Rilakkuma Wonderland Drummer Rilakkuma Plushie!

Spring really came in full force this year – temperatures are already breaching over 90° F over here!

In the meantime, cool down by checking out this super suave drummer (timpanist) Rilakkuma!

Rilakkuma Wonderland - drummer full

Welcome to the band!

Rilakkuma Wonderland - drummer face detail

Smart dango drumsticks!

Rilakkuma Wonderland - drummer hat detail

What a fancy shako, Rilakkuma!

Rilakkuma Wonderland - drummer tail detail

And one of my favorite details: his pink tail!

Rilakkuma Wonderland - drummer tag art

And a beautiful illustration on the tag!

This talented Rilakkuma is just one member of an entire marching band of Rilakkumas from the Rilakkuma Wonderland Series from July 2013. I remember being super baffled by this plushie in particular because I didn’t know what was really going on with his snout? But I’ve really grown to love this design, and his expression while chewing is so adorable!

A few bits and pieces of Rilakkuma news from April:

The famous JR Yamanote Line x Rilakkuma collaboration expanded to include Kiiroitori!

Yamanote Line x Rilakkuma - coin purse

Swell backpack, Yamanote Fan Rilakkuma!

Yamanote Line - Kiiroitori

A Yamanote stationmaster Kiiroitori!

Super cool, and I’ve really loved this line since its debut last summer – but will Korilakkuma get her own outfit one day, too?

And, Rilakkuma gets suited up for soccer (or is it football?) with the Japan National Team!

JFA Soccer x Rilakkuma - ad

Such an athlete, Rilakkuma!

Adorable! I’m not much of a sports fan, but I can appreciate when Rilakkuma takes a break from being lazy (hahaha) and gets his exercise in hehehe.

Hungry for more Rilakkuma? New Rilakkuma collector Ellie has started her own Rilakkuma collection blog – she only started collecting about a month ago, and she already has a great and diverse collection. Be sure to check out her blog!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle - on Instagram

Whatchu thinkin ’bout, Rilakkuma?

Also, Rilakkuma Lifestyle now as an Instagram! Just for simple, silly photos that I snap of my collection when I get a free moment.

I regrettably haven’t updated the Rilakkuma Lifestyle tumblr recently (which was the site that started it all for me! Even before this blog existed) but I’ll make more time for Rilakkuma photoshoots once my first year of medical school finishes up in 2 weeks. I just have to power my way through hematology/oncology – I can’t believe I’m so close to being done with my first year!

Rilakkuma Literature!

It’s Labor Day weekend over here, a nationwide holiday during the first Monday in September dedicated to the American worker! Of course, that means we get the Monday to relax from all the hard work, so that means I have more time to blog – and sleep!

Anyway, I know my blog gets super plushie-centric, so it’s time to spice things up with some Rilakkuma literature!

Especially since it’s currently storming, so snuggling up to a good book seems like a pretty good idea right now!

Rilakkuma Fan Magazine - full

It’s the 10th Anniversary Rilakkuma Fan Magazine!

Rilakkuma Fan Magazine - illustrations

Inside, there are beautiful full-page illustrations of the Rilakkuma Wonderland Series.

Rilakkuma Fan Magazine - timeline detail

There’s also a really great broad overview of Rilakkuma plushies over the years!

Rilakkuma Fan Magazine - bag

The magazine also came with this neat looking bag. Hamburger Rilakkuma plushie not included haha

Rilakkuma Fan Magazine - interior

The bag is also reversible, and features a white marching band print on the other side!

Rilakkuma Fan Magazine - bag back

And the back features two marching band Rilakkumas holding paws!

San-X released this in late July 2013 – they called it the Rilakkuma Fan 10th Anniversary “Mook” (magazine + book) hahaha I suppose that sounds a little better than a “boogazine” (or does it?). In addition to the bag, the mook also came with a sheet of stickers featuring past Rilakkuma series!

Even though I only took photos of 2 pages, there really is a ton of content inside – from plushie history, to collaborations, and even current Rilakkuma news!

The only real bother is that the mook was attached to the box with the bag inside, and it was tough to remove. I’m not really sure if I was “supposed” to remove the mook, but I wanted to read it without having an empty box attached to it.

Speaking of magazines, check out Rilakkumagazine Vol. 2!

Rilakkumagazine Vol.2 - full

It’s Wonderland themed!

Rilakkumagazine Vol. 2 - opened

The magazine folds out and features a lot of different things like a quick run-through or Rilakkuma history as well as a feature on the Wonderland products. I personally liked the illustrations the best!

Though they’re really more like pamphlets, these Rilakkumagazines are super fun and cute to collect! And they definitely give my Rilakkuma plushie shelf a little bit of diversity.

San-X began this Rilakkumagazine business starting with the Aloha Rilakkuma series – Rilakkumagazine Vol. 1 earlier this year (February 9). They’ve only come out with 2 so far, so I’m at 100%! I wonder if they’ll release a new Rilakkumagazine with every major series? Let’s see how long I can keep this going haha.

I love collecting these books/magazines, but it’s also a little silly of me because I can’t actually read Japanese… but I really like looking at the photos and illustrations! The pages are pretty easy to follow since they’re photo-heavy, mostly series I’ve seen before, and there is a little English sprinkled in. Maybe one day I’ll be able to read the words haha

Not literature, but still Rilakkuma-related – check out these little extras that came with my order!

Rilakkuma Literature - extras

Rilakkuma+Korilakkuma pen toppers and a Rilakkuma keychain!

Eeee so adorable! With all of my 22cm plushies on my shelf, it’s so nice to get some variation to mix things up a bit :)

As before, thanks so much to Ariel (Rilakkuma Desu) for helping me out with getting all of these as a part of my super-big order last month! Definitely read her blog; she just posted a huge 3 part series on all the great new Rilakkuma x Lawson campaigns/releases!

Hope everyone has a relaxing Labor Day weekend! Simon and I will be going out for steaks to celebrate!

Rilakkuma News & Korilakkuma plushies!

Whew, my first week of official medical school is over! I love the teaching style so far, and the material is heavy, but manageable for now (or did I speak too soon?). Now that the weekend’s here, I’ve got time to do Rilakkuma things :)

Anyway, the theme of this post is Korilakkuma!

These are actually my sister’s plushies! But they deserve some time in the spotlight too, of course!

Korilakkuma (M) - full

This is a medium sized Korilakkuma! She’s about 34cm – about 1.5x times that smaller collectible bears I usually have!

Korilakkuma (M) - back

No zipper! I’m not used to seeing bears without zippers anymore hahaha

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - Korilakkuma XL

Also, an XL Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary Korilakkuma! I only have the small version haha

Watermelon Korilakkuma and Korilakkuma (M)

These two Korilakkuma’s are about the same size – which means they TOWER over all of my tiny 22cm Rilakkumas haha

Yay! I’m so glad the other members of my family have some love for the other characters in the Rilakkuma crew to balance out my Rilakkuma fanaticism!

We got the (naked) Korilakkuma at Tokyo Station and the watermelon Korilakkuma at Skytree! The watermelon set was released during Skytree’s 1st Anniversary, but they still had a bunch of the XL plushies for sale when my family went in June!

In other news, Rilakkuma and friends were spotted at this year’s 7’s Day!

7's Day - side

Korilakkuma and (another) Rilakkuma are sitting inside, while Kiiroitori stares at a face-planted Rilakkuma?

MX7 - front

The color of the car is the same shade of yellow as Rilakkuma’s ears/paws/soles! Or is it more of a Kiiroitori yellow?

According to Dino Dale Carbonare at SpeedHunters, 7’s Day is the unofficial celebration of the Mazda RX-7 every year on July 7 (7/7) in the Daikoku Parking Area. And while it’s known it’s vast outpouring of MX-7’s, 7’s Day not only celebrates 7s, but anything rotary engine related!

RX-7 owners are a really tight knit community, and they organize this gathering every year just by word of mouth – incredible! It’s so cool to see RX-7 and Rilakkuma enthusiasts intersect :)

Um… not exactly sure why Rilakkuma is face-down on top of this FD, but hey – super cute Rilakkuma spotting, in my opinion!

Also, do y’all think this is the Christmas Net Shop Exclusive for this year?

Christmas 2013 Net Shop Exclusive - teaser

What a great present to receive! They all have little red stoles with white trim!

Looks like it’s Rilakkuma Wonderland themed! They look like mini-plushies, and it seems that their noses are flat too haha

Pretty cute, and looks like they’re playing different instruments from the ones in the summer release? I spy a violin/bass violin-playing Rilakkuma, I think!

Rilakkuma website revamp!

Check out the newly redesigned Rilakkuma website!

It’s Rilakkuma Wonderland themed, and the home page features drum major Korilakkuma leading a marching band of Rilakkumas across your screen!

Rilakkuma Wonderland - march animation

So many little drummer bears!

Be sure to check out the new Rilakkuma Wonderland flash animation, and see if you can spot all the cameos from previous series – I personally love the bunny Korilakkuma peeking out from behind the tree near the beginning when the marching band is first revealed:

Rilakkuma Wonderland - flash frame 1

Can you spot her?

Rilakkuma Wonderland - flash frame 3

Also, y’all were right that drummer Rilakkuma was in mid-chew!

Rilakkuma Wonderland - flash frame 2

Stay to the end and hover over some of the Rilakkumas to hear them play their instruments and more! The Rilakkuma face at the top of the tent lights up with hover too haha

Personally, I think this is one of the most well done flash animations they’ve ever produced! I love that it’s a little interactive :)

I’ll be making .gifs from this to put on the Rilakkuma Gifs tumblr too!

That’s all for now! Just getting ready for Japan now – 2 weeks until departure!

Hey, what’s up with Rilakkuma’s nose?

Though this series was leaked a while back, the official page for the Rilakkuma Wonderland series is up!

This series will be released in July, and features Rilakkuma and pals in a marching band!

It might be too hard on my wallet to collect the entire series, so I had my eyes on drummer Rilakkuma with the dango drumsticks, but something’s a little off…

Rilakkuma Wonderland - full set

Do you see it?

Rilakkuma Wonderland - drummer

Part of his nose is missing!!

Aww, what happened? Photoshop error, one-time sewing mishap, or is his nose really going to be missing a chunk?

(ETA: Simon and my sister think he might be chewing?)

Regardless, I can’t decide if I’m gonna order this one yet – love how the Rilakkumas have different facial expressions though!