Rilakkuma x Pizza Hut: Pizza Cutter & Pizza Board!

Quick post again!

I mentioned a while ago that Rilakkuma had a collaboration with Pizza Hut with special pizza boxes and soup bowls.

Well, the latest iteration as of spring 2013 is a Rilakkuma x Pizza Hut pizza cutter and pizza board!

Rilakkuma x Pizza Hut - cutter and board

Perfect size for Rilakkuma!

I was so excited to get these, I didn’t actually care what I had to buy…

But as it turns out, the pizza was also an adventure in itself!

So the paired pizzas in this campaign are like sampler pizzas – each of the 2 pizzas has a different topping combination for each quadrant:

Rilakkuma x Pizza Hut - pizza 1

From the bottom right: Tuna Mild (tuna/corn/bacon/onion), Idaho special (parsley, mayonnaise, black pepper, corn, diced potatoes, bacon, onion), bacon/asparagus, Meat Trio.

Rilakkuma x Pizza Hut - pizza 2

The “Family 4”: (from the bottom right) bulgogi/leek/shredded red pepper/mayonnaise, pepperoni/bacon/onion/pepper, Tuna Mild (again?), and pepperoni/salami/bacon/onion.

I think it’s somewhat hard to tell form the photos, but they have a lot of interesting ingredients! Awesome!

Surprisingly, my favorite so far has been the Idaho special: the topping with potatoes, corn, and mayo. The potatoes give it a texture I was shocked to find that I enjoyed hahaha

Tomorrow’s my last day in Tokyo, so I’m gonna try to stop by a KFC in the morning – there’s a new Aloha Rilakkuma promotion there starting tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Rilakkuma x Pizza Hut: Pizza Cutter & Pizza Board!

  1. I love the pizza board! You’re lucky to have it :)

    Oh wow, so much work must’ve gone into making these pizzas! It sounds so interesting, I would’ve loved to try the Idaho one!

  2. Wow!! Another great post!! Your Rilas are so cute! Posing!! And.. The pizza pics are just fine!! Looks REALLY yummy!!😋
    Good luck with the KFC New Aloha Rilakkuma Draw!!! My Rilas and I are all keeping our fingers and toes crossed for you!!!! 😘

  3. Wow great food and cute Rilakkuma, you can’t go wrong with that! I would live to try the Pizza Hut in Japan, it seems like Pizza Hut in other countries are so much more exciting than the Pizza Hut in the states!

    • I know! I don’t know why the American Pizza Huts are so basic in comparison haha they could seriously take some notes from Pizza Hut Japan (especially in stocking the Rilakkuma prizes haha)

  4. Ha ha cutest picture!! I hope you got something at KFC #6 toy is a cute picnic blanket wow!! Another great campaign~

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