Comics Series Rilakkuma Plushie!

Whew, my first few days of medical school have really flown by! We just completed basic life support (BLS) training/certification this afternoon – hooray!

Also one my of my new classmates likes Rilakkuma too – I’m so lucky to meet someone who has even heard about Rilakkuma all the way over here in Florida hahaha

In addition to all the new school things, I’m getting used to my new home here in Orlando – wow, even though it’s only a few hours from where I grew up, it feels a lot muggier! Orlando isn’t so close to a beach like my hometown, so the air is really quite different here.

Though it never really gets cold here in Florida, it never hurts to be prepared and have a jacket handy like this Comics Series Rilakkuma!

Comics Series - full

I want a matching hoodie!

Comics Series - front

The jacket is removable! Also, I don’t think Rilakkuma’s paws can reach into the pockets lol

Comics Series - back

The hood doesn’t really fit over his head hahaha but you can pull it up to get a better view of the print! On this one, you can see the Strawberry Series (2009) and the Happy Picnic Series (2012)!

This Rilakkuma was a part of the Comics Series, a Rilakkuma Store exclusive series released back in June 29 – this series features a neutral-tone comic print of many of the older Rilakkuma series! Korilakkuma was really special and got a pink print instead though haha

Also, after looking at Ariel’s photos of her Comics series plushies, it looks like each plushie’s jacket uses a different part of this somewhat large fabric design. So while mine has a pretty prominent view of the Strawberry and Happy Picnic series, other plushies might have the Rilakkuma Wonderland part or the Bonjour part more visible on their hoodies – pretty cool!

You know, I’ve been doing so well getting the full sets (with Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori) recently, but I guess I’ll always be a Rilakkuma girl at heart haha

Also in line with the comics series, my sister got her hands on a pretty stylish Comics Series pouch (wristlet?) while we were in Japan – the plushies hadn’t been released yet while we were there, but the purses and some other non-plushie stuff were already out!

Comics Series - pouch

Hey, this is pretty fancy!

This print is definitely one of my favorites so far! I love how they took Rilakkuma’s color scheme and made it into this lovely design!

Oh and I mentioned last time that I built a shelf for my Rilakkumas…

Rilakkuma shelf - 1

Here it is! I guess I’ll have to build a new shelf when I inevitably get more hahaha

I only brought about a third of my total collection (since I don’t have a place to put them all yet), but maybe more of them will migrate over to my new place as time goes by and I actually get a hold of more shelves or something.

You know, I still have more Rilakkuma plushies to photograph haha, but slowly but surely, I’ll get through all of them!

12 thoughts on “Comics Series Rilakkuma Plushie!

  1. Rilakkuma’s hoodie is so cool! I love that a different plush will show a different comic, so maybe you can find a hoodie with your favorite series? Also, amazing display! The the kumas look so cozy in their new home ^_^ and is that a Pokemon I spot hiding among the kumas? Yay for rilakkuma displays!!

  2. Ugh Orlando is sooooooooooo humid and they have their random thunderstorms where you think you’re going to die and then it’s over.

    That’s awesome that each Rilakkuma has a different part of the fabric! I guess it would be too tedious for each Rilakkuma to have the same jacket. I always though the whole collection would be released at the same time! How strange O_o

    What a nice shelf for your collection! Omg, that zubat plush is amazing.

    • YES the weather here gets so bananas, I don’t understand it. Sometimes it’ll be beautiful and perfect and sunny, and then you’ll cross a bridge and it’ll be the darkest and cloudiest sky – I don’t even know.

      Also yay that everyone saw the little Zubat at the bottom hahaha I’ve had him for sooo long – even though my collection is basically all Rilakkumas, I can’t bear to leave Zubat out haha

  3. Wow I love seeing your display sadly mine are sitting in a box until we get a shelf >.<
    It's so cool to see they display different patterns I didn't notice that. *looks are yours and mine carefully* Maybe I should have spent more timing looking and comparing. He he the Zubat is the talk of the town now ;)

    • The bears I left at home are in boxes, too T^T I just need a giant shelf to hold all of them hahaha. I’m hoping to build different levels for the bottom 2 shelves because there’s a lot of wasted space since the plushies are so small haha.

      I’m so glad Zubat is getting attention haha, I actually didn’t think people would notice him since he’s all the way at the bottom, but I guess he really stands out as a non-bear lol

  4. Beautiful display! I love it! I hope to see the rest of your collection together in a group shot too! Those are so dramatic! XD awww, Rilakkuma girl at heart :) (awww poor Kori and Kiiro!) Also, glad to hear you’ve completed your BLS course/certificate :D and happy to hear you found a classmate who also likes Rilakkuma!!! New Zealand has the same situation – Rilakkuma’s not very popular here at all…. even heard of! When i tell people I collect Rilakkuma and they are plushie bears etc – they look at me funny, “rila – whaaaa?” then they ask me how old I am, why I’m still collecting teddy bears, why haven’t I grown up yet. Grrr…. non plushie collectors just don’t understand!!!! >.<

    • I totally know what you mean!! I’m so thankful that my family understands haha but it’s because most of the people in my family collect stuff too (like my sister has a ton of Pooh bears), so no judgment there. But yeah haha explaining Rilakkuma/plushie mania is just a conversation so many people just don’t understand! I always have to bring up something like Hello Kitty to explain, but siiiigh I wish San-X was more popular here!!

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