr: the site that started it all! Photography of Rilakkuma living his Rilakkuma life.
  • Instagram: silly photos of Rilakkuma and friends on the day-to-day, a slightly more casual approach compared to the tumblr photos.
  • Twitter: get updates about this WP blog, the Rilakkuma Lifestyle tumblr, and other minor Rilakkuma updates! Just 2KumaLifestyle since RilakkumaLifestyle is too long for a Twitter handle haha.
  • Facebook: I mainly update this for Rilakkuma Facebook giveaways and contests, so check it out if you want the scoop!


I love the online Rilakkuma community! They really make collecting plushies and following Rilakkuma news super fun!

Here are a few of the Rilakkuma-centric ones I follow, in alphabetical order:

And some Japanese ones!

Getting into Rilakkuma plushies has introduced me to a whole world of plushies and other cute characters! These are some other great blogs that aren’t just about Rilakkuma things!

Here are a few other blogs I follow that aren’t really focused on Rilakkuma at all haha, but I still like to read:

Official San-X Rilakkuma Websites

San-X has SO MANY official websites, it gets hard to keep track of!

Here are a few that are pretty broad (they’re all in Japanese unless otherwise noted):

Here are a few of the official blogs:

Also, you can find official Rilakkuma accounts all over social media!

In addition, if you like the Rilakkuma UFO Catcher plushies, make sure to check out:

  • Official Fansclub website: documents every Fansclub Rilakkuma release, wow!
  • Joyland (Tanabe) blog: this is the blog of a (recently closed T^T) UFO Catcher arcade that used to post photos of the new UFO plushie stock. You can still check out their photos of the older Fansclub series – I think these photos (taken by a digital camera) are a little more realistic than the catalog photos that Fansclub posts.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of Rilakkuma information out there!

However, if you do ever find yourself wanting more, you can always do what I do and peruse through the Japanese auctions for Rilakkuma plushies!

6 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi,
    love your rilakuma blog~
    Do u know if the San x net shop come in english version? Wish to make purchase but I dont jap. :p


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