Sagittarius Rilakkuma Plushie!

Last up from the Zodiac pack (for now): Sagittarius Rilakkuma!

Sagittarius (♐) is represented by the archer. In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is half-human, half horse – but Sagittarius Rilakkuma is just 100% bear hahaha.

Sagittarius Rilakkuma - full body shot

My brother’s sign!

Sagittarius - bow and arrow

LOVE that bear detail that arrow!

Sagittarius Rilakkuma - back

A quiver full of arrows, too!

Wah I know I say this all the time but WOW at the details! The little arrows with bears are sooo adorable, and I absolutely love how they gave him a quiver with two individual arrows in the back. Also, the bow string is made of elastic which makes it seem like Rilakkuma could really shoot arrows with it! Incredible!

Scorpio Rilakkuma Plushie!

Next from the Zodiac Series batch, here’s Scorpio Rilakkuma!

Scorpio (♏), as the name might imply, is represented by the scorpion.

I’m not really sure why Rilakkuma’s scorpion is bright pink, but he sure is cute (and non-threatening) – friendliest-looking scorpion ever!

Scorpio Rilakkuma - full body shot

My, what big claws you have!

Scorpio Rilakkuma - side

Cute scorpion tail in the back!

Scorpio Rilakkuma - head

His little scorpion eyes are so soft and fuzzy!

Scorpio mythology is so cool: as the myth goes, Orion boasted to Artemis that he would kill every creature on Earth. Artemis offered protection to the creatures, and she and her mother sent a scorpion to deal with Orion. The scorpion won, and Zeus raised the scorpion to heaven as the constellation. At Artemis’ request, Zeus also did the same for Orion, to serve as a reminder for mortals to curb their excessive pride.

Just desserts?

Cancer Rilakkuma Plushie!

In the middle of the big Zodiac Rilakkuma group is Cancer Rilakkuma!

Cancer is my sister’s sign, but I probably would’ve ordered this plushie regardless because he’s just too cute!

Cancer (♋) is represented by the crab, though hahaha looks like this Rilakkuma is more like a cooked crab – most crabs/lobsters only turn bright red after they’re cooked.

Cancer Rilakkuma - full body shot

Cooked crab Rilakkuma!

Cancer Rilakkuma - head detail

Bahaha it looks like the hole for the face is a big crab mouth with Rilakkuma inside.

Cancer Rilakkuma - feet

Each Rilakkuma plushie in this series has the astrological sign embroidered in gold.

In Greek mythology, Karkinos (a crab) is thought to have distracted Hercules as he battled the Hydra. Though there are variations on the myth, one version claims that the crab pinched Hercules and was crushed by Hercules’ foot, and Hera rewarded its sacrifice by immortalizing it as a constellation in the sky.

Now, Cancer has been immortalized as a Rilakkuma plushie – awesome!

Gemini Rilakkuma Plushie!

Next up from the Zodiac Series: Gemini Rilakkuma!

Gemini (♊) is represented by the twins Castor and Pollux. In Classical mythology, Castor (the mortal brother) is killed, and Pollux (the immortal brother) chooses to let Castor share some of his immortality, and for this, they alternate between Olympus and Hades.

For this series, Gemini is represented by Rilakkuma holding two twin Korilakkumas!

Gemini Rilakkuma - full body shot

Twin Korilakkumas! Rilakkuma’s arms are locked in, though.

Gemini Rilakkuma - close-up

The detailing is so beautiful – the Korilakkumas have their signature red button, and full outfits!

Gemini Rilakkuma - star back detail

The back of the “R” star charm (present on every member of this Zodiac series) has a tribute to Rilakkuma’s 10th anniversary!

So many beautiful details! I love how golden and sparkly this series is – these Rilakkumas are so regal and angelic!

This plushie is kinda special because his embroidered gold star is on his right shoulder in the back instead of on his paw like the others. Also, he’s kind of like 3 plushies in one!

Taurus Rilakkuma Plushie!

First up from the 10th Anniversary Zodiac Rilakkuma order is Taurus Rilakkuma!

Taurus (♉) is symbolized by the bull: in Greek mythology, Taurus is connected to Zeus, who disguised himself as a white bull to abduct the Phoenician princess Europa (how rude).

Today, Taurus Rilakkuma is dressed like a little Holstein bull with a bright red collar!

Taurus Rilakkuma - full body shot

Taurus is my sign!

Taurus RIlakkuma - back shot

He has star-shaped spots!

Taurus Rilakkuma - head close-up

I love his little cow ears!

San-X actually released Rilakkuma (and Korilakkuma) in a full cow suit back in 2008. Seems like Rilakkuma appears in a cow outfit every 5 years!

Arrival of 10th Anniversary Zodiac Series Rilakkuma Plushies!

Exciting news!

My 10th Anniversary Zodiac Series Rilakkumas came in today!

This was also my first time ordering from the San-X Net Shop. Even though Net Shop is almost entirely in Japanese, the whole process was surprisingly fast and easy – even for someone completely illiterate in Japanese like me.

Zodiac Rilakkuma arrival - box

My first San-X box, too!

Zodiac Rilakkuma arrival - open box

Who’s inside?

Zodiac Rilakkuma arrival - all

From left to right: Gemini, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, & Cancer

Although images of this series have been out for months (one of my earliest blog posts, actually!), they were officially released just last week (1/19)!

This zodiac/astrology series is 12 plushies strong, and commemorates Rilakkuma’s 10 year anniversary! I only ordered 5 because I’m not made of money, but maybe I’ll collect the full set one day. Wow, San-X is sure doing it big this year for Rilakkuma’s 10th birthday!

Stay tuned for individual posts (and close-up photos) on each of them later this week!

ETA: If you’re curious about how to buy from Tenso, I wrote a guide!

Wishlist – 10th Anniversary Zodiac Series! (ACQUIRED!)

To celebrate Rilakkuma’s 10th anniversary next year, San-X will release the Zodiac Series in January 2013. Each of the plushies represents one of 12 astrological signs of the (Western tropical) Zodiac.

To be honest, I’m kind of lost on the official name: Horoscope? Astrology? Constellation? I’ve seen this series referred to as so many different things in so many different languages (Google translate just made me more confused). I guess the naming seems ambiguous to me because San-X also releases the annual Chinese Zodiac plushies, too.

10th Anniversary Zodiac Series - full

10th Anniversary Zodiac Series

I might want to order the Taurus, the Cancer, and the Scorpio in the future. However, I’m looking forward the entire release because they each have such great details – like the Gemini holding two Korilakkumas and Sagittarius’s quiver. Libra is even weighing dango against a star! That must be some pretty heavy dango. Also, there’s a nice (and appropriate) star motif, and each one has has their astrological sign embroidered in gold. I’d take them all if I could!

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that this series is being released during the Chinese year of the snake? In sidereal astrology, Ophiuchus/Serpentarius (the Serpent Bearer) is often considered the 13th symbol! And look: next year’s annual lunar new year’s release is a serpent-bearing Rilakkuma!

Year of the Snake Series 2013 - full

Year of the Snake Series 2013

ETA (1/28/13): Acquired!