Christmas 2011 Net Shop Exclusive!

Christmas came early this year!

I was so excited to start my 2nd week of medical school with this super-cute Christmas 2011 Net Shop Exclusive!

Christmas 2011 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - full

Merry (early) Christmas!

Christmas 2011 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma

Their Santa outfits are removable, and exchangeable!

Christmas 2011 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - Kiiroitori

Kiiroitori is the angel on top of the tree hahaha

Christmas 2011 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - ISP

Probably one of my favorite parts of this set: an indifferent snowperson? Hahahaha

Christmas 2011 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - log

The set also comes with the giant roll cake log pillow with Rilakkuma’s face embroidered on it with strawberries, holly, and star details haha it reminds me of the huge Rilakkuma island that came with the Aloha Rilakkuma series’ Net Shop Exclusive.

Christmas 2011 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - tag

Cute tag with the set in illustrated form! Looks like Santa Rilakkuma is a little lazy as expected hahaha

Yay!!! Even though it’s still summer haha I was so excited to get this! I think this is my favorite Christmas Net Shop set, but they are always so nice every year!

Also lmao this set was WAY larger than I expected – I thought that they’d be regular sized collectible plushies like the 22 cm ones, but they’re about the size of my medium Rilakkuma, so a little over a foot tall for the bears. It’s so great that they ended up being so big, but I’ll have to get a side table for them or something hahaha

Thank you so so much to Ariel for helping me obtain this set! Check out her awesome Rilakkuma blog, Rilakkuma Desu, if you haven’t already!

I don’t really know the story behind the super indifferent snowperson but it’s so cute! … and disinterested. I wish it appeared more often. :| :| :|

I know it’s so early to talk about Christmas things, but since my apartment is too small for a proper tree, I’ll probably put this set out instead! And since it’s so cute, I’ll end up being one of those people who puts up Christmas decorations way too early (just this set though)!

Speaking of Net Shop exclusives, this year’s Christmas San-X Net Shop exclusive goes on pre-order this Friday, August 23! Preorder is here!

Christmas 2013 San-X Net Shop Exclusive

With a little stage for the band!

Christmas 2013 San-X Net Shop Exclusive

The whole band!

Christmas 2013 San-X Net Shop Exclusive

And they can all be used as ornaments, too!

Since I just bought another Christmas Net Shop Set, I’m not sure I’ll go for this year’s but we’ll see haha

22 thoughts on “Christmas 2011 Net Shop Exclusive!

  1. Ha ha indifferent snow person. Good call on that! Yeah this set is top on my wishlist now its so cute XD. Much bigger but its really cool. Oo a stage now I wonder if the new play set is cooler than I thought it would be, darn I might have to get it now >.<

    I sometimes feel I'm that person because I start feeling it should be Christmas in summer but I try to wait until November, I wish they made a Halloween play set.

  2. Congrats on your new set! It looks so adorable! Definitely getting into the Christmas mood now hehe. This was on my wish list when it first came out but I realize they were really big so I gave up on them. And they were super expensive too! But whenever I see pictures of them I wish I had them hehe. They would make a perfect replacement for a Christmas tree!! Maybe even better than a Christmas tree ^_^

    • Thanks! Haha even though it’s still 80 degrees and summery here, seeing these guys definitely gets me in the holiday mood – and it’s probably the only time I’ll ever have a snowman in Florida hahaha

  3. Yay! I’m happy you got this set! The snow person is AMAZING. It’s even on the tag! I think it would be a great idea to use that as your Christmas tree instead, it’s be super cute and I can already picture all the presents surrounding it *_*

    Wow, such early pre-orders! Summer’s not even over and they’re already taking pre-orders for the winter series XD

    • Ah I know! This happened to me last year too – the pre-order was released and I wasn’t really in the mood for the holidays yet, then when winter finally swung around, I totally regretted not getting the Christmas set early!! I guess it takes a while for the Net Shop to coordinate the pre-orders for production, or something.

  4. OMG you own another rare series! Hands down!
    I love this series too because they’re just quite something especially the snowman and kii! Hehe. I need to work to get some older series but I hate bidding T.T
    And WHAT? The pre-order for christmas san-x net exclusive open tomorrow? Dang! I thought they only will release a further pic tomorrow >.<

  5. What an adorable set! I love Christmas, but being in Japan not only am I away from my family I have to work Christmas Day ;( I def need lots of Christmas rilaks to comfort me!
    That snowman is hilarious, your right he’s so indifferent. Getting excited for more releases now!x

    • Looks like your wish got granted!! San-X FLOODED us with new release updates today – Halloween/Halloween Playset/Sapporo Anniversary/Umeda Anniversary all announced in the past 24 hours haha.

      Celebrating a proper Christmas in Florida is kinda funny and silly – it never snows around here, so you’ll see Christmas lights on palm trees hahaha

  6. Wow – beautiful set! And congrats! So nice of Ariel to help you obtain it! :D they look extremely cuddly hehe ;) Christmas is not too far away now! Looking forward to seeing more releases for the 2013 Christmas line :D

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