The Rilakkuma Reference Sheet!

Hey, so if you ever wondered how I think about Rilakkuma things, here’s a little peek –

I’m opening up my Rilakkuma Reference Sheet for everyone to see!

These are basically the notes I use to keep track of Rilakkuma plushie releases.

Because San-X sometimes separates out their news over a few different sites (especially with their recent site overhauls), I decided to compile all the links to remember all the old series!

From what Ariel posted, looks like the current Rilakkuma Fan magazine has a pretty good timeline, too! Except I can’t read Japanese haha, so this reference sheet is all in English of course hahaha

The only major thing that really bothers me is that I had to remove a lot of the old Net Shop links because most of them got broken in the recent revamp, booo… I tried to link them to other similar “official” pages like Net Shop Blog posts, but I think I might be missing a few (e.g. the 2011 Net Shop Exclusive links to the Modes4U post right now haha). It’s a shame because Net Shop Exclusives are some of my favorites.

Obviously, I come from a huge Rilakkuma plushie angle, so many of the non-plushie releases I probably skipped over.

Major things missing:

  • Jewelry
  • Rilakkuma Natural
  • Books/manga
  • Most furniture, kitchenware, and bags (though some snuck through)
  • Ito Yokado products (plates, mainly)
  • Fansclubs – the Fansclub website already does a wonderful job timeline-ing their releases, so I usually just use theirs.

Maybe I’ll add them in the future? It’s already hectic enough keeping up with plushies alone right now hahaha

Anyway, I hope this can be a good resource for some people who want to look at the history of Rilakkuma. For example, seeing how many plushies came out for Rilakkuma’s 5th anniversary makes me understand why there’s so much happening this year for the 10th!

Right now, I mainly use it to predict what time in the year to expect big releases and such, so my bank account can prepare itself appropriately, of course haha.

14 thoughts on “The Rilakkuma Reference Sheet!

  1. Other than this site which is a great service to the Rilakkuma Nation, can you suggest other sources of Rilakkuma entertainment for cash poor fans?

  2. Wow – you truly are a dedicated Rilakkuma fan! How long did that take you? I’m very impressed! And thank you for all the hard work you out in to make that reference sheet!

  3. Great job!! This is very well done, I always like seeing the order~

    I wonder does Ito yokado have more plates to be categorized or just the one recently I didn’t know they did this before how cool. I think I’ll read this all day ;)

  4. This spreadsheet is so useful! Thank you so much for putting it together, such a dedicated rilakkuma fan!! ^_^ I am so impressed! Thank you for sharing, I understand the frustration of the broken links :( I bookmarked a lot of those but now they don’t work anymore. Well it’s so much easier to find the source pages now yay!

    • Aw, thanks :) Yeah, I got really fed up with a broken links so I just hunkered down and recorded everything so I wouldn’t have to sift through each site every time I wanted to find something. I wish the Net Shop didn’t get rid of their campaign links, I always thought they were really well done :/

  5. Good job for your hard work, but you will still have much more work to do if you would like to consolidate the other licensees :)

    For Fansclub they only listed a certain number of years on their site, so the older ones can’t be referred to anymore, sadly.

    The overseas licensees that i know of will be Sunhing Toys, Alpan, Bestin, C & H Creative, etc…

    For jewellery, i believe it’s mostly listed on yahoo store, and there’s also some Fansclub ones, such as the strawberry 2010 version.

    For books and magazines, you can refer to shufu’s website.

    • Thanks for the info! I don’t know if I’ll be updating the sheet with the other things because I really only buy San-X plushies haha (my plushie-only tunnel vision), but if I get some free time in the future, I’ll definitely try to update with those things! :)

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