10th Anniversary Rilakkuma plushies!

Just saw these pop up on my Facebook feed: 10th Anniversary Rilakkuma plushies!

10th Anniversary Series - set

Loving the sequined blazers! No one’s wearing pants this time around haha

10th Anniversary Series - promo pic

Appropriately, Rilakkuma has 10 pancakes in his stack! (Wow, he must be so strong to be carrying it like that!)

These cute plushies are standard collectible size, and they’re a part of a big Rilakkuma 10th Anniversary event going on from April 24 – May 6!

As far as I can tell, you can place your order for these plushies at the event, and they’ll be delivered sometime in July.

They’ll also have a bunch of other awesome Rilakkuma merchandise as well, like t-shirts and coffee mugs! Eeeeee I love it!

Not sure if I’ll be springing for this set, but they sure are dapper and I love their sparkly blazers!

ETA: Rilakkuma x Lawson keychains! Looks like Rilakkuma and friends are hanging out in the shopping baskets :)

Rilakkuma x Lawson - basket keychains

Super snug!

Going to be released on April 26! Wow, so many new updates!

7 thoughts on “10th Anniversary Rilakkuma plushies!

  1. Kya I just posted the same thing at the same time (great Rilakkuma lovers think alike) I’m so excited they made this finally~ Your not going to go for them? You should it’s too special to miss!!

  2. Really Handsome Trio!! Faith, you should get at least one Tori. He is cute and adorable in his own way.. I am more into Rilakkuma but I love all my Tori if I do get them..😊
    Absolutely love the Rilakkuma X Lawson keychains!! Sooooo cuuuute!!!😘
    Miss reading your posts!!😊

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