The Tale of Four Rilakkuma Stores!

Hello! I’m more than halfway through my Japan trip and I finally have time to sit and blog for a bit about what’s happened so far!

Thank you everyone for your well wishes – we arrived safe and sound at Tokyo!

The plane was really nice – I had so much space that my Rilakkuma even had a platform to himself hahaha

Rilakkuma on Airplane - window view

Descent into Tokyo!

Anyway, for the first two nights, we were in Tokyo, just minutes away from Tokyo Station!

We were kind of in a hurry to get to dinner rather late at night, so we didn’t get to shop but! we did get to check out the Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store! Ariel already made a post on this store recently, but it’s really quite incredible to see a Rilakkuma Store in person!

Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store - front

Will shop here for real soon!

We’re going back to the Tokyo Station area for a day before we leave Japan, so I will be sure to shop there for real next time!

The next day, we went to the Tokyo Skytree Rilakkuma Store!

Tokyo Skytree Rilakkuma Store - front

I got one of those Skytree plushies with all three of the Rilakkuma crew!

Tokyo Skytree Rilakkuma Store - cashier

Paying the Rilakkuma Store workers’ salaries in one fell swoop.

This was the first time we got to spend a great deal of time at the Rilakkuma Store. They had a bunch of Skytree specials (though the Tokyo Station one also sold a few Skytree plushies), and I feel like I circled the store over 20 times analyzing everything before paying and leaving.

I’ll post close-ups of what I bought at a later post (they’re all stowed away in luggage right now booo), but here’s the list of the Skytree haul:

The small 22cm watermelon anniversary plushies were sold out, but there was no shortage of the XL version – I wonder why?

Strangely enough, there were even Halloween 2012 Kiiroitoris still in stock?? Hmmm…

Whew! Then the next day, we ran over to the Harajuku Rilakkuma Store!

Harajuku Rilakkuma Store - front

It’s the Rilakkuma half of the floor! I love how the entrances to each Rilakkuma store is slightly different.

Harajuku Rilakkuma Store - side Korilakkuma

Look who’s hiding on the side!!

Here at Kiddyland, half of the fourth floor is devoted to Rilakkuma! Even the bathroom is painted with a Rilakkuma theme haha

The plushie haul from Harajuku:

They’re gearing up for their anniversary on the 29th – so sad I’ll miss it!!

Finally, on our way out of Osaka, we stopped by the Umeda Rilakkuma Store!

Umeda Rilakkuma Store - front

Hello, Rilakkuma!

Even more plushies to be bought here!

I didn’t even know what the Holiday collab was, or what Holiday even is but I snagged one anyway since I was already there. Turns out it’s some clothing brand haha, so cute!!

I was really shocked to see that they had some of the Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary plushies there (I wasn’t even in Fukuoka!) – guess they had a few left over? I always assumed the anniversary plushies flew off the shelves like hotcakes.

There was also a healthy stock of Rilakkuma apparel that the other branches I visited didn’t have, so my family stocked up on some Rilakkuma shorts haha.

Whew! That’s 4 out of 8 Rilakkuma Stores! I know during the next trip, I’ll have to stop by the Fukuoka, Sapporo, Sendai, and Kichijoji branches!!

I’ll have to write more when I finally get the time to photograph each of them, but that’s all for now!!

All’s quiet on the Rilakkuma front until the Wonderland release, I’m guessing!

12 thoughts on “The Tale of Four Rilakkuma Stores!

  1. Your pictures are really good as usual! I wish I can go adventure to these stores soon <3
    And I was surprised they do still have that holiday collaboration, I thought they were limited and all sold out! But I'm glad you manage to get one. I have mine as well and it's really cute! If you open rila's zipper there'll be no dot lining as usual but a words saying "I love holiday" hahaha
    Have fun!! Can't wait to see the detailed pics of your haul once you get back from this amazing trip :)

    • Omg! Thanks for telling me about the Holiday Rilakkuma’s lining! I never would’ve noticed it if you hadn’t mentioned it.

      I was really surprised to see them too – there were about 6 all crammed to the side near the random Fukuoka anniversary plushies. Had no idea what the collab was about at first but I’m so glad to have picked it up :)

  2. What an amazing trip! It’s so cool that your family likes Rilakkuma too and stocked up on Rilakkuma shorts hehe. I am the only one in my family who would wear rilakkuma apparel lol. I am surprised too that they had some of the limited and exclusive plushies were still available but then again it’s the perks of being able to visit the actual Rilakkuma Store ^_^

    The different entrances are really cool! I would love to see them all!

    • Haha I know! Even my dad bought some Rilakkuma shorts – I think the clerks were shocked that we were buying so many clothes haha. It was just one for each of us, but they filled up our entire basket! I think everyone in my family is a Rilakkuma fan now actually haha

  3. Wow you got such an awesome haul!! Rilakkuma stores are so awesome huh! I kept circling as we’ll he he~ which is your favorite store so far? I’m so happy you are having an awesome trip :) can’t wait to see more!

    • So hard to choose a favorite! I’d have to say Skytree because it was the first store I really spent a lot of time in, and I really loved the Skytree specials! They all had something special though, and I’m so lucky to have been able to visit so many in such a short amount of time!

      Sad news though, I stopped by a KFC here in Kyoto and there were no Rilakkuma things anymore! T^T I’ll have to see if I can find another one near my hotel when I go back to Tokyo.

      • Yes I got the mirror by my house so if you need help finding one you could go to tsudanuma station, the KFC is right outside they still had everything or I can lend a hand if you don’t find it :) I’m sure there is still some in Tokyo though~

  4. Hello Faith!! Thank you so much for sharing!! It was really wonderful to wake up and to read your post about your visits to the various Rilakkuma Stores!! Really felt like I was there myself!! Do remember to take lot’s of nice photos of your purchases too when you have the time!! Take good care and have fun !! I will probably spend the rest of the day reading you post again and again!!😍

    • Yay I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! Our schedule has been so busy since we arrived, it’s nice to finally get a moment (albeit short) to relax and reflect on what’s happened so far! I will try to update when I have a free moment with Internet. Thanks for reading!! :D

  5. OMG! I am sooo jelly! :P Looks like you are having an awesome time in Japan!!!! :D And what an awesome haul! I can’t wait to see all your reveal pics :D :D hehe – it’ll be so cool, because once you get home, even though your trip would have come to an end, you will still have a bunch of cute kumas to reunite with! :D

    • Haha you’re right! I actually wasn’t planning on buying so many plushies here in Japan because I thought they’d only have the most recent plushies in stock (like the Aloha Rilakkumas), but they really hooked me with the older series! I couldn’t believe how many plushies they had in stock! I feel like I nearly doubled my collection in the past few days hahaha

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