Christmas 2011 Net Shop Exclusive!

Christmas came early this year!

I was so excited to start my 2nd week of medical school with this super-cute Christmas 2011 Net Shop Exclusive!

Christmas 2011 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - full

Merry (early) Christmas!

Christmas 2011 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma

Their Santa outfits are removable, and exchangeable!

Christmas 2011 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - Kiiroitori

Kiiroitori is the angel on top of the tree hahaha

Christmas 2011 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - ISP

Probably one of my favorite parts of this set: an indifferent snowperson? Hahahaha

Christmas 2011 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - log

The set also comes with the giant roll cake log pillow with Rilakkuma’s face embroidered on it with strawberries, holly, and star details haha it reminds me of the huge Rilakkuma island that came with the Aloha Rilakkuma series’ Net Shop Exclusive.

Christmas 2011 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - tag

Cute tag with the set in illustrated form! Looks like Santa Rilakkuma is a little lazy as expected hahaha

Yay!!! Even though it’s still summer haha I was so excited to get this! I think this is my favorite Christmas Net Shop set, but they are always so nice every year!

Also lmao this set was WAY larger than I expected – I thought that they’d be regular sized collectible plushies like the 22 cm ones, but they’re about the size of my medium Rilakkuma, so a little over a foot tall for the bears. It’s so great that they ended up being so big, but I’ll have to get a side table for them or something hahaha

Thank you so so much to Ariel for helping me obtain this set! Check out her awesome Rilakkuma blog, Rilakkuma Desu, if you haven’t already!

I don’t really know the story behind the super indifferent snowperson but it’s so cute! … and disinterested. I wish it appeared more often. :| :| :|

I know it’s so early to talk about Christmas things, but since my apartment is too small for a proper tree, I’ll probably put this set out instead! And since it’s so cute, I’ll end up being one of those people who puts up Christmas decorations way too early (just this set though)!

Speaking of Net Shop exclusives, this year’s Christmas San-X Net Shop exclusive goes on pre-order this Friday, August 23! Preorder is here!

Christmas 2013 San-X Net Shop Exclusive

With a little stage for the band!

Christmas 2013 San-X Net Shop Exclusive

The whole band!

Christmas 2013 San-X Net Shop Exclusive

And they can all be used as ornaments, too!

Since I just bought another Christmas Net Shop Set, I’m not sure I’ll go for this year’s but we’ll see haha

Rilakkuma News & Korilakkuma plushies!

Whew, my first week of official medical school is over! I love the teaching style so far, and the material is heavy, but manageable for now (or did I speak too soon?). Now that the weekend’s here, I’ve got time to do Rilakkuma things :)

Anyway, the theme of this post is Korilakkuma!

These are actually my sister’s plushies! But they deserve some time in the spotlight too, of course!

Korilakkuma (M) - full

This is a medium sized Korilakkuma! She’s about 34cm – about 1.5x times that smaller collectible bears I usually have!

Korilakkuma (M) - back

No zipper! I’m not used to seeing bears without zippers anymore hahaha

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - Korilakkuma XL

Also, an XL Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary Korilakkuma! I only have the small version haha

Watermelon Korilakkuma and Korilakkuma (M)

These two Korilakkuma’s are about the same size – which means they TOWER over all of my tiny 22cm Rilakkumas haha

Yay! I’m so glad the other members of my family have some love for the other characters in the Rilakkuma crew to balance out my Rilakkuma fanaticism!

We got the (naked) Korilakkuma at Tokyo Station and the watermelon Korilakkuma at Skytree! The watermelon set was released during Skytree’s 1st Anniversary, but they still had a bunch of the XL plushies for sale when my family went in June!

In other news, Rilakkuma and friends were spotted at this year’s 7’s Day!

7's Day - side

Korilakkuma and (another) Rilakkuma are sitting inside, while Kiiroitori stares at a face-planted Rilakkuma?

MX7 - front

The color of the car is the same shade of yellow as Rilakkuma’s ears/paws/soles! Or is it more of a Kiiroitori yellow?

According to Dino Dale Carbonare at SpeedHunters, 7’s Day is the unofficial celebration of the Mazda RX-7 every year on July 7 (7/7) in the Daikoku Parking Area. And while it’s known it’s vast outpouring of MX-7’s, 7’s Day not only celebrates 7s, but anything rotary engine related!

RX-7 owners are a really tight knit community, and they organize this gathering every year just by word of mouth – incredible! It’s so cool to see RX-7 and Rilakkuma enthusiasts intersect :)

Um… not exactly sure why Rilakkuma is face-down on top of this FD, but hey – super cute Rilakkuma spotting, in my opinion!

Also, do y’all think this is the Christmas Net Shop Exclusive for this year?

Christmas 2013 Net Shop Exclusive - teaser

What a great present to receive! They all have little red stoles with white trim!

Looks like it’s Rilakkuma Wonderland themed! They look like mini-plushies, and it seems that their noses are flat too haha

Pretty cute, and looks like they’re playing different instruments from the ones in the summer release? I spy a violin/bass violin-playing Rilakkuma, I think!

Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store Opening Plushie!

Since things are kind of quiet on the Rilakkuma plushie front recently (well, except for the Yamanote release), I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at the older series on the Japanese auctions!

After compiling my Rilakkuma Reference Sheet, I was so excited to see and recognize so many of the plushies up for bid! It’s so exhilarating to recognize really old series and rare finds!

So check out my newest addition: the Rilakkuma Strawberry Car!

Tokyo Station Opening - full

The cars are all separate plushies, and can be connected into one big car by little snaps!

Tokyo Station 1st Anniversary - Kiiroitori

Kiiroitori leads the way with a Rilakkuma steering wheel!

Tokyo Station Opening - Korilakkuma

Kiiroitori and Korilakkuma’s seats are lined with pink satin.

Tokyo Station Opening - full

Rilakkuma doesn’t sit in a seat, but just kinda lays on top of the caboose.

Tokyo Station Opening - box

They also came in this wacky but somewhat appropriate Kumamon box that shows different faces of Kumamon (mascot of the Kumamoto prefecture, not the Digimon) depending on which flap is showing.

This plushie came out in February 20, 2009 – at the opening of the 2nd ever Rilakkuma Store at Tokyo Station, which also happens to be the first Rilakkuma Store I’ve ever been to :D

This release coincided with the Rilakkuma theme at the time, the Strawberry Series.

I find this set so interesting since this was one of the earliest Rilakkuma Store-specific plushies! It’s so wild that there have been six new Rilakkuma Stores that have appeared since this plushie came out. As of right now, this is my oldest plushie!!

Also, since my entire family was together the other week, we snapped a Rilakkuma family reunion photo:

Rilakkuma Family Reunion

It seems like there are so many when they’re pulled out of their boxes!

Though I JUST got another shipment sooo… haha this isn’t even the most updated family portrait, but it’s as good as it’ll get!

Wow, I can’t believe it hasn’t even been a year since I started collecting!

Lawson Aloha Rilakkuma Playset!

Wah, I can’t believe I ordered this back in March and I’m just now photographing it haha – though in my defense, it only arrived after I came back from Asia.

Anyway, here it is, at long last: the Lawson x Aloha Rilakkuma Playset!

Rilakkuma x Lawson - Aloha Rilakkuma - full

Everyone’s going shopping!

Rilakkuma x Lawson - Aloha Rilakkuma - Rilakkuma, cart, and lei

Rilakkuma and his undetachable cart! His flower lei is removable though.

Rilakkuma x Lawson - Aloha Rilakkuma - Korilakkuma

This Korilakkuma is so wild to me haha because she’s proportionally much smaller than the Rilakkuma, like she could be Rilakkuma’s plushie… and she herself is holding an Aloha Rilakkuma plushie? Hahahaha I guess it’s cool that Korilakkuma goes shopping for Rilakkuma plushies just like we do.

Rilakkuma x Lawson - Aloha Rilakkuma - Kiiroitori

Eeee this Kiiroitori is so cute and small! And he bears a striking resemblance to the Kiiroitori from the Happiness series (2007) – I guess Kiiroitori has always been in charge of holding the money!

Rilakkuma x Lawson - Aloha Rilakkuma - items

My favorite details: Hawaii coffee, Rilakkuma cookies, and a Kiiroitori honeypot with a Lawson bag to take them home in!

Lawson/HMV started taking pre-orders for this set way back in February of this year – wow that was a long time ago! They sold out before the pre-order deadline of April 15, and were finally sent out in mid-June!

I actually haven’t finished covering all the cool Rilakkuma things my dad bought in Japan, so here’s another entry that jives with today’s Aloha Rilakkuma theme!

Kabaya Aloha Rilakkuma - front

I assembled this one myself!

Kabaya Aloha Rilakkuma - top

Well assembly is pretty easy – just 2 stickers for the background and the ground, and then fitting the 2 yellow boards and the figurines in the right spot!

My family really likes the guitar-playing Rilakkuma because there’s an old photo of my dad playing the guitar in exactly the same pose and expression hahaha so it’s kind of like seeing my dad in bear form.

This figurine set was made by Kabaya under domestic license – Kabaya seems to be mostly a sweets company, which makes sense (I guess) because this set also inexplicably came with an unmarked bag of candy inside (what).

This set is pretty cool because there’s a little link at the bottom so that you can connect it to other figures like it! Cool idea! I wonder if my dad will collect any more…

Anyway, just as a heads up, I’m starting medical school on August 5 – I really have no idea how much free time I’ll have (if any, yikes), but I’ll try to still keep posting when I can because surprisingly, Rilakkuma mania actually keeps me grounded and focused hahaha. I mean, Mary makes it work as a doctor AND a mom AND collecting way more than just Rilakkumas so we’ll see how well I can do haha

Tokyo Skytree Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori plushie!

Hello again! I’m back in Florida!

Wow, I haven’t updated since I arrived to the Philippines! I said things would slow down on this front after my fast-paced Rilakkuma adventures in Japan, but it turns out that applied to my blogging (and internet connection) too haha. But now that I’m back in the states, I have some time to burn while I wait for med school to start (August 5)!

First up is Tokyo Skytree Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori!

Tokyo Skytree Set - full

At 2080 ft., Tokyo Skytree is the tallest tower in the world! … which would make this Rilakkuma more than 1000 feet tall if scaled up to actual size!

Tokyo Skytree Set - Rilakkuma close-up

Fun fact: this is actually my first Kiiroitori hahaha

Tokyo Skytree Set - Korilakkuma

Love that they still included all the details: Rilakkuma has a functioning zipper, and Korilakkuma has her signature red button, even though it is barely visible!

This particular set, with the bears hanging on to the tower all King Kong-like, came out December 2012! A different set with the 3 with Rilakkuma holding dango came out at the Skytree Rilakkuma Store’s grand opening on May 22, 2012 – super cute, too!

Anyway, over the next few days, I’m gonna try to photograph and catalog all the different plushies I picked up while in Japan while I try to get caught up on all the Rilakkuma news I’ve missed – for example omg hahaha that the new Rilakkuma Wonderland mini plushies’ tails are all different colors?

Rilakkuma Wonderland - tails

Also, dango-drummer Rilakkuma’s nose looks full and normal here?

And aahhh the super cute Rilakkuma x Tower Records collab?? I love Ariel’s and Angel’s photos! So jealous!

These musically inclined Rilakkumas dovetail quite nicely with the new Akiko Yano Rilakkuma collaboration song, リラックマのわたし (“The Rilakkuma that is me”)! The CD will be available at Tower Records on August 7!

PS a big OOOH to the close-ups of the Rilakkuma Wonderland float playset!

Wishlist – Rilakkuma Wonderland Limited Edition Playset!

WOW check out the new Rilakkuma Wonderland plush set!

They’re supposed to be little floats in a parade celebrating Rilakkuma’s 10 year anniversary :)

Rilakkuma Wonderland - store exclusive

OMG so detailed!

Looks like Rilakkuma is singing into a dango microphone on a bear-shaped cake-themed stage with a full band, Korilakkuma’s in a pink castle (with goat and bunny Koris peeking out), and Kiiroitori’s in a birdcage (lol) with other little Kiiroitoris. Love how each float also has little wheels so it looks like they’re actual parade floats! And they have crowns like they’re royalty hahaha

This incredible set will be released as a store exclusive on July 13th!

(ETA 6/17: the San-X Net Shop says they’ll be stocking them too! Haha, too bad I missed that – definitely wouldn’t have pre-ordered from a seller if I knew!)

12,000 yen (~$124 USD) for the entire playset, I believe :O A little steeper than we’ve come to expect from exclusive playsets (the Aloha Rilakkuma Net Shop Exclusive was 10,500 yen), but worth the price for the level of detail, in my opinion!

Will you be getting these? I think I’m gonna go for them (but what’s new haha).

ETA: Here’s campaign page for the Rilakkuma special editions, including the ones riding horses!

I have to admit, when the Rilakkuma Wonderland series was first announced (or leaked I should say haha), I wasn’t the most excited about it for some reason – I didn’t even make a big post about it like I usually do. It was probably because I have bad memories associated with being in the marching band in middle school haha (old uniforms, absentee teachers, trying to avoid horse poop during a parade, ick).

But as more news about this kept rolling in, I got more and more excited – especially when San-X redesigned the Rilakkuma website and premiered a new flash animation – and with this new playset, I’m happy to say that I’ve jumped the fence and I’m a big fan of this series now and can’t wait for it to be released!


That’s right!

Rilakkuma Wonderland - store exclusive plushies

A drum (and one tiiiiny bugle) corp! Kori’s flag says “Smile & Thank you”

Looks like they each have tiny Rilakkumas on their shoulder?? Hahaha I wonder why.

They’re also to be released on July 13, and they’ll be a cool 1,600 yen each. They will be exclusive to Rilakkuma Stores, but from what I understand, the San-X Net Shop will be stocking Rilakkumas-only like they did before for the Aloha Rilakkuma store exclusive (I wonder why they do this…).

They’re super adorable though, but I’ll have check with my old friend Mr. Wallet to see if I can afford them when the time rolls around.

Wowww, the Rilakkuma plushie designers at San-X must be working overtime!

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Plushies!

The Fukuoka PARCO (福岡パルコ) Rilakkuma Store turned 3 this year, and released these super cute strawberry shortcake themed Rilakkuma plushies!

Well I ordered these guys when they came out back in March from the Japanese auctions, but the package arrived the day my flight left so I had to wait a month and a half to see them – but so worth it!

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - front

Happy 3rd birthday, Fukuoka Rilakkkuma store!

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - back

The back: I was surprised that the embroidery was directly on their head

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - hat detail

My favorite detail: the straw-bear-ies on the hat! Though Kori’s is more of a bonnet because of the ribbon.

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - outfit detail

Of course, their lovely cake-themed outfits! Rilakkuma’s got some shorts (why is he always in these shorts nowadays?) and Kori’s got a nice stole.

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - mix & match

Since the stole is removable, I let Rilakkuma wear it for a bit so he could look like a layer cake hahaha

This is actually the only full set that I own – usually I only buy the Rilakkuma haha but I couldn’t say no to Kori this time!

I usually never crave cake, but having these guys around makes me wanna start baking!

Rilakkuma leftovers!

Here are the miscellaneous Rilakkuma things from the big, recent influx that didn’t quite fit in with the other posts but deserve a mention:

Miscellaneous - all

A Rilakkuma cell phone holder, Korilakkuma mug and plushie (most of these are my sister’s).

The blue envelope on the left and the Kiiroitori folder on the right came together, and were a gift to my sister from her generous Japanese friend: they’re part of an ongoing campaign celebrating a whole decade of Rilakkuma!

Each blue envelope has a mini-folder featuring a different Rilakkuma series inside – my sister lucked out and got a great throwback to a series that debuted in August 2005 that was centered around Kiiroitori’s life and activities! Old school Rilakkuma! Looks like Kiiroitori got stuck cleaning up after Rilakkuma’s mess though…

But that’s not all!

Miscellaneous - Korilakkuma mug

A Korilakkuma mug for Simon! The little tail in the back is so cute, but I think it’s kinda funny that Korilakkuma products with this theme are always just labeled “Rilakkuma” haha

Miscellaneous - towels

Hand towels!
Top row: Face theme (April 2009)
Bottom row: “Rilakkuma, Rilakkuma” (August 2012), Aloha Rilakkuma (February 2013), Let’s Play With Bunnies (December 2012)

Whew! All kuma-ed out for the time being.

Mushroom Rilakkuma & Squirrel Korilakkuma!

New arrivals: Mushroom Rilakkuma and Squirrel Korilakkuma! This set was a San-X Net Shop exclusive from October-November 2010, as a special release from the Forest Series.

Mushroom Rilakkuma - front view

Hello Mushroom Rilakkuma!

Mushroom Rilakkuma - side view

I think Simon’s planning on planting him a flowerpot haha.

One of my favorite aspects of this release is that the San-X Net Shop manager came out with a series of really silly blog posts/photos featuring the Mushroom Rilakkuma: waiting for the elevator, appearing from behind a table, chilling on a staircase, and being used as an arm rest. I guess the San-X employees love him a lot too!

Squirrel Korilakkuma - front view

Hello Squirrel Korilakkuma!

Squirrel Korilakkuma - side view

These photos doesn’t do her justice – her squirrel suit is so soft!

They are both pretty huge: Mushroom Rilakkuma (Shroom Koom? Mushkuma?) is only 24 cm tall, but with a 27 cm diameter, he’s much rounder/wider than everyone else. Squirrel Korilakkuma towers over everyone else at half a meter!

They will be going to Simon – we actually really lucked out on this purchase because we weren’t even looking for this set when the opportunity presented itself! We were just looking into the Misdo plushie, and it turned out that the seller was just liquidating their Rilakkuma stock in general. Wow!