Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days!

In honor of Honey Bee Rilakkuma from yesterday, here’s a great moment in Rilakkuma history: Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days! Every so often (i.e. all the time), Rilakkuma will have collaboration projects with other companies. For this collaboration, Rilakkuma teamed up with Pancake Days, a Japanese pancake chain that likes to put happy faces (like Rilakkuma’s) on fancy pancakes, in 2011.

Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days featured the Honey and Smile Series in their promotional campaign – they even had a special Rilakkuma-themed menu!

Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days - 5 tier stack

5 Tier Pancake Stack

Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days - chocolate and orange stack

Rilakkuma’s Chocolate & Orange Stack

Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days - strawberry stack

Korilakkuma’s Strawberry Stack

Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days - honey and sweet potato stack

Kiiroitori’s Honey & Sweet Potato Stack

Also, if you spent more than 1,000円 at the Rilakkuma Stores in Harajuku or Kichijoji, you would a receive a postcard that you could show at Pancake Days for a free take-home 7 cm Rilakkuma pancake. Looks delicious!

4 thoughts on “Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days!

  1. Hello Faith!! Stumbled upon this post of yours.:)) lovely pics and your Rilakkuma meets honey series is absolutely gorgeous!!!:))

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