Wishlist – Misdo Rilakkuma! (ACQUIRED!)

Thinking about the donuts from yesterday made me hungry! Here’s a plush I’ve recently been yearning for: the Mister Donut (Misdo) Rilakkuma! From my understanding, during the course of this campaign, you would receive a scratchcard with a Misdo donut purchase of more than 100円, and this plushie was a gold level prize.

Misdo Rilakkuma - Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma

Misdo Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma

Rilakkuma partnered with Mister Donut during Winter 2010, where they gave out a ton of other merchandise with donut purchases like tote bags, squish toys, and even a special Christmas set!

They also came out with this wacky TV commercial featuring Japanese star Hiroshi Tamaki:

History lesson: Mister Donut was established in the 1950’s in the US, but after being acquired by Allied-Lyons, most stores in North America were converted into Dunkin’ Donuts (Donutses? Donuts’?). However, the franchise kept its name in Asia (after being acquired by Duskin), and it’s now the largest donut chain in Japan! No wonder Rilakkuma likes them so much!

Anyway – I wrote and queued this post up around last week, and yesterday, Simon ordered him for me!! I’ll post pictures as soon as he arrives! YAY!

ETA (12/11/12): Acquired!

11 thoughts on “Wishlist – Misdo Rilakkuma! (ACQUIRED!)

  1. Thanks for sharing the video in this post! I’ve never seen it, and sometimes when I can, I search youtube for different Rila videos.

    I have this Rila Misdo plush, but I don’t have Korila. I REALLY want her so she can keep Rila company. I’m probably one of the few females on earth who don’t really like pink, but I have come to love it when it concerns Korila. I desperately want the Misdo Korila. Ugh. :(

    I also have the Rila Misdo squishy. THAT is precious, too. I LOVE those little straps. I have NEVER seen those anywhere. (These ones: http://blog.san-x.co.jp/mt-static/UploadFiles/up_pics_sanx/img/toretate/2010/11/strap_rira.gif and http://blog.san-x.co.jp/mt-static/UploadFiles/up_pics_sanx/img/toretate/2010/11/strap_kori.gif )

    I’d love to find those now.

    There were a few Mister Donut shops in my area (Northeast USA) when I was a child. I actually did like their donuts back then. When I saw this series, it made me really nostalgic, and made me appreciate the child like wonder of Rilakkuma even more, if that makes sense.

    Thank you so much for sharing all of these links. I am certain you will ADORE the Misdo Rila plush. He is on the smaller side, but he is really soft and lovely.

    This is a wonderful blog (along with Mary’s, as well). I’m so happy that the both of you share all that you do. I also love your tumblr. Honestly, you take the most precious pictures of Rila, and you’re an excellent photographer.

    Take good care. :0)

    • You are so sweet! :) Thank you so much for your kind words.

      All of the Misdo Rilakkuma products are so nice, but you’re right that some of the products are just so rare and hard to find, especially since the collab is a few years old – I’ve only seen this (http://blog.san-x.co.jp/rilakkuma/2010/12/post_400.html) version of the Misdo strap floating around, but not the other one :( I love how much detailing they put into the donuts though. Korilakkuma just looks so sweet, and she’s holding the donut I’d be most likely to eat haha.

      The first time I saw a Mister Donut was around Asia – I had no idea the whole franchise actually started here in the US! We only have Dunkin’ Donuts where I live – I would eat there all the time if they did a collab with Rilakkuma hahaha.

      • Oh, my gosh! I am so sorry I didn’t see this. :(

        Thank you so much for thinking of me! I don’t need a second Misdo plush of Rilakkuma, however, if I could afford this right now, I’d bid on it anyway and possibly give the plush to a friend, or maybe even sell it or use it in a trade or something.

        I would bid, though, if I could. But, I’d still be desperately wanting the Korila Misdo plush AND strap!! I am sure in time these things will pop up again somewhere, even though I know they’re 2 years old.

        I also have both of the other Misdo straps, the flat metal ones you mentioned above (http://blog.san-x.co.jp/rilakkuma/2010/12/post_400.html). Do you have those? I don’t know where your Misdo Rila was purchased, but I know where he is still for sale, along with the metal Misdo straps of both Rila and Korila. I’ll gladly let you know if you’d like. Either here or through an email.

        Thanks so much for sharing this, once again!. So kind of you, really! :D ♥

        (Also, I believe that in that auction it indicates that the seller doesn’t offer international shipping, although I know that Google’s auto translate doesn’t always do such a great job, particularly with Japanese).

        • Haha I figured it would be too much of a hassle to get it from a Japanese auction (they’re so finicky with their international ordering policies)

          I’m not in need of a the Misdo strap right now since I’m on somewhat of a Rilakkuma purchasing hiatus, but I’ll definitely keep you in mind when I start up again hahaha :) Thanks for thinking of me!

  2. I am also on a Rilakkuma hiatus, otherwise, I think I’d be out of a home!! XD
    I have gone WAY too far with Rilakkuma items since I discovered him (and it was ONLY this past July that I discovered him!!).

    If you do decide you’d like to buy any other Misdo related items, the shop that I was referring to is called KawaiiPile. I have purchased from them a number of times (a number much larger than my bank account would have preferred! XD ), but if you purchase from them, you have to wait for them to send you a total with shipping, which can take a while sometimes. I’m personally fine with it because I’ve found so many great, rare items from them that I can deal with the wait. Some are confused by this shop’s system, however. If you already know about this shop, just disregard this!!

  3. Well, my hiatus was over…for awhile, that is. I finally found those straps and the Korila Misdo. I just couldn’t say no!! ;)

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