Sweet Happy Rilakkuma! + New! Rilakkuma x Hayabusa x Komachi!

Enjoying the summer heat? It’s over 90 degrees here, it must be so warm being fluffy like Rilakkuma!

Speaking of warm and fluffy, say hello to Sweet Happy Rilakkuma!

Sweet Happy Series - full

He really lives up to his name!

Sweet Happy Series - bow detail

His sea foam green bow also features a gold monogram pendant!

Sweet Happy Series - ear detail

The yellow pads on his ears, paws, and feet have a beautiful floral pattern!

Sweet Happy Series - pouch detail

The lining of his back pocket is shiny!

Sweet Happy Series - tag art

Tag art: a fluffy Rilakkuma with a key and a perfume bottle.

I love this bear because he has such a unique, fluffy texture that has a little shine to it, and unlike most standard sized Rilakkumas, he is naturally in a sitting position!

His fur length is probably between My Only and Winter Knit Rilakkuma. Like My Only Rilakkuma, his eyes and snout are brown instead of black. I really love the subtle variation from the norm in this plush!

This dainty plush is from the Sweet Happy (スイートハッピー) Series, which was released in May 2014.

Huge thanks again to my Aunt Lulu for helping me get this super cute Rilakkuma :D What would my collection be without her help?

Blogger Brenda (Nadeshikocha) has some great photos of her Sweet Happy Rilakkuma in action on her Instagram, check them out!

In transportation Rilakkuma news: a new train collaboration is here! Rilakkuma x Hayabusa x Komachi!

Hayabusa & Komachi - cover

Yay, new train bears!

Hayabusa & Komachi - full

Train bear plush: 2,000円. Plush keychain: 1,380円.

Look forward to these bears plus other merchandise like pouches, folders, pens, and towels on July 18! ike the Mochi Series, their shape is pretty tsum tsum-esque, don’t you think?

Hayabusa (はやぶさ) is a shinkansen service that runs between Tokyo and Shin-Aomori, and is painted a beautiful teal and violet. How appropriate that Hayabusa also means peregrine falcon, a bird that has the fastest speed in the animal kingdom! I like how the Hayabusa Rilakkuma has lights :)

Komachi (こまち) is also a shinkansen service like Hayabusa, and it runs from Tokyo to Akita. The Komachi line is painted red, and is named after a famous waka poet from the area, Ono no Komachi.

I have to say, I haven’t personally been on these lines before, but that hasn’t really stopped me from collecting Rilakkumas representing them haha. So I will certainly be trying to get these! It’ll be great for them to join the other train-bear hybrids: Dr. Yellow and Shinkansen!

Feeling overwhelmed by summer Rilakkuma news yet??? July 18th is going to be such a big day!!

11 thoughts on “Sweet Happy Rilakkuma! + New! Rilakkuma x Hayabusa x Komachi!

  1. That series is so sweet! I love how pastel and soft it all looks :)

    There’s so many releases in the summer haha! The Panda series, store anniversaries and the train plushies. It’s so hard to keep up and try to figure out which ones to splurge on.

    • I totally agree! I try to brace myself for the summer now by not spending too much in the spring, but I still get overwhelmed haha. Currently, I’ve pre-ordered the new Hankyu design (lmao I can’t help myself), and I’m planning on getting both the Hayabusa and Komachi Rilakkumas… and I’ll try to squeeze in one of the Panda Caravan plushes if I go out to dinner less often this summer haha. I’m totally excited for new releases though, even if I might not be able to afford them immediately!

  2. Hello! Thank you for the all the rilakkuma news it really helps to keep me updated on all things rilakkuma! I also enjoy your rilakkuma tumblr pictures they are perfection :) I had a quick question: I was wondering if you knew of any events where the rilakkuma, or the whole gang might show up in the Tokyo area?

  3. My friend bought me korilakkuma plushie. It is 40cm tall and have pink hat and pink ribbons circling the hat and on it’s neck with rilakkuma writing on them. It has circular blue tag with kirakira ribon in katakana and nuigurumi xl in hiragana written on it. Is there any san-X or fansclub release or any licensed releases with that description? I just want to know if my plushie genuine or not.
    Thank you.

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