Rilakkuma Enherb Collaboration!

It’s been getting mildly chilly here (not objectively cold – it’s just Florida), so I was thinking about drinking hot tea regularly again.

As if on cue, San-X recently announced a new collaboration they have with Enherb for the holiday season. Enherb is an herb company that uses time-tested recipes and techniques to craft their soothing teas, fragrances, and skincare products. Their philosophy is that using the finest herbs regularly and drinking high quality herbal teas are essential to one’s well-being.

For this Rilakkuma Enherb collaboration, they released a special holiday tea and tea products (even a diffuser!). Ah, San-X – always aiming straight for my heart.

Enherb - Lemon Ginger

Limited Edition Holiday Release – Lemon Ginger Tea

Enherb - 3 teas

Other Rilakkuma-themed teas: Chamomile & Spearmint, Ginger Herbal, and Lavender & Rose

Ebherb - tumblers

Enherb Rilakkuma tea tumblers!

From what I understand, they even gave out a special holiday-themed Enherb Rilakkuma folder for customers who bought a tea package. This whole set seems so relaxing – a perfect fit for Rilakkuma!

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