Rilakkuma website revamp!

Check out the newly redesigned Rilakkuma website!

It’s Rilakkuma Wonderland themed, and the home page features drum major Korilakkuma leading a marching band of Rilakkumas across your screen!

Rilakkuma Wonderland - march animation

So many little drummer bears!

Be sure to check out the new Rilakkuma Wonderland flash animation, and see if you can spot all the cameos from previous series – I personally love the bunny Korilakkuma peeking out from behind the tree near the beginning when the marching band is first revealed:

Rilakkuma Wonderland - flash frame 1

Can you spot her?

Rilakkuma Wonderland - flash frame 3

Also, y’all were right that drummer Rilakkuma was in mid-chew!

Rilakkuma Wonderland - flash frame 2

Stay to the end and hover over some of the Rilakkumas to hear them play their instruments and more! The Rilakkuma face at the top of the tent lights up with hover too haha

Personally, I think this is one of the most well done flash animations they’ve ever produced! I love that it’s a little interactive :)

I’ll be making .gifs from this to put on the Rilakkuma Gifs tumblr too!

That’s all for now! Just getting ready for Japan now – 2 weeks until departure!

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