KFC x Rilakkuma!

Quick post – I just HAD to update about this!

Rilakkuma is teaming up with KFC Japan!

KFC x Rilakkuma 2013 - item selection

Aloha Rilakkuma themed!

In addition to the special printed boxes, this awesome collaboration features Aloha Rilakkuma themed magnet sheets, clear pouches, an oragami set, and a shoulder bag! Wow! This collaboration will be officially released on April 25th!

The items are all very cute, but I really want the boxes the most hahaha

Hopefully, this promotion will still be happening when I get to Japan! So excited!

KFC x Rilakkuma 2013 - Rilakkuma Lifestyle

Rilakkuma sure loves his KFC!

8 thoughts on “KFC x Rilakkuma!

  1. Woah where did you find out about this, this is amazing!! Who would have thought Kenta would team up with Rilakkuma. Yeah the box is #1 for sure.

  2. The boxes are so cute! I wish they would have the collaboration in the states too… I would eat KFC everyday… So unhealthy but so worth it!!!!

    • Hahaha me too! KFC’s don’t do many exciting things here T^T in the past, they used to have special Pokemon plushies during that craze, but that’s about all I can think of. So jealous of Japan!

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