Rilakkuma Lifestyle Tervis tumblers!

Knowing how much I love Rilakkuma, my parents got my sister and I these Rilakkuma Lifestyle themed tumblers from Tervis for Christmas!

Tervises are really durable tumblers that maintain temperature really well – and they don’t leave rings for a happy, coaster-free living. Also, they’re pretty much indestructible.

My mom used Tervis’ customize option where you can send them a picture, and they’ll stick it in a Tervis for a cute, personalized gift hahaha. And sadly, as much as I rave about Tervis in person and online, I’m not actually affiliated with them… but I wish.

I use my new Rilakkuma Lifestyle Tervis for hot tea almost every day now – though how fitting would it be if it were specifically Enherb Rilakkuma tea?

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