Rilakkuma x Pizza Hut: Pizza Cutter & Pizza Board!

Quick post again!

I mentioned a while ago that Rilakkuma had a collaboration with Pizza Hut with special pizza boxes and soup bowls.

Well, the latest iteration as of spring 2013 is a Rilakkuma x Pizza Hut pizza cutter and pizza board!

Rilakkuma x Pizza Hut - cutter and board

Perfect size for Rilakkuma!

I was so excited to get these, I didn’t actually care what I had to buy…

But as it turns out, the pizza was also an adventure in itself!

So the paired pizzas in this campaign are like sampler pizzas – each of the 2 pizzas has a different topping combination for each quadrant:

Rilakkuma x Pizza Hut - pizza 1

From the bottom right: Tuna Mild (tuna/corn/bacon/onion), Idaho special (parsley, mayonnaise, black pepper, corn, diced potatoes, bacon, onion), bacon/asparagus, Meat Trio.

Rilakkuma x Pizza Hut - pizza 2

The “Family 4”: (from the bottom right) bulgogi/leek/shredded red pepper/mayonnaise, pepperoni/bacon/onion/pepper, Tuna Mild (again?), and pepperoni/salami/bacon/onion.

I think it’s somewhat hard to tell form the photos, but they have a lot of interesting ingredients! Awesome!

Surprisingly, my favorite so far has been the Idaho special: the topping with potatoes, corn, and mayo. The potatoes give it a texture I was shocked to find that I enjoyed hahaha

Tomorrow’s my last day in Tokyo, so I’m gonna try to stop by a KFC in the morning – there’s a new Aloha Rilakkuma promotion there starting tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Rilakkuma x Pizza Hut: Pizza Cutter & Pizza Board!

  1. I love the pizza board! You’re lucky to have it :)

    Oh wow, so much work must’ve gone into making these pizzas! It sounds so interesting, I would’ve loved to try the Idaho one!

  2. Wow!! Another great post!! Your Rilas are so cute! Posing!! And.. The pizza pics are just fine!! Looks REALLY yummy!!😋
    Good luck with the KFC New Aloha Rilakkuma Draw!!! My Rilas and I are all keeping our fingers and toes crossed for you!!!! 😘

  3. Wow great food and cute Rilakkuma, you can’t go wrong with that! I would live to try the Pizza Hut in Japan, it seems like Pizza Hut in other countries are so much more exciting than the Pizza Hut in the states!

    • I know! I don’t know why the American Pizza Huts are so basic in comparison haha they could seriously take some notes from Pizza Hut Japan (especially in stocking the Rilakkuma prizes haha)

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