New! Stripes Stripes Everyday Series!

Quick break to announce a great new series: Stripes Stripes Everyday (しましまエブリデイ) Series!

Stripes Stripes Everyday

“Stripes with your days”

Stripes Stripes Everyday - standard

Penguins for the standard release! (Except Kiiroitori?)

Stripes Stripes Everyday - hugging pillow

A polar bear hugging pillow!

Stripes Stripes Everyday - Rilakkuma Store Exclusive

Rilakkuma Store Exclusive! (So now Kii gets to be a blue penguin!)

Super cute! Definitely one of Rilakkuma’s most huggable series yet! Not super sure what stripes have to do with penguins and polar bears, like I’m surprised that their standard release plushies have no stripes at all hahaha, but I love it so far!

I think this series has such a cute color scheme and theme! The standard S plushies are each 1,780円, and the polar bear hugging pillow is 3,800円. They also have a lot of other super cute merchandise in this line as well, such as bicycle seat covers and umbrella cases!

As for the Rilakkuma Store Exclusive line, they will be available March 8 for 2000円 each! There will also be special Rilakkuma Store Exclusive bags available in this release, as well. I think they’ll be stocking some of the Rilakkuma version at the San-X Net Shop, too!

It’ll be really exciting to see how this series develops – caravan, anyone?

I think I’ll be ordering a Rilakkuma from the standard release (the blue penguin)! Since this release was leaked, I’ve been waiting for this series to appear so I could make a big Net Shop order :D

Off to study again! Let me know what your thoughts are on the new Rilakkuma Stripes Stripes Everyday Series in the comments!

19 thoughts on “New! Stripes Stripes Everyday Series!

  1. Oh for sure they’re going to make a caravan :D They really are going all out with this series and I’m absolute going to try to add these to my collection! I’m not 100% sure but there is a popular polar bear plush in Japan that always has stripes but that might not be the reason. I see it everywhere but don’t know its name and they have other animals too. I’ll be thinking over this mystery for a while. I am so excited for this release though XD

    • Oh hmm that’s interesting about the polar bear with stripes. Let me know if you figure anything else out about the connection between stripes and arctic animals haha.

      Yay I’m so excited for this release, too! As the years go by, I wonder if Rilakkuma and friends will end up being dressed as every animal hahaha

  2. I get to work, check my e-mails and this was one the first things I saw. It’s so CUTE! I’m definitely going to get these but I’m having trouble deciding whether I will get the standard ones or the store exclusive plush.

    Gah, the decisions!

  3. I was thinking of just getting the Rilakkuma standard release and the Rilakkuma Store exclusive chick as they look so matching together but the more I look at ALL the plushies in this series, every one looks cuter and cuter!!!!:(( :))
    They are truly so adorable!!!:))

  4. The stripes stripes series is oozing with cuteness!! I want everything soo bad, especially the polar bears and penguin kii!! For the Rilakkuma exclusive playset (the polar bears one) are they each ¥2000 or all three for ¥2000! (Really hoping it’s the second option!)

    • Ah, wouldn’t it be great to get all 3 for 2000 yen円? Unfortunately, Rilakkuma prices have been going up recently especially for the special edition releases, so each one is 2000 – the price is usually why I don’t get full sets anymore :[

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