Harajuku 1st Anniversary Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Plushies!

Okay haha I know the Harajuku anniversary was way back in June, but I asked my seller to mail me all my Rilakkuma orders in one big box, so I just got them recently!

So happy 1st anniversary, Harajuku Rilakkuma Store! (And happy anniversary to the whole Harajuku Kiddy Land, too!)

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - full

What a delicious looking set of crepes!

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - face close-up

Rilakkuma is banana/chocolate/strawberry/cherry flavored, and Korilakkuma is strawberry/cherry! I wonder what Kiiroitori would be if he were included?

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - ear detail

Teehee, they’re even adorned with food by their ears!

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - back

One of my favorite details is actually the back, where you can see little bits of the banana slices and strawberries peeking out…

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - banana and strawberry detail

… And WOW, they actually put little seeds on the banana slices even though you can’t even see them unless you pull them out of the crepe pocket! Same with the strawberries – no shortcuts here!

And hey, we see Rilakkuma with bananas again! I guess Tokyo is really known for their bananas hahaha.

With all of the food-themed anniversary Rilakkumas, I tend to gravitate towards the foods I like to eat – so I was especially happy to see a crepe theme this year! Crepes are definitely one of my favorite foods :D

Anyway, I thought the pattern on Rilakkuma’s crepe envelope looked familiar… it’s just like my oven mitt from the Egg Series from 2012!

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - with mitt

I guess the checker pattern is quite a bit larger than the one on the crepe.

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - with Fukuoka Rilakkuma in mitt

Hey, now everyone can be a crepe Rilakkuma, too!

I do think the white/banana yellow combination is a pleasant color scheme!

I also got some event pins, too!

So beautiful, but I don’t really have a place to put them – they’re kind of just leaning against the other plushies in my collection now haha

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - pins

Watermelons! Just like this year’s Tokyo Skytree Anniversary plush!

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - Kiddy Land file

ETA: forgot to add that I also got a file folder for Harajuku Kiddy Land’s 1st anniversary, too! I keep my (folded) KFC x Rilakkuma boxes in there right now haha

Great! I hope the Rilakkuma Stores continue with the food trend :D

20 thoughts on “Harajuku 1st Anniversary Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Plushies!

  1. if you don’t mind me asking, who was your seller on this? reason why I ask is it’s so great when sellers include some of the things they got as a special item when they bought the exclusives (like the pins) but not all sellers do so it would be awesome to know for future reference!

    • I use harukata on eBay – I think a few of the other Rilakkuma bloggers have used this seller in the past as well. Not only does the seller include pins, but also the store bags, too! Really makes it feel like an authentic shopping experience. Shipping is kind of pricey because it’s EMS (with tracking) which is super fast, but I’m impatient haha – so I like this seller a lot!

      Actually, I just remembered that the seller included a Harajuku Kiddyland anniversary file folder for me too so thanks for indirectly reminding me to add it to the post haha

      • Oh, I know that seller but I did not use him since he charges really high shipping fees. By the way, can you take the bears out of the crepe??? I was going to get this set but was not sure if you can take the bears out or not.

          • Oh ok, thanks for the info. I thought they were not full bears. I do not like to cut the threads too. I can say that I often leave mine in a bag and not take them out since I am afraid that they will get all dusty and dirty.

  2. Hello Faith!! Great post and pics!! You are very right about the details!! The bananas and strawberries were stuffed behind the bears and I had to pull the fruits out and when I did I thought,’How cute!!’ Hahaha!! Every Rilakkuma in your collection wants to be a crepe now. Any more mittens? Hahaha!!

    • Yes, I was making super sure that they were banana slices instead of something else, and I was pleasantly surprised that they really looked like banana slices with the seeds!

      Teehee, I love these crepe kumas a lot, they look so snug in their crepes!! The other bears want to be just like them, of course.

  3. Ah yes this series is one of my favorites! I love all the details, makes me want food though!

    Ha ha your kuma cosplay is awesome I love it! It is a really relaxing pattern huh!

    • Yep, this is definitely one of my favorites too! I look forward to the anniversary series so much because they always have my favorite foods haha – I wonder how long they’ll continue this food theme?

  4. This crepe plushies set is definitely in my top 10 favorite sets. They look so adorable in their little crepes AND with that fruit on thier heads!! Love it, WANT it!! hmmm… now I want a crepe…

  5. so cute! thanks for all the wonderful pictures! LOL at the oven mitt crepe, so adorable. The pins look beautiful hehe, I don;t have anywhere to put my pins either, I need to find a place to display them ^_^

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