Kichijoji 3rd Anniversary designs announced!

Whew, I know I just posted yesterday, but just a quick update – I just get so excited about these anniversary plushies!

It’s the Kichijoji Rilakkuma Store’s 3rd Anniversary Plushies!

Kichijoji 3rd Anniversary - announcement

Lookin’ cozy!

Hey, they’re roasted sweet potato (焼き芋) themed, and they’re sporting some pretty suave plaid outfits! They come out on October 12, and they’re each 1,300円 and will be available at all 8 Rilakkuma Stores.

Also, looks like you can get some great Rilakkuma Halloween coasters too!

They look like a throwback to the 2006 Winter Caravan plushie… that also seems to be purged from the San-X website? Check out these Japanese bloggers’ accounts here and here (it existed, I swear!).

In other news, check out this bananas Yahoo Japan auction listing for the Rilakkuma Store 5th anniversary plushie!

Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary - upside-down


So basically, the plush is supposed to look like the one on the right, but this person bought a defect that has the fishing rod upside-down and backwards! They were asking for 150,000円 for it – that’s $1,500 USD!! Pretty wild!

ETA: there’s another auction listing for an upside down one! Except this time, it’s for only 2980円 haha, much more reasonable. I guess there were a good number of upside down ones that made it to the shelves!

I’m expecting this plushie sometime soon actually (the normal one that’s right side up, and not over a thousand dollars haha), but I asked the seller to hold off until the Fall Caravan for the Happy Natural Time Series is announced so I can combine shipping if I end up wanting to order that one, too. Can’t wait to see this guy though!!

10 thoughts on “Kichijoji 3rd Anniversary designs announced!

  1. Hello Faith!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Just when I thought that my wallet could take a break after the Natural Happy Time Plushies, now there is the Kichijoji anniversary ones!! These days, they tend to make the smaller plushies. Kind of miss the normal 8.5 inch ones. The bigger ones definitely look different from the smaller counterparts.=]]
    Some how, I still think that the Sapporo chestnut ones are cuter. =] what about you? Which do you prefer? When will they announce the Fall Caravan? Should be cute!!=]]

    • Hmm, that’s a great question! I think design-wise, I like the Sapporo chestnut one better, but I actually really like eating sweet potatoes and I don’t eat chestnuts much, so I feel more connected to Kichijoji’s theme – though I admit that sweet potatoes aren’t the cutest foods hahaha. Also, Rilakkuma’s wearing a poncho, and I am always fond of those haha. But since I made my big Sandwich purchase recently, I’ll probably be passing on these plushies to save my wallet from exhaustion haha.

      Not sure about the fall caravan! The Rilakkuma site still has the Summer Wonderland-themed Caravan schedule up, but I’m guessing San-X is just going to come out of nowhere one of these days and surprise us with the Caravan design like they always do hahaha.

  2. Yay! I quite like the design this time, seems like they wrapped up for winter already XD
    But just like you, I think I’m going to pass this one and waiting for happy natural times caravan! Hopefully it’ll turn out awesome ^-^

    And about that 5th anniversary plushie, I saw them on auction a while ago too and thought the seller has gone crazy by putting up that ridiculous price. I didn’t notice about the different design until you mention it! Still, I guess no one willing to pay… And I see the seller has turn down the auction now hahahaha

    • Hahaha yeah, I noticed the auction ended without any bids – surprise, surprise. I was actually watching the auction really closely to see if anyone would buy it; having competed with some pretty intense Rilakkuma collectors at the auctions, I was kinda wondering if some crazy rich collector would end up getting it haha now THAT would be a Rilakkuma obsession.

  3. I’m still not liking the theme but they’re pretty cute! Ha ha that one is backwards, and they think its worth that much >.< too much money for that!

  4. Thanks for the update! I always find out about new rilakkuma releases in the rilakkuma community before finding out on the official rilakkuma pages. It’s exciting news ^_^ I feel the need to get this one too, since I don’t own any rilakkuma with sweet potato. Seems like the theme revolves around sweets after all, but Japanese sweets? I am liking the theme since I like Japanese sweets as well, yummy mochi, chestnut, and sweet potatoes… I wonder what’s next~

    • Yeah, I love seeing what themes they end up choosing! I really do love sweet potatoes, so I was pretty excited to see this design come out – I feel like Rilakkuma and I have similar tastes in food (or maybe I just like too many foods haha). I think Sendai’s anniversary in November is the last one for 2013 – I can’t wait to see what design they choose!

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