April Update!

Wah sorry for being lazy about updating! Forgot to post that I’m out of town for the entire month of April and the first half of May! T^T

Noodle lunch with Rilakkuma

I’ve been busy having noodle lunches with Rilakkuma!

Which means I’ll only be online and updating sporadically during that time, though I’ll try to take more photos – I’ve been neglecting my Rilakkuma Lifestyle tumblr more than I’d like recently.

Things are getting pretty busy around here! My sister is doing a study abroad program in Japan this summer, so I’ll be tagging along with her for a week in Japan! I’m so excited; it’ll be my first time at a real standing Rilakkuma Store!!

In terms of recent news, I finally got my Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary Rilakkuma (and Korilakkuma!) plushies in the mail – BUT! Sadly, they arrived at my house the day I flew out, so no pictures of them until I get back home! And of course, I am still waiting around for the Lawson x Aloha Rilakkuma plushie – June seems so far away!

In other Rilakkuma news, check out this great Miami Vice x Rilakkuma fan art by John J. Freeze!

John J. Freeze - Miami Vice x Rilakkuma

Eee so cute! What a great take on the different Rilakkuma collaborations hahaha :D

How inspiring! I wanna start drawing Rilakkuma art now, too!