Aloha Rilakkuma!

My sister’s in town for her spring break, and one of her Japanese friends (the same one who gifted us the Rilakkuma furikake before, actually!) gave her some Aloha Rilakkuma swag!

Curiously, I haven’t made a Rilakkuma purchase in over two months, but Rilakkuma stuff always finds its way into my life hahaha

Aloha Rilakkuma - set

From left to right (ish): tote bag, notepad, keychain plushie, pencil case, towel

Aloha Rilakkuma - keychain front

Keychain plushie! Just a miniature version of the 22 cm plushie, but without the plush palm tree.
The grass skirt has a realistic, crisp texture, and even the screen printing on the t-shirt is quite well-defined.

Aloha Rilakkuma - keychain back

Unlike the bigger plushie, his sunglasses don’t have a band that goes all the way around.
And that charm is just as tall as Rilakkuma!

Aloha Rilakkuma - pencil case

While I personally have no need for a pencil case, my sister is in college, so she’ll get a lot of mileage out of this!
Minor detail, but I really like how the sequined “Rilakkuma” is under a smooth plastic finish so the sequin edges don’t bend and catch on things.

The Aloha Rilakkuma Series is ongoing, and began in February 2013. This line is pretty major, with new Caravan designs, store exclusives, and collaborations rolling out week after week!

Speaking of which – do I spy a new San-X Net Shop exclusive??

Aloha Rilakkuma - Net Shop Exclusive design?

Rilakkuma wearing the yellow lei and playing the ukulele is in a lot of the promotional illustrations – I was wondering if/when they’d make a plushie of it!

May turn out to be a wider release, but I only saw this design announced on the San-X Net Shop Facebook page tonight and not on any other official Rilakkuma page as of me writing this post, so we’ll see where this guy will be available!

10 thoughts on “Aloha Rilakkuma!

  1. What an awesome haul!!! Does your sister live in Japan? I would so buy that plushie if they put it on the net shop…Why so secretive San-X ( ̄~ ̄)Which plushie will you buy next? Once more, so happy your back (*^▽^)!

    • My sister goes to school in the states – she’s just friends with a very generous Japanese exchange student whose family sends Rilakkuma care packages every so often haha (so lucky!).

      Don’t know who I’ll buy next! I think I’ll go for the Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary Rilakkuma that’s coming out in a few days but ah, there’s still so many older series I want too haha.

  2. Thank you so much for posting today!! Really enjoyed reading you post!! The Aloha Series is currently being sold at most department stores where I live and it is always so tempting to just get something home!! Haha!! But for us, we do not get the special sets .. Just the normal new releases.. Faith? You do have a UFO plushie?? I seem to fancy them too as they are so huge and so realistic looking .. How do you go about obtaining you special store opening editions?? Shall vote for you again tomorrow morning!!!

    • There are 4 UFO plushies in my house, but only the smaller ones – I love them so much:
      I really want to get a XL sized one sometime! Hopefully, I’ll be able to win one from a UFO catcher myself one day!

      I have been getting the special editions from different sellers every time, but harukata on ebay is pretty reliable for store exclusives (I bought my Tamago Series Caravan Rilakkuma from there!) – other Rilakkuma blogs recommend this seller as well!

      Thanks so much again for voting!! :) :) :)

      • Hello Faith!! Many thanks for taking the time to reply as always..thanks for also sharing with me the lovely pics of your UFO plushies.. They are sooooo cuuuuute!!!😘😘😘 for me, I really love the huge UFO plushies as they look so realistic and adorable!! Over here where I live, there a few shops that sell the large ones and so far I’ve got 4 huge ones.. But I really do not know what series they are called!! Hahaha!! I love the smaller ones too but have also bought the medium sized ones.. There are just so many and don’t we want them all.. Hahaha!! If only we have more room!!!
        Thank you so much!! Shall check out Harukata on EBay…

        • Yeah, it’s so hard to keep track of the UFO catcher series – they come out with some many every month! I get dizzy trying to scroll through their archives on the Fansclub website.

          One thing about Harukata is that the shipping is EMS and somewhat pricey, but they are pretty reliable about stocking the store exclusives and special editions, and the owner takes requests too from what I understand :)

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