Bathtime (with heart) Series Rilakkuma Plushie!

So in addition to being welcomed back home with family and a comfortable bed after a long trip to NYC, I was also welcomed back with new Rilakkuma plushies! My mom had a layover at the Narita International Airport, and there’s a souvenir store there that carries San-X products!

One of the plushies she brought back for me was Bathtime (with heart) Rilakkuma! Released in July 2012, this series also features some pretty great Caravan and Limited Edition designs (and then some)!

Bathtime Series - full body shot

Ready for a bubble bath!

Bathtime Series - shower cap detail

He’s got his own personalized shower cap!

Bathtime Series - front bubble detail

Hard to see, but the bubbles on his right leg are heart shaped!

Bathtime Series - back

Bubbles on the back! Looks like a little bunny tail hahaha

After such a busy week, he makes me want a relaxing bubble bath too now…