Wishlist – Rilakkuma Wonderland Limited Edition Playset!

WOW check out the new Rilakkuma Wonderland plush set!

They’re supposed to be little floats in a parade celebrating Rilakkuma’s 10 year anniversary :)

Rilakkuma Wonderland - store exclusive

OMG so detailed!

Looks like Rilakkuma is singing into a dango microphone on a bear-shaped cake-themed stage with a full band, Korilakkuma’s in a pink castle (with goat and bunny Koris peeking out), and Kiiroitori’s in a birdcage (lol) with other little Kiiroitoris. Love how each float also has little wheels so it looks like they’re actual parade floats! And they have crowns like they’re royalty hahaha

This incredible set will be released as a store exclusive on July 13th!

(ETA 6/17: the San-X Net Shop says they’ll be stocking them too! Haha, too bad I missed that – definitely wouldn’t have pre-ordered from a seller if I knew!)

12,000 yen (~$124 USD) for the entire playset, I believe :O A little steeper than we’ve come to expect from exclusive playsets (the Aloha Rilakkuma Net Shop Exclusive was 10,500 yen), but worth the price for the level of detail, in my opinion!

Will you be getting these? I think I’m gonna go for them (but what’s new haha).

ETA: Here’s campaign page for the Rilakkuma special editions, including the ones riding horses!

I have to admit, when the Rilakkuma Wonderland series was first announced (or leaked I should say haha), I wasn’t the most excited about it for some reason – I didn’t even make a big post about it like I usually do. It was probably because I have bad memories associated with being in the marching band in middle school haha (old uniforms, absentee teachers, trying to avoid horse poop during a parade, ick).

But as more news about this kept rolling in, I got more and more excited – especially when San-X redesigned the Rilakkuma website and premiered a new flash animation – and with this new playset, I’m happy to say that I’ve jumped the fence and I’m a big fan of this series now and can’t wait for it to be released!


That’s right!

Rilakkuma Wonderland - store exclusive plushies

A drum (and one tiiiiny bugle) corp! Kori’s flag says “Smile & Thank you”

Looks like they each have tiny Rilakkumas on their shoulder?? Hahaha I wonder why.

They’re also to be released on July 13, and they’ll be a cool 1,600 yen each. They will be exclusive to Rilakkuma Stores, but from what I understand, the San-X Net Shop will be stocking Rilakkumas-only like they did before for the Aloha Rilakkuma store exclusive (I wonder why they do this…).

They’re super adorable though, but I’ll have check with my old friend Mr. Wallet to see if I can afford them when the time rolls around.

Wowww, the Rilakkuma plushie designers at San-X must be working overtime!

52 thoughts on “Wishlist – Rilakkuma Wonderland Limited Edition Playset!

  1. seriously all these new releases makes me dizzy, i just don’t know which one should i get XD
    this year is really special indeed! i’m so hyped about what they have come up next!

    • Ahhh I know! It’s really overwhelming, and it’s only halfway through the anniversary year! I wonder what they’re gonna come out with next – knowing my track record though, I’m probably gonna like it regardless haha.

    • Augh I know T^T I was so excited to see how detailed the playset was, but I knew with that level of complexity, it wasn’t gonna be cheap!

      I’m justifying my purchase by telling myself that big releases like this only happen once a season, and I didn’t go for the Aloha Rilakkuma playset during the spring. I have a feeling that San-X is gonna keep rolling out huge campaigns like this for the rest of the year because it’s the anniversary though – both exciting and scary (for my bank account) haha.

  2. I really like the design of the floats and the colours too! But at $124 + shipping that’s way out of my price range… T____T My favourite would definitely be Rilakkuma’s surprisingly.

    • Yeah I think Rilakkuma got the best color scheme and design out of the bunch, too. This’ll probably be my first playset purchase so the price is really scary for me… but I haven’t bought anything in a while (even in my non-Rilakkuma life haha) so I’m all due for a shopping spree I guess haha

      • Really? I actually liked Korilakkuma’s the most since I love pink. I also love dessert and cake related themes too so like Rilakkuma’s too. Hey, I love them all but lets see if I can find it for a good price. These will be really hard to find once they are sold out.

  3. July is going to be an expensive month. I can’t pick and choose, I feel the need to get them all. And now more play sets! I hope I can get most of them lol.

    • Yay playsets! This will actually be my first one; I’m so excited!!! :D :D :D I was gonna get the Christmas 2012 one on auction but then all those anniversaries happened and I lost track haha.

  4. I am seriously in love with the floats and cause they are so well designed and the level of detail is just too amazing!! I think if I had to choose only one set out of the wonderland series to get, it would have to be the floats. They are absolutely adorable!! But realistically, I need to get all of them hehehe. If I don’t get them now, they will be super expensive in a few months or so. The problems of a rilakkuma addict… Lol

    Wonderful post by the way ^_^ always love reading about rilakkuma news!

    • Thanks! and haha yes I am absolutely prioritizing to floats too! I’m always so impressed with what they come up with – the designs keep getting more and more detailed with each release; it’s really quite breathtaking to see the evolution of Rilakkuma designs during the past ten years.

      I hope they keep it up even after this special 10th anniversary year!

  5. July is painfully expensive :( But I’m super excited to see what everyone decides to get :) I’m trying to justify and persuade myself not to get the floats because I have no more space for them on my shelves XD But honestly… LOOK AT THEM!!!!! *O* So pretty! If I have to only choose one – I’m going for Kori!!!!! :)

      • OMG! GOOD ON YOU!!! So exciting!!!! I know! Too many cute Rilakkumas this year! But like you said, not every season has such special designs! And once you miss these, their prices will skyrocket. Better grab them while you can ;)

      • Where did you pre order it and for how much? I saw it for pre order on rilakkuma.shopping.ttyy.hk but it is over $200 US dollars not including shipping yet. Do we have to get the whole set? I only wanted 1 or 2 of them. Thanks!

        • $200 is really quite expensive for the set! It might be possible to find them in their separate floats on Japanese auction, so you might want to check the auction pages after it is released in July.

          Also, I replied to your comment below too, but I’m paying about ~$135 for all of them. I pre-order from a friend (not a Rilakkuma business).

          • Yea, that is really expensive!! I really like it but not sure where else to get it. I think that site knows that so they often rip off many fans. How do we get them on the Japanese auctions?? That is a decent price for the whole set!! I would get them for that price since the price at that site is way too much. Is it possible for you to help me get them???

            • To get them on the Japanese auctions:
              1. Wait until they’re released on July 13 – it’s much harder to find pre-orders on the Japanese auctions – usually sellers will start posting their stock once they have it, plus they will post photos so you can see the actual plush.
              2. Go to http://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/ and search for the plush! You might want to try リラックマワンダーランド山車ぬいぐるみ (“Rilakkuma Wonderland float stuffed toy) or some variation of that (like リラックマワンダーランドぬいぐるみ – which is just Rilakkuma Wonderland stuffed toy) and browse around. Find a few listings you like from there.
              3. Use an agent to help you bid since Yahoo Japan only accepts Japanese credit cards. I can’t help you with this since I’m American, but there are a bunch of companies around that will help you do this (like Buyee) – I would HIGHLY recommend Ariel at Kawaii Hunters: http://rilakkumadesu.wordpress.com/kw/ She’s a fellow Rilakkuma blogger and friend, is just starting up her Rilakkuma business – she has some of the most reasonable prices in my opinion!

              Good luck!

              • Thanks for the help and info! I would have to wait until they are released which I don’t mind at all. However, I thought that they would be easier to get and are cheaper if we pre-ordered them according to the site that I ordered from. They usually have a pre order price and then raises the price up a bit after they are released. I will try asking Ariel to see if she can help me get them. If I do get really desperate then I will have to get it from that site even though they charge high prices or look for them on ebay.

        • (Replying to this comment so my words don’t get squished up on the side, but this is a reply to your Japanese auction inquiry above)

          Yes, I do prefer pre-ordering because it is reliable, but sometimes I see plushies that sell really cheap on the auctions! It’s really quite risky, but it can pay off. I got my Fukuoka anniversary plushies off the Japanese auctions for just $5 USD above the retail price, but I had to track a few listings and be patient when some went over my budget. I think Ariel would be a good resource – she’s not looking to scam Rilakkuma fans since she is one herself!

          • Pre ordering is reliable if we buy from any online shops. I went through some of the auctions too and there are so many rare plushies, but the ones that I want are still really expensive. I bought the Fukuoka anniversary plushies from that site I told you about since that was the only place that I knew. I got them for about $37 US dollars each. It is not the best price but still decent compared to the floats. Thanks for recommending me to Ariel but I am afraid she may get too many requests and may not be able to fulfill them all. It is good that Ariel does not want to rip fans off and just wants to spread the love of San X and Rilakkuma around.

  6. I m not gonna miss the 10th anniversary set for sureeeee! Super cuteeeeee
    I love to read about Rilakkuma’s news, keep it up! :D

    • I wonder how the Christmas set for this year will be?? Those are usually my most favorite ones but sadly I missed many of them of them due to being a new fan so I don’t want to miss the Christmas one for this year since this is the 10th anniversary.

      • Yay new Rilakkuma fan!!! How awesome! :D :D :D I love the Christmas releases too! I’m so excited for this year’s!

        If you’re wondering about projected timeline and pricing:

        The Christmas 2012 playset (the Net Shop exclusive: http://shop.san-x.co.jp/limit/limit.jsp?no=277) was 10,500 yen (~$111 USD) for the whole set and the preorder was from August 24 – September 23 – so early and so short!! They were delivered in late November/December.

        The individual plushies are officially announced sometime in October (though sometimes unofficially leaked earlier), but are released in mid-November and sold through December. They didn’t have to be bought as as set; you could pick and choose which one you liked bc they were sold separately. Here’s the 2012 ones: http://blog.san-x.co.jp/rilakkuma-store/2012/10/post_156.html They were 1500 yen (~$16 USD) each for the plushies, though you could get the mini versions as keychains for 750 yen (~$8 USD).

        Looks like we might get a peek at the Christmas special as early as August if they use the same schedule as last year!

        • Hi,
          Thanks and I know about those too. I only got the white bear one since the Rilakkuma one was sold out. I got them at rilakkuma.shopping.ttyy.hk for like $45 which was really expensive and did not get the keychain version because they were really expensive. I also don’t like the material used for the keychain version.I do not know where else to get it. I see some on ebay but the prices on ebay are even worse. Many just try to rip us off. I did not quite like the 2012 playset and it was really expensive so I did not get it. I loved the 2011 set but was a fan too late and it was sold out. The older sets from 2006,2007.etc.. were all so nice but of course are hard to find now. I hope the Christmas ones for this year are nice since it is their 10th anniversary.

          • Yeah, eBay can be really unreliable!! My first purchases were from there when I was a new Rilakkuma fan, and it took me soooo long to find a legitimate seller (though thank goodness I finally did)! I think 90% of the Rilakkuma listings on there are shameless fake… It’s so sad because they are clearly more interested in getting a profit than Rilakkuma – that’s why I only purchase from sellers who are also Rilakkuma collectors/fans now. It takes longer to find them, but it’s worth it because they generally have better prices and are more knowledgeable about the different series.

            The older sets are really hard to find but every once in a while, you might be able to find them on the Japanese auctions! I spend a lot of time on there just browsing haha

            • Since I can’t read Japanese, those Japanese auctions really confuse me. I actually got lucky that I never bought a fake one. On ebay, those fake ones sell for just as much if not more than the real ones, so why buy those fake ones?? I found some good sellers, but one of them charges soooo much that it is not funny. She sells the 2011 Christmas set for over $300US dollars!! That is crazy!! I bought from this other collector and she ripped me off so I will never buy from her again. Also, collectors would often want to keep the better ones for themselves so I actually prefer to get them from non collectors/fans in some cases. At least they are more willing to sell but then again any of them whether collectors or not can rip buyers off. That has happened to me a lot on Ebay.

              • Aww, that’s such a shame that happened to you! I guess some people out there are just very untrustworthy :[

                The Japanese auctions are really confusing, but there really are some treasures in there. Sometimes I just browse using the “Rilakkuma plushies” search for fun. Like right now, for example, I see a bunch of the Watermelon Tokyo Skytree Anniversary plushies – some for very cheap and close to retail price! I guess the demand isn’t so high a month after release, but I think it depends on the series. Even though going the auction route is a lot of work, there are a lot of nice finds in there (because this, I actually don’t use eBay anymore).

              • Yea, I was looking through the auctions and saw some the old Christmas ones that I have always wanted. However, after doing the conversion from the Yen to the American dollar, WOW, it was still very expensive. Plus, there is just way too much to look at. I may still try it after the floats come out and then ask Ariel to see if she can help. If not, then I will use that site as a last resort if I want them enough.

              • I also wanted to add that yea, Ebay has become a place where many sellers just want to rip you off and are not trustworthy. They just want to cheat you as much as they can… I feel so sad that many are so dishonest and just think of money.

  7. Where can we get these for $124? I saw them on a site but it was over $200US dollars not including shipping yet. I feel that is too expensive…

    • It’s 12,000 yen (~$124) only if you buy them directly from a San-X Rilakkuma Store. Rilakkuma plush sellers will usually charge a service fee, depends on who you use! I’m paying about $135 for the whole set (before shipping).

      • How do we get them directly from the San X Rilakkuma store?? Even if they did charge a service fee, it is still a lot cheaper than at rilakkuma.shopping.ttyy.hk. Many just try to rip fans and buyers off whenever they can. I have been ripped off so many times already. It is sad that this is such an expensive hobby when it can be more enjoyable. People just try to make a quick buck whenever they can.

        • The only way to get them direct from a San-X Rilakkuma store for exclusives like this is if you know someone who will physically be able to go into a store on release day and buy them on your behalf. Since the parade float set is a limited edition release, that makes it even harder to get because the store will often limit the amount of plushies a person can buy to 1 plushie each (so sellers can’t buy like 10 at a time) and a store will run out sometimes – that’s why Rilakkuma sellers like to upcharge so much.

          Generally the Japan auctions will be better about pricing, especially if you give it some time after release day for the hype to die down (since its an auction, the price is driven directly by consumer demand, not a set price). If you don’t mind getting them a little later than the release date, you could save quite a bit just by being patient! :)

          You’re right, it is sad that it’s an expensive hobby, but it’s all worth it, I think! Though there are a lot of expensive places that will rip you off, there is a good community online that is dedicated to supporting each other fairly and spreading around the Rilakkuma love.

          • I know that many of the plushies, especially the limited Edition ones are only for sale in Japan. Sadly, I don’t really know anyone in Japan to ask them. Of course since they are limited Edition sellers often try to milk as much money off of them as they ccan.

            Like I have mentioned above, I thought it would be easier and cheaper to get them before the release date which is how that expensive site that I told you about works. They have a pre order price which is a bit cheaper, but they raise the price a little after it is released. They make it seem like they are the only place where we can get limited edition stuff so they rip us off. There are many other online sites that do not sell limited edition plushies and other things so I only know of that one. They are nice and reliable but charge really high prices. I have bought from them many times so know that they are honest but just expensive.

            I am not really a collector and usually just get a few that I really really like since I don’t have a lot of space to store them either. It is definitely worth it because they just make me so happy when I am down. Yea, I am glad that there are blogs like yours and others that are more concerned about spreading the love of San X and Rilakkuma instead of just making a quick buck and ripping fans and collectors off.

            • Yes, I think it is only cheaper after release IF you buy from the auctions. Pre-ordering is definitely the way to go if you’re buying from a seller or a site and want that dependability (auctions can be very stressful and a lot of work/research!), but if you wanna take the chance with auctions, it can really pay off!

              • I know what you mean and if it is cheaper after the release, then I am willing to wait for that. Yea, auctions can be stressful just like on ebay versus just a buy it now option which is usually really high. Basically we can save a lot if we go for the stress of the auctions as I have seen on Ebay as well.

      • WOW, thanks a lot rilakkumalifestyle! So you are not sure if they will be stocking the floats or not?? I will check when they come out and them follow your directions to order. Hope the price is not as high as the other site. Thanks a million!!!

        • The Net Shop has their own facebook page separate from the main Rilakkuma one, and they wrote (translated): “July 13 (Sat), Plush Specials sell it in the net shop!”

          So I am assuming they WILL sell these floats (as a set) on July 13, unless Google grossly mistranslated it.

          The only hassle with the Net Shop is that it’s in Japanese, but I found it not terrible to navigate, and I don’t know any Japanese at all!

          • Thanks again for your info and have fun in Japan! Remember to share your experiences with us. You are so lucky to get to go. I hope that I can go one day. Thanks for everything and take care!

  8. Faith-san, where are you going to pre-order the float set? Will you ask Ariel-san?
    I got my buyer selling it for $155 before shipping after quite bargain hahaha
    If you don’t mind sharing though =p

    • Wow, $155 is a great price!! I pre-ordered with a friend so only $135 USD but I will be using Kawaii Hunters for sure next time if I can! I don’t wanna keep asking my friend for big favors like this haha

      • I think I will ask Ariel at Kawaii Hunters to see if I can get a decent price. But she may be getting too many requests that I wonder if she can help us all. She mentioned that she can only buy one at a time due to the floats being limited edition and sometimes the stores will run out. $155 is a good price but how much is shipping??

        • Shipping is usually not up to the seller’s control because it’s determined by weight. I know some sellers prefer to use tracking and/or insurance, which can cost extra, but it’s really to protect themselves if something happens in the mail that is out of their control.

          Here are a few of the international shipping options: http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/service/dispatch/index_en.html
          There’s a little form if you click on “Check rates and delivery days” at the bottom that allows you to estimate and compare different types of shipment based on weight/destination.

          I use EMS now even though it is pricey because I am really impatient haha. The cheapest I’ve used was SAL (only a couple dollars for shipping – ahhh so cheap!), but it took over a month to get to me (I live in Florida), yikes! and with that amount of time, I started feeling bad that my plushies are spending so much time in mail limbo haha. But SAL is super cheap, so that was a plus.

  9. I finally just ordered the set even though it was a bit expensive but I know it will be worth it!! Some sites have raised the price so much that it is even more ridiculous. WOW, this set is really rare and valuable so I am glad to be able to get one FINALLY!!!

      • Yea, I was lucky and Miraplush even said that she was not sure if she can get one or not. During the time that she was getting them for me, the price went up to over $2000HK dollars which is about $264US dollars. However, she charged me $230 plus $24 for shipping so I would not say that I got a deal but she did not try to rip me off either.She said that there was not a high chance to get them but I was lucky to get one. Boy, I really burned a big hole in my wallet so I hope this set is worth it. I am still waiting for them to arrive.

        I think you are luckier since you got them for way cheaper than me.

  10. What the heck happened to my other message??? Strange… Anyways, I would not call myself lucky since she charged me $230 plus $24 dollars shipping so it was expensive… But Miraplush said the price in HK has gone up to $260-$270 so at least she did not try to rip me off. But I would not say that I got a deal either but am still lucky to get them.

    I think you are luckier than me since you got it for way cheaper. I hope this set is worth it since it is so expensive. I saw this other seller on ebay trying to rip others off by selling each piece for $200 plus $20 shipping. Geez, people are all trying to make a quick buck with this set since it is so rare.

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