Rilakkuma x KFC + Wishlist: Yamanote Line Rilakkuma! (ACQUIRED!)

Whew, I made it to the Philippines!! It’s great to be here, but that also means my Rilakkuma adventures will slow down significantly from the past week – which is totally okay because I have a huge backlog of plushies/hauls to photograph anyway haha it’s good to finally get a chance to slow down a bit.

On my last morning in Japan, I finally got my hands on something from the Rilakkuma x KFC collaboration: an Aloha Rilakkuma fan!

Rilakkuma x KFC - fan and box

Most importantly, I finally got the box!!

Rilakkuma x KFC - smile set #3

Set #3!

As I mentioned briefly in a previous post, this is the third set of items from the Rilakkuma x KFC campaign!

In this campaign, you can get one of six Aloha Rilakkuma items with each smile set (like a kid’s meal). I thought the chicken was pretty good – even better than the KFC in the States! But that might have been because I was hungry hahaha

I really liked the picnic blanket design (pancakes!), but I figured I could get more use out of a fan. My sister ordered a smile set too, and chose the same design fan. I think the hot dog design is super cute and silly, especially since you can’t even buy hot dogs at KFC hahaha

The fan turned out to be a good choice because yesterday was HOT and we had to wait in line in the sun for the bus to the airport. On top of that, the Philippines was hot upon arrival (like always), so even though I’ve only had this fan for 24 hours, it’s already seen a lot of use!

Getting this box/fan was so much trouble – we stopped by a KFC in Kyoto and they had nothing in stock… then in Tokyo, we asked our hotel concierge, and they gave us directions to a KFC that recently closed… then we got directions to one in Shibuya that didn’t carry any smile sets at all… but the employees there finally gave us information to another KFC in Shibuya that did stock the Rilakkuma products that was just a short walk away. Such a tiresome journey, but rather worth it, I think! I did everything I wanted to do in Japan, Rilakkuma-wise!

Also, new in the Rilakkuma plushie world: Rilakkuma x Yamanote Line!

Rilakkuma x Yamanote Line - set

Yay, two different designs!

This collaboration celebrates Rilakkuma’s 10th anniversary AND the Yamanote Line’s 50th anniversary as the green line!

In honor of the green Yamanote line and Rilakkuma, Yamanote car #10 will feature a special Rilakkuma design!

ETA (8/28/13): Acquired!

Wow, I wish I was still in Japan to see this! My family took the Yamanote line quite often in our short stay there. Of course, everything has to happen right as I leave Japan haha

In any case, I’ll certainly be trying to get my hands on these two plushie designs – one for me and one for my sister!

I think more details about this collab will be released in mid-July so stay tuned!

19 thoughts on “Rilakkuma x KFC + Wishlist: Yamanote Line Rilakkuma! (ACQUIRED!)

  1. I seriously don’t mind eating KFC everday if only that rilakkuma promotion available in my country. LOL. Such a cute box!

    Are you continue your vacation to the Phillipines now?

  2. Oh!!! The yamanote Line plushies are just SO adorable!!! Rilakkuma sure looks nice in green!! But I think that it would be difficult for me to get them..😞 But thanks for sharing Faith!!! 😀 Great Pics!!!😘😘😘

  3. Yep I had to get the same fan if not only for kii eating French Fries☺. I like the driver rilakkuma the best such a cute outfit!!

  4. Wow! And now you are continuing your vacation in Phillipines? So lucky!!!!! I haven’t travelled overseas in aaaagggeees! Hope you have a blast there! I’m impressed you still have time/make an effort to update your blogs and visit ours too! XD And the KFC box is so cute! damn – KFC… now I feel so hungry >.< and it's 1am here in NZ :< *goes off to forage for food*

    • Yep, 2 more weeks here in the Philippines! Though since we’re here seeing family, it’s less sightseeing and more family reunions with relatives I haven’t seen in 3+ years.

      Ahh I know how you feel – food themed Rilakkumas always get me so hungry… I’ve been craving crepes since I saw Ariel’s post hahaha

  5. You guys really need to stop posting all these Rilakkuma collabs, I’m going to convert to a Rilakkuma lover and then my wallet will cry even more!

    I love the toys that comes with the smile sets! Going to bug Ariel about it now XD

    I love the Yamanote Line too! Makes me feel like I have a special connection with it since that was the line I used while I was in Japan XD

    • Yeah! I feel like even though I was basically running all over the place trying to see everything in Japan, I remember the Yamanote line really well (maybe because it was the big circle haha).

      My family has been slowly converting into Rilakkuma fans … Maybe you’ll be next? Hahaha

  6. Wow you are so dedicated to rilakkuma trying all those kfcs! I’m glad you got it in the end! There’s a KFC down the road from me but I never see them advertising the sets.
    I love the Yamanote Rilakkuma, he’s adorable and geeky, and I love the Yamanote from my trips to Tokyo. Did you see the new Tower Records Rilakkuma too? Green mohawk!x

      • Omggg I love the new Tower Records release! I might post about it soon once I decide whether or not I’ll order it (most likely the playset, if anything).

        Didn’t notice the Yamanote kuma’s legs until you mentioned it! San-X usually chooses the smoothest and plumpest plushies for their photographs hahaha

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