Update: Aloha Rilakkuma Net Shop Exclusive!

Hey remember last week when the San-X Net Shop Facebook page posted mysterious new Aloha Rilakkuma plushie designs?

Turns out, it really is an Aloha Rilakkuma Net Shop exclusive!

Aloha Rilakkuma - Net Shop Exclusive

Rilakkuma (17 cm), Korilakkuma (15.5 cm), Kiiroitori (13 cm) mini plushies are all removable from the giant Rilakkuma island! And it looks like the bear island doubles as a nice pillow :) and has a palm tree growing out of its ear haha

The pre-order for this plushie set is going on at the Net Shop until April 12, and is estimated to be delivered in June!

How special! I LOVE the Net Shop exclusives designs! They’re generally more expensive, but they usually come with a ton of great details like this one! Looks like the Net Shop’s continuing their trend of mini plushies, too :)

The only Net Shop exclusive I have is the Forest Series Squirrel Korilakkuma and Mushroom Rilakkuma plushies (which came out in 2010), but I may get my hands on a Christmas 2012 one soon too (out of season, I know haha). :O

9 thoughts on “Update: Aloha Rilakkuma Net Shop Exclusive!

  1. I was just so happy when I saw this…it’s amazing :) Aww why so expensive heh hee. You’re getting the Christmas one? Your a lucky girl…I missed my chance but maybe someday. So it looks like they’ll be releasing play sets more often.

    • I know! I was so anxious when they only released photos with no info last week! The play sets are breathtaking, but grr so expensive!! I figure if I’m dropping so much money on the Christmas set, it’d be to pricey to buy this Aloha set too siiiigh

  2. It’s cute but I won’t be getting it :( I’m interested in the giant soft looking rilakkuma she’s holding though! I bet he’s lovely for cuddles!x

  3. Hello Faith!! I really enjoy reading your posts!! And It always leaves me smiling at the lovely photos or your wonderful comments about our beloved Rilakkumas…
    Thank you so much for sharing the latest San-X exclusive..it is totally adorable!!! I love the cute island so much!! What an ingenious idea!! Are you going to order it?? How do you go about ordering these exclusives??
    I love your Mushroom exclusive!! He is very cute!!!😊😊😊 and you are so lucky to own the Christmas exclusive set!!! It is so pretty!!!

    • Ah, I’m not sure I’m going to order this Aloha since I’ve spent so much on Rilakkuma recently – my wallet need a break! T^T But usually I order the San-X Net Shop stuff (like these exclusives) through Tenso, an international forwarding service. Tenso is recommended by the Net Shop, and they even send you the original box with the Rilakkuma design, which is what I like best :)

      And yes! I am so so lucky to have all of these cute Rilakkumas in my life :) :) :)

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