Happy Lunar New Year from Rilakkuma Lifestyle!

Lunar New Year 2014 - Year of the Horse

Happy Year of the Horse!

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous lunar new year!

I had the honor of ringing in this lunar new year with a lot of fantastically cute new Rilakkumas – posts on them coming up soon! Our module is wrapping up so things are getting busier and busier, but I can’t wait to share these incredible new bears with everyone!

Simon’s family has a tradition of setting a fish out on the dining table during lunar new year for good fortune to symbolize promise for a continual bountiful feast – but it’s just the thought that counts (you can even just put a photo of a fish out), so we just put out a fish Rilakkuma plushie haha:

Lunar New Year 2014 - fish on table

Close enough!

Have a wonderful year of the horse!

新年快乐! 祝大家恭喜发财,心想事成!

10 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year from Rilakkuma Lifestyle!

  1. Happy Lunar New Year!!! That’s such a cute way to add to the tradition, I’m excited to see all the new ones you add to your fab collection this year :D

  2. Happy lunar new year Faith and everyone! May you all be happy,healthy,lucky and gave all of your dreams fulfilled! Beautiful and wonderful photos as always. They really brighten up my days.

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