Strawberry Bag Rilakkuma Plushie!

Summer means strawberries, so say hello to our new Strawberry Bag Rilakkuma!

Stawberry Bag Rilakkuma - full

Sleepy Rilakkuma in the summer sun!

Strawberry Bag Rilakkuma - flower detail

A beautiful strawberry blossom on his ear!

Strawberry Bag Rilakkuma - tag art

Rilakkuma and pals enjoying some delicious (and gigantic) strawberries on the tag!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle - Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Bag Rilakkuma joins a long tradition of strawberry-themed bears in the collection!

Wow, super cute! He looks super snug in his strawberry sleeping bag – pretty perfect theme for a summer nap! This sleepyhead is part of the Fansclub’s Strawberry Bag Series, released in January 2014.

This super adorable strawbear bag was a prize from Mira Plush’s I Love Rilakkuma contest! For this contest, participants held up a sign that said “I love Rilakkuma” to be entered in a drawing – awesome idea! Check out the video of all the submissions here (Simon and I are around 0:43)!

Mira Plush "I Love Rilakkuma" Contest - submission

We do love Rilakkuma! (Simon loves Rilakkuma so much, he’s smiling as hard as he can!)

Follow Mira Plush’s WordPress blog and Facebook page to learn more about their future contests! And of course, be sure to browse through Mira Plush’s online store to get this bear and many more (on sale since it’s Mira Plush’s anniversary!). Thanks so much for your continued involvement with the Rilakkuma community and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Mira Plush!

In other news, not much happening on the Rilakkuma news front as we await the Space Rilakkuma series, though the San-X Net Shop posted these really cute photos of Rilakkuma golf ball holders as inspiration for Father’s Day (June 15):

Rilakkuma Golf Ball Holders - front

Uncovered golf ball says, “Where did the others go?”

Rilakkuma Golf Ball Holders - bottom

“We’re hiding in here!”

Teehee, they’re so cute and round! If I played golf, I’d totally invest in these! They feature standard (naked) Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma, as well as Bee Rilakkuma and Bunny Suit Korilakkuma!

I’m so happy to be done with school for the summer! Hopefully, this means more time for Rilakkuma things while I have the free time. Finally being able to relax like Rilakkuma is an incredible feeling!

12 thoughts on “Strawberry Bag Rilakkuma Plushie!

  1. Congratulations on winning and being done with school for the year!! :D Your new strawberry kuma is a cutie~ rest up and yes relaxing like Rilakkuma sounds good. One more month until the space ones but the news is pretty slow going recently :/

    • Yeah dang, Rilakkuma news always feels so slow between huge releases and then during the releases it just feels like wave of big news every day haha. Can’t wait for all the hustle and bustle with the Space Series though!! I’m saving money just for the occasion haha.

  2. Congrats on winning! It’d be awesome if you showed us the winning picture :)

    Haha, those golf bag holders are amazing! It makes them so fat, round and adorable. If I played golf, I’d get those in a heartbeat. I especially like Bee Rilakkuma.

    Enjoy your summer! I miss the days when I used to have 3 months off to just do anything I wanted :D

  3. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be done school for the summer ^-^

    And yaaay! Congratulations, you were a winner as well :D This contest gave out nice prizes, I love my Kiiroitori.

    Those golf ball cases make me want to play golf for the sole reason of being able to own the case – I just love Rilakkuma accessories.

    Take care :)

    • Yeah, Mira Plush prizes are always pretty incredible – the Strawberry Bags are a really cute series! I’m so glad Mira Plush has these contests, I feel like they really bring the Rilakkuma community together :)

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