Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days!

In honor of Honey Bee Rilakkuma from yesterday, here’s a great moment in Rilakkuma history: Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days! Every so often (i.e. all the time), Rilakkuma will have collaboration projects with other companies. For this collaboration, Rilakkuma teamed up with Pancake Days, a Japanese pancake chain that likes to put happy faces (like Rilakkuma’s) on fancy pancakes, in 2011.

Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days featured the Honey and Smile Series in their promotional campaign – they even had a special Rilakkuma-themed menu!

Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days - 5 tier stack

5 Tier Pancake Stack

Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days - chocolate and orange stack

Rilakkuma’s Chocolate & Orange Stack

Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days - strawberry stack

Korilakkuma’s Strawberry Stack

Rilakkuma meets Pancake Days - honey and sweet potato stack

Kiiroitori’s Honey & Sweet Potato Stack

Also, if you spent more than 1,000円 at the Rilakkuma Stores in Harajuku or Kichijoji, you would a receive a postcard that you could show at Pancake Days for a free take-home 7 cm Rilakkuma pancake. Looks delicious!

Honey and Smile Series Rilakkuma!

This Honey Bee Rilakkuma came out as part of the Honey and Smile Series (Rilakkuma Meets Honey) released in May 2011. True to his bear character, Rilakkuma puts globs of honey everywhere: on pancakes, on toast, on Swiss rolls, everything.

Honey bee + Happy Picnic Rilakkumas - package and gifts

Decorated package came with Hello Kitty marshmallows, little packets of furikake decorated with anime, and Rilakkuma stationary. Not pictured: strawberry Pocky that I ate before I snapped this shot.

Rilakkuma Meets Honey Series - full body shot

To bee, or not to bee.

Rilakkuma Meets Honey Series - hat detail

Bee(n) there, done that.

Rilakkuma Meets Honey Series - wing detail

Don’t worry, bee happy.

My sister will be giving this plushie to one of her best friends for Christmas. It was good having him in the house for a few months! I hope he is treated well after he moves on!