Rilakkuma as Kiiroitori Store Exclusive Plushie!

Well since last time I made the big reveal about my first Kiiroitori, I thought it’d only be appropriate to follow up with Kiiroitori-related post! … sorta.

Meet Rilakkuma… wearing a Kiiroitori T-shirt!

Rilakkuma as Kiiroitori - full

Why are Rilakkuma Store products’ tags always on the right leg instead of the left?

Rilakkuma as Kiiroitori - balloon

A four leaf clover balloon! The symbol of the Rilakkuma store! Anyone know the origin of this? I’d like to know! (ETA: I think it’s from the San-X logo with the clover X, d’oh!)

Rilakkuma as Kiiroitori - back

He’s even got Kiiroitori’s tail!

We picked him up at the Tokyo Skytree Rilakkuma Store!

Released in August 2012, he’s part of a special Rilakkuma Store exclusive release featuring the Rilakkuma crew wearing T-shirts of each other!

In addition to Rilakkuma dressed as Kiiroitori, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori are wearing Rilakkuma T-shirts… hmm, no Korilakkuma love? T^T

Teehee, they kinda remind me of the I Love Rilakkuma Series from 2011!

In other news, my dad picked up a few things from the Rilakkuma Store, too – notably this awesome Rilakkuma water bottle!

Water bottle - full

It’s Forest themed! Featuring Yukata Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma :)

Probably the coolest water bottle designs I’ve ever seen! The water tasted like regular bottled water though hahaha

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about Rilakkuma licensing recently – you know, the products that aren’t made by San-X, but the companies have the official permission to use the design, like our beloved Fansclub UFO Catcher plushies?

Though this blog generally focuses on the products released directly by San-X, I thought I would make a post on licensing in the Rilakkuma in the near future. There are so just many licensed Rilakkuma products out there, it’s hard to keep track! Especially since the quality and style is so inconsistent outside of San-X, with the exception of the holo license stickers.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I try to research and gather my thoughts over the next few days haha

13 thoughts on “Rilakkuma as Kiiroitori Store Exclusive Plushie!

  1. Love him!! I always want to get this but once I’m there I end up getting something else! I have that bottle too I was thinking of filling it with colored sand or something what will you do with yours?

    Oo that sounds cool! Hmm I’m trying to think of other companies… Like with collaborations or not?

    • Haha I think my dad’s keeping the water bottle for himself – it’s on display in front of our family aquarium right now and it fits in rather well haha.

      And yeah, I’m thinking of the companies that kind of operate on their own schedule, that aren’t really announced on the official San-X website even though they have a license – like I think the Fansclubs are pretty well-known, but I found out there’s another company (Dream International) that is licensed to make Rilakkuma plushies too which made me want to start investigating… And hmmm they look nothing like the plushies that we’re used to seeing. I’ll try to share my findings soon hahaha there’s just a lot to dig through.

  2. Yay, I love this series! Its simple but very cute ^^ I agree with you, theres so much happening out there Rilakkuma related it gets difficult to keep track of, and the quality really depends on who’s making it.. I had the same predicament when thinking of which content to feature in my blog, but I decided that since the common interest of most rilakkuma fans is “kawaii”, I just list anything rila related that I think is kawaii ^.- I hope you can sort out your ideas without any trouble, your blogs are a pleasure to read!

    • Haha I agree, I think just about anything with a Rilakkuma is fine by me! I’ve just been thinking about it recently since some people have been asking me about whether certain products are authentic or not.

  3. Thank you for the lovely post!!
    I think that there are quite a few countries that has license to produce Rilakkuma stuff. I know Hong Kong and Thailand are such countries that can do so. Maybe even Korea too. But just looking at the plushies, I still feel that the ones from Japan has the nicest faces and the UFO ones too by Fanclub. Brilliant looks.. 😊

    • Yeah, I have licensed items from a Korean brand (Bestin) and an HK brand – Rilakkuma is everywhere! I agree with you on the ones released in Japan because the quality is just impeccable! There are some overseas companies that just got Rilakkuma licenses for plushies, and I think I’m still iffy on those; they don’t look quiiiiite like the Japanese ones…

  4. Your dad like Rilakkuma too now? Hehehe great! My mom like Korilakkuma while my brother like Kiiroitori, my father haven’t like the Rilakkuma gang yet :( In fact he always spelled Rilakkuma wrong, he spell Rilakkuma as Rikalakkuma lol

    This series is one of my favorite! I remember when I requested a seller to get him for me but she said it’s no longer in stock :( So I kinda surprised that he’s actually still available at certain stores >.<

    • Haha I think most of my family are Rilakkuma fans… Though I actually think they’re more open minded than me because I generally only buy Rilakkumas while they like the whole crew (especially Korilakkuma).

      I think it’s so random what stores decide to carry! As I mentioned in a previous post, I saw some Halloween 2012 Kiiroitoris at Skytree… So strange and out of place haha

  5. I think Korilakkuma gets enough love, she certainly gets more love than Kiiroitori (in terms of number of designs for plush and stuff)!

    Omg, the water bottle is awesome! I would probably keep it forever.

    • Yeah Kiiroitori seems to consistently get the shaft in terms of designs – especially with the Rilakkuma Store anniversary ones. It’s funny sometimes though, I see Kiiroitori products in the #1 bestseller spot all the time at the San-X Net Shop, so Kiiroitori certainly has fans!

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