Hara Donuts & Rilakkuma!

To celebrate the Happy Holiday Picnic Rilakkuma plushie featured yesterday, let’s take a look at another collaboration project: Hara Donuts & Rilakkuma!

Rilakkuma partnered with donut company Hara Donuts starting around November 2011. Hara Donuts uses a more minimalist approach to donuts, creating handmade donuts with all-natural ingredients. With their beginnings in a raw tofu shop in Kobe, their donuts use fresh, local tofu in their homemade recipes. Hara (はら) means “original” or “raw” in Japanese.

During the Hara Donuts & Rilakkuma campaign, they had a special Rilakkuma themed donut menu based on the Happy Holiday Picnic Series, and some great themed merchandise!

Hara Donuts - reference image

How cute is it that Rilakkuma brings donuts to a picnic?

Hara Donuts - donuts

Sweet & Sour Lemon Chocolate/White Chocolate Donuts

Hara Donuts - cell phone charm

Hara Donuts & Rilakkuma Cell Phone Charm

Cute! They also came out with a selection of coffee mugs and tote bags. I would’ve loved if they released a plushie so I could add him to my collection!

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