Aloha Rilakkuma Caravan Edition (and Rilakkuma Ice Tray Results)!

Well, as a typical Florida summer goes, when it rains, it REALLY rains… and when it’s sunny, it’s REALLY sunny.

And guess who’s prepared? Aloha Rilakkuma, Caravan Edition!!

Aloha Rilakkuma Caravan - full

Prepared for the summer sun!

Aloha Rilakkuma Caravan - face

How funny that the white parts of him (nose, belly) don’t get any tanner haha

Aloha Rilakkuma Caravan - lei detail

What a lovely flower lei!

Aloha Rilakkuma Caravan - with clerk

He really is quite tan compared to the rest!

He was released during San-X’s 2013 spring caravan (which recently ended), as part of the Aloha Rilakkuma series!

Like (not) My Only Rilakkuma, we picked him up at the Harajuku Rilakkuma Store :D He looks so toasty!

Maybe he’d like to cool down with some ice from the Rilakkuma ice tray after all that time in the sun?

As I mentioned yesterday, my sister and I tried out one of our newest Rilakkuma products last night – here are the results!

I thought they turned out great!

Rilakkuma Ice Tray - front

The front of the ice tray, all filled with raspberry lemonade!

Rilakkuma Ice Tray - all

Here they all are! Wow, they were so tough to pop out since the tray isn’t that flexible! From left to right: Rilakkuma head, Korilakkuma head, Korilakkuma sitting, Korilakkuma laying down, Kiiroitori, Rilakkuma siting, Rilakkuma laying on his side, Rilakkuma laying down.

Rilakkuma Ice Tray - close-up

The details actually ended up being pretty visible, but it’s so tough to capture in a photo…

Rilakkuma Ice Tray - in glass

Here they are cooling my water!

Hahaha well I thought they looked really good, but I didn’t really think about what kind of liquid drink to put them in.

Putting them in just water just made the water taste slightly sweet/sour haha, but they were still super cute!

10 thoughts on “Aloha Rilakkuma Caravan Edition (and Rilakkuma Ice Tray Results)!

  1. They turned out great! So cute! And they look deliciously refreshing! Perfect for a hot summer’s day!!!! By the way, I’ve never fully understood why they name them “caravan series”, what does the caravan part mean? o.o

    • Ah, so from what I understand (anyone feel free to correct me), the caravan is this series of Rilakkuma events. Here’s the schedule for the current caravan (Wonderland): During these events, San-X will bring out the big Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma/Kiiroitori suits (the schedule show which ones will be where), and sometimes you can take photos with them if you line up early.

      Most importantly (lol), is that they sell the caravan plushies there! Though sometimes there are leftovers and places will sell the plushies long after the events are over (like how I got mine at just the Harajuku store). So they’re limited edition, but not as limited as the store exclusives since there are only 8 Rilakkuma Stores, but the caravan goes to all sorts of other places that stock San-X things.

      I think they call it a caravan because they go from location to location? Haha the caravan versions are really close to my heart because one of my first plushies was a caravan edition (from the egg series) :D

  2. They look yummy you could put them in more pink lemonade he he . Tan Rilakkuma is amazingly cute. I wanna snatch him up but I always get something else >.< those two look so cute together!!

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