Arrival of 10th Anniversary Zodiac Series Rilakkuma Plushies!

Exciting news!

My 10th Anniversary Zodiac Series Rilakkumas came in today!

This was also my first time ordering from the San-X Net Shop. Even though Net Shop is almost entirely in Japanese, the whole process was surprisingly fast and easy – even for someone completely illiterate in Japanese like me.

Zodiac Rilakkuma arrival - box

My first San-X box, too!

Zodiac Rilakkuma arrival - open box

Who’s inside?

Zodiac Rilakkuma arrival - all

From left to right: Gemini, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, & Cancer

Although images of this series have been out for months (one of my earliest blog posts, actually!), they were officially released just last week (1/19)!

This zodiac/astrology series is 12 plushies strong, and commemorates Rilakkuma’s 10 year anniversary! I only ordered 5 because I’m not made of money, but maybe I’ll collect the full set one day. Wow, San-X is sure doing it big this year for Rilakkuma’s 10th birthday!

Stay tuned for individual posts (and close-up photos) on each of them later this week!

ETA: If you’re curious about how to buy from Tenso, I wrote a guide!

30 thoughts on “Arrival of 10th Anniversary Zodiac Series Rilakkuma Plushies!

    • Thanks! :)

      So you’re right: the San-X Net Shop doesn’t ship internationally themselves, but they do work closely with Tenso. Basically, Tenso gives you a Japanese address to mail to (their warehouse), and then Tenso deals with the international shipping stuff from there (maybe I’ll write a full post on this sometime haha).

      • Wow so cute!! I want to collect the whole set as well, they are all so special ^_^ you should definitely do a tense post! I would love to be able to buy from directly San-x too. I was iffy on whether tenso is reliable though. But seeing your san-x box makes me want to do a shopping spree lol…

      • Oh I see! I’ve heard of Tenso, they’re basically a shopping service right? Usually when I buy from Japanese sites that don’t ship internationally, I just ask a friend to do it for me >_<

  1. Oh that’s so awesome!!!!! You’ve got me all excited~ I only ordered 5 too >.< its too expensive. Did you get you family's horoscope?

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      • Thank you so much for telling me. Then what I saw was a fake.

        How do I place order with your Japanese supplier? Did you paid 2220 yen for all the 5 Horoscope Rilas? Or I read it wrongly. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

        Thank you once again. Cheers!

        • No problem! So my supplier, in this case, was the San-X Net Shop itself – they’re the official San-X online store. I wrote a guide about how to order from them as an international customer here.

          I paid 2220 yen for the international EMS shipping for the 5 Rilas. On top of that, I paid retail for each of them (5 x 1575 yen), 500 yen for local shipping, and 490 yen for the Tenso international service fee. If that’s unclear, I elaborated on the cost more on the guide. Hope that helps!

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