Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow plushies! + New! Airplane Rilakkuma + Christmas 2014 Net Shop Exclusive!

Hello again! Now that I’m settling back into the swing of things, I’m so happy to share my new Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow plushies!

Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow - full

New additions: Rilakkuma as Dr. Yellow plushie and hugging pillow, and Rilakkuma Store exclusive Dr. Yellow train operator!

Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow - hugging pillow and train plushie

Love these two! The hugging pillow is for my sister, and the smaller plushie was chosen by Simon!

Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow - train side detail

For the train plushie and hugging pillow, lovely decals on the side that make them look like real Dr. Yellows, with the JR logo, too!

Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow - front detail, cars

“T4” stands for the set designation of the Class 923 Dr. Yellow! Hehehe I think these look kind of like faces.

Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow - back

And a shoutout to their series name on their backs!

Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow - store exclusive full

Ready to work! The Rilakkuma Store Exclusive (my pick, hehe): Classic Model 923!

Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow - pouch detail

With a super cute Dr. Yellow car cross-body!

Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow - store exclusive hat detail

A wonderful hat to match his friends’!

Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow - tag art

Tag art! The design is the same for all of them, but their border color is different! The hugging pillow is grey, the Rilakkuma Store Exclusive (with T-shirt) is blue, and the Rilakkuma as Dr. Yellow plushie is white – if you have another item from this set, what color was your tag?

I love the bright yellow, though their color scheme reminds me a lot of a big yellow school bus hehehe.

These fast and furious bears were part of the Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow Series, released in July 2014! As I mentioned in a previous post, the San-X Net Shop crashed when I tried ordering on release day, so my sister was kind enough to order the hugging pillow and train plushie on my behalf when I was in the Dominican Republic! Also, happy to add another Rilakkuma-themed San-X box to my collection too hehehe.

I don’t know, there’s something about these train bears that I’m really drawn to haha; I can’t stop myself from ordering all of them! I never thought of myself as a huge transportation fan, but as it turns out, I think I have the most plushies from the transportation/train series than any other in my collection.

Of course, like these Dr. Yellow bears, the train of Rilakkuma keeps on rolling! Following the transportation theme, check out the new Airplane Series!

Airplane Series - plushies

Looks like they’re flying Rilakkuma Airlines! Plushie for 1,680円, and phone charm plushie for 740円.

Airplane Series - travel items

Of course, travel items for your flight! The design and color scheme reminds me a lot of the Bonjour Series from 2010! Neck pillow for 2,000円, slippers for 1,500円, and eye mask for 1,000円.

Looks like these will be available at the major Japanese airports throughout the year – what a cool collaboration!

My mom usually has a layover on her way to the Philippines, so maybe I’ll ask her to scope these out for me when she makes her next trip!

Looking forward a few months, check out the new Christmas 2014 San-X Net Shop Exclusive – WOW, it’s a Rilakkuma advent calendar!

Christmas 2014 Net Shop Exclusive - both sides

So festive!

Christmas 2014 Net Shop Exclusive - calendar detail

On each day of December, take a new ornament out of its pocket…

Christmas 2014 Net Shop Exclusive - tree full

… and place it anywhere on the tree! And have a fully decorated tree on Christmas Day!

Christmas 2014 Net Shop Exclusive - ornaments

A sample of the plushie ornaments! I don’t really understand that half Rilakkuma in the pile down there – looks like his bottom half is missing!

So clever! Pick a new Rilakkuma plushie ornament for each day in December leading up to Christmas to decorate the tree! Really cute – I love the little snowbears hehehe.

Alternatively, you can attach the little plushie ornaments onto a keychain, and just use them for festive decoration.

My family has an advent calendar, and it’s so fun to use every Christmas!

It seems a little early to think about Christmas for me, but haha who knows? This festive advent calendar costs 18,000円, and the San-X Net Shop is taking pre-orders for this cute set until September 7.

Whew! In other news, today was my first day back in school starting my second year in medical school! We’re jumping right in learning about cardiopulmonary pathophysiology – I hope this year was as good as the last’s!

As always, more bears to post about, which is only bound to get more severe as I have recently took on a paid tutoring job at school haha. Stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow plushies! + New! Airplane Rilakkuma + Christmas 2014 Net Shop Exclusive!

  1. I really like the large pillow one! It looks so cuddly :D

    Oh my, I absolutely love the flight items, I think I might get the eye mask. Unfortunately, I just bought a neck pillow so I’ll have to pass on the adorable one they’re coming out with. I totally agree that the design looks like the Bonjour series. That was one of my favourite ones.

    Good luck with your second year! I’m sure it’s going to be a great year for you and if not, you have all your Rilakkumas to comfort you!

    • Thanks!! I’m definitely going to need some Rilakkuma relaxation time this year, but good thing I have no shortage of Rilakkumas hahaha.

      I love that the airplane series is a nod to the Bonjour series too – definitely one of my favorites as well! I hope they do another international destination theme again, especially with all of the bear transportation that apparently exists hahaha

  2. Your bears are so cute, I love all the little details as usual the tags are awesome! Your sister is very nice hehe, oh did you get the box too? I’m glad I’ll be picking up my sister from the airport next month so I’m going to pick up a few of those travel goods too ;) The Christmas surprise is amazing and yet so expensive. I want to try and get it but bleh almost $200 is a lot. Will you be getting it? Haha maybe it can be a Christmas present XD

    Have a great year at school and make sure to not get stressed and take Rilakkuma Relax breaks! I feel so proud of you and keep working hard, I look forward to hearing how it’s going!!

    • Yes! I get stupidly excited over the Rilakkuma boxes hahaha guess that shows how deep my Rilakkuma love can go (my love spans even cardboard!).

      Oooh so cool that you might get a peek of the airplane goods soon! I wonder if diehard Rilakkuma fans will go to the airports just to get the plushies hehehe I think I would.

      The advent calendar is so incredibly cute! It’s a little too expensive for me right now because I went unexpectedly nuts this summer on the space and Dr. Yellow series, but I can’t wait to see the close up photos if you end up getting it!

  3. Oh wow!! Your Dr Yellow plushies are all so cute!! I was trying desperately hard not to get everything. I have pre ordered the bag charm one though and when it comes, I shall see what colour is the rim on tag and let you know. Interesting. 😊 I have also preordered a Shinkansen train plush and a Shinkansen Tarapanda bag charm. Am very excited when they come and I can start playing train!!😄

    I think all the little Christmas ornaments are just so cute! But I think I will just get the Christmas series plushies instead.😃

    All the very best for Year 2 of Med School!! 😉

      • Teehee at least I am in good company! I have to let my wallet recover a little bit from the summer, but I’ll reconsider orders again at the end of the month and see how my bank account feels haha.

    • Oh yay!! Please let me know what color the border is, I would love to know! Such an interesting little detail hehehe

      I love the Shinkansen line, and I have preordered a Rilakkuma myself! So excited for that series too :D I love that they incorporated Tarepanda with the collab too!

  4. So cute! I love how squishy those pillows look. I love the Rilakkuma collabs with public transportation as it comes out with adorable results. The pillow ones remind me of the catbus from My Neighbor Totoro.

    The advent calendar looks so detailed and cute! I’ll probably skip it though unless more money decides to magically show up on my bank account haha.

    • Aww haha they do look kind of like catbus! And Kiiroitori from the Happy Natural Time Series looked a lot like Totoro too hehehe. The overlap is super cool!

      Yeah, I agree – I would definitely go for the advent calendar if it were less expensive, ah well…

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