March Update!

Okay so major apologies for not posting much recently – my camera ran out of battery, and I realized that I left the charger at my parents’ house! Still have bears to share with you all, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, lots of news in the Rilakkuma world!! Notably, a new Rilakkuma Store in Kobe!

Kobe Rilakkuma Store Opening - ad

I love how even the Rilakkuma Store logo is also nautically themed with a blue scarf and red flag to match!

Kobe Rilakkuma Store Opening - Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma

They have Rilakkuma Store bags just like us!

Kobe Rilakkuma Store Opening - Stripes Stripes Everyday playset

A beautiful Stripes Stripes Everyday playset just for the opening!

As a port city, the Kobe Rilakkuma Store opening plushies have a super cute nautical theme – I love it! They remind me a lot of the Marine Series, another nautically themed release! The opening celebration will be happening on April 18!

Also Rilakkuma seller Mira Plush revealed a sneak peek of a Rilakkuma in Space Series!

Mira Plush - Space Rilakkuma

Wow, kumas in space!

What do you all this of this cosmic Rilakkuma? Definitely a huge departure from what we normally see, but I really love that Rilakkuma has a sense of adventure, and the side illustrations are really well done! I think it’s a super creative take on Rilakkumas in space, and I’m really looking forward to its official release! Looks like we won’t see these buddies until July this year though.

Elsewhere on Earth, Rilakkuma Factory is a really interesting series coming out April 4! Looks like a set of cute, yet professional Rilakkuma office supplies, with a little Rilakkuma plushie thrown in. Looks perfect for any office!

Rilakkuma Factory - cover

For the professional Rilakkuma fan!

I do wonder why they feature American currency though hahaha

I also love the new Sweet Happy Series that will also be released on April 4!

Sweet Happy Series - Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma

What a beautiful new floral pattern – so perfect for spring!

They look super fluffy like the My Only Series – it’s really so great to see that San-X is diversifying the textures of their Rilakkuma plushies! I do wonder if they’ll ever include Kiiroitori in these lines though, I think Kii gets left out sometimes – though I guess he’s getting a whole series to himself in April anyway, so not much to complain about hahaha

I hope everyone is enjoying spring!

11 thoughts on “March Update!

  1. Oh wow!! Absolutely, positively love the Kumas In Space plushies!! 😍 They are ALL so cute!! Love the Dango and Duckie patches on Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma suits respectively.πŸ˜„

    I was thinking that Simon may be able to appreciate the ‘ Professional’ series? Both Ariel and myself have agreed that it has such a masculine appeal..πŸ˜‡ What does he think?😊 Oh yes, the American Dollar. Hmmm.. I think Rilakkuma may be paying a visit to America real soon. He has written a letter and signed off in English too.( Rilakkuma is bilingual or more?)😳 And he is ready to take his camera a long? Quick Faith! Invite Rilakkuma to your home for a visit!!πŸ˜„

    I was not thinking of adding the Stripes Stripes Every Day playset to my collection until my eyes spotted craftholic inspired bear ( Simon’s favourite), penguin and then a chick in diapers ( so right Faith!) …😳

    Looks like I may have to borrow Rilakkuma’s extra shopping bag soon..πŸ˜…

    Right, back to the thinking chair again…
    Which plushies to get?? Sigh..😊

    • Awww yes I’m glad Rilakkuma will be making a business trip out here to the US!! :D :D :D He really does look so smart in the Factory series! And so glad to see that he is bilingual at least hehehe. I’ll ask Simon what he thinks about the Factory series!!

      Kumas in space look so good! I love their little patches too, they’re such great details! Wow, Rilakkuma is so accomplished hahaha.

      • I have been thinking about getting a pencil bag for the times in which I do use pencils (getting rarer sadly), and it would be nice to have a bear accompany them, especially for when drawings of bears are to be produced!

  2. I love the space series!! Wow all the way in July but I’m so excited they’re so cute! Also looking forward to another store in the mix~ San-x might just make it so there’s a store anniversary every month!

    • Yes!! I’m always so excited to hear about new stores! Especially since the story anniversary plushies are some of my favorite designs. Hehehe a few years from now, we’ll be reminiscing about how we remember back when there were only a handful of Rilakkuma Stores around!

  3. The space theme is so awesome omg!! I was literally screaming when I saw that leak omgomgomg and the sweet happy series is beautiful too T.T

    I’m also excited for the new rilakkuma store! I wish san-x will open the store in every town in the future <3

    • I know!! I usually don’t post updates without providing some of my own photos so I was originally going to wait until I had a working camera again, but I really couldn’t resist sharing the space themed kumas!! Wow, they are really incredible, and I’m always more impressed with every new edition! Definitely looking forward to these bears in the summer!

      I wonder if/when San-X will open a Rilakkuma Store outside of Japan, and where! San-X has a Rilakkuma Meet and Greet in New York City this weekend ( – I really wish I could go because it’s in the US, but NYC is soooo far from where I live. Hopefully Rilakkuma will visit me in Florida sometime!

  4. I find the Space plushes look like PJs once you’ve removed the helmets, haha!

    Oh, I love love love the Rilakkuma Factory items, especially the pencil case and the pouch, looks awesome!

    The Sweets Happy collection looks super adorable, I’m a huge fan of pastel colours but I do find the plush’s heads look a little squeezed in by their ribbon.

    • Oooh they really do look like PJ’s… I kind of want a pair to match for myself now haha.

      Yeah I agree that the ribbon around the neck seems a little constricting – Rilakkumas already have pretty big heads, the ribbon collar makes their heads seem even bigger hahaha

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