Sweets & Sweets Cupcake Rilakkuma plushie!

Wah it’s been raining so often here in Florida recently – good thing I have Rilakkuma to brighten my day!!

Cupcake Rilakkuma does just the trick!

Sweets & Sweets - full

Wearing a cupcake, dressed like a cupcake!

Sweets & Sweets - hat detail

The prettiest cupcake I’ve seen!

Sweets & Sweets - key detail

What’s this key for? Korilakkuma’s and Kiiroitori’s are pink!

I actually love cupcakes, but don’t really eat them with frosting unless it’s cream cheese based. My favorite flavor of cupcake is funfetti! Rilakkuma’s cupcake kinda looks like funfetti hahaha

He’s from the Sweets & Sweets series, which came out in 2011.

We picked him up at the Umeda Rilakkuma Store – did you know the Umeda branch is the oldest? I wonder what they’ll be doing for their 5th anniversary this year… it’s coming up soon (September 13)!

Anyway, continuing with the pink theme… my family bought a Rilakkuma ice tray while we were in Japan!

According to the San-X Net Shop Blog, this ice tray appeared in April 2013! It features Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori!

Rilakkuma Ice Tray - part 1

We filled the tray with raspberry lemonade instead of water so they’d be pink!

Rilakkuma Ice Tray - in fridge

In the freezer! The tray has little holes on top so the 3D shape can be as perfect as possible!

We’ll let it sit for the night and see how the turn out in the morning.

Will update with the next Rilakkuma post! Hopefully they turn out well!