Tokyo Station 5th Anniversary Announcement!

Super quick update before my anatomy dissection lab starts: Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary Plushie designs have been announced!

Tokyo Station 5th Anniversary - Annoucement

Wow, look at that Korilakkuma holding those tiny Korilakkumas!

Wow, so many! And so cute!

The first row of plushies are Hinamatsuri (雛祭り – Doll’s Day/Girl’s Day) themed. Looks like Korilakkuma is holding her own Korilakkuma dolls, Rilakkuma is holding some bear-shaped hishi mochi (菱餅), and Kiiroitori has his own plate of arare (あられ) all for Doll’s Day! They are 1300 円 each, and will be released on February 14 (Valentine’s Day)! Last year, San-X released special Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma dolls for Hinamatsuri!

The 2nd row shows a special plushie that features a Marunouchi (丸の内 – a commercial district of Tokyo) design! Super adorable – I love a Rilakkuma with a camera – and they’ll come in a bunch of different sizes, from keychain, to standard S (22 cm – collectible size), to M (like my first Rilakkuma), and will be 1480 円, 2000 円, and 3500 円, respectively. The M size will only be sold at the Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store! They will also be released on February 14.

What do you all think?