More Donut Rilakkumas!

Keeping with the donut theme, I did a little research to see what other times Rilakkuma has been seen with donuts over the years.

Rilakkuma is certainly no stranger to donuts – back in 2007, Rilakkuma was seen stuck in a giant sprinkle donut as part of the Rilakkuma Cafe Series. Afterwards, San-X later had to release instructions on how to get Rilakkuma out of the donut so that you could use the donut like a cushion like the advertisement described.

Rilakkuma Cafe Series - donut

Rilakkuma could just eat his way out, if he wanted to.

Rilakkuma Cafe Series - donut side and back

Side and back views

Rilakkuma Cafe Series - donut seat

Finally free!

After that, San-X must’ve thought to consolidate those ideas together, because they released a donut-shaped Rilakkuma cushion in April 2012!

Donut Rilakkuma Cushion

Seems a little silly to be sitting so close to Rilakkuma’s face…

That should conclude Rilakkuma’s donut history for now! We’ll see if Rilakkuma partners up with donuts again (hopefully he’ll come to the US, too)!

3 thoughts on “More Donut Rilakkumas!

  1. I LOVE this series, and this paticular plush as well. I don’t think I’d remove Rilakkuma from the donut if I ever got this. Would you?

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