Welcome to the companion blog to the Rilakkuma Lifestyle tumblr!

I chose WordPress for this companion blog mainly because I didn’t want to bog down the existing Rilakkuma Lifestyle tumblr with long text posts about my opinions (even if Rilakkuma related). Also, I’m hoping this blog will act as a foil in that the tumblr depicts Rilakkuma living his life with us, and this WordPress blog is more us living life with Rilakkuma. Fluffiness aside, this will mainly just be a personal blog with a Rilakkuma focus. Mainly because I think Rilakkuma is super cute and I wanted a place to dump all my emotions.

More specifically, I plan to post about:

  • Rilakkuma Lifestyle behind the scenes.
  • new Rilakkuma products (mainly plushies/nuigurumi).
  • my own (small, but growing) Rilakkuma collection.
  • finding/buying genuine San-X Rilakkuma plushies.

Thanks for visiting!

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