Bonjour Series Rilakkuma Plushie – Store Exclusive!

Ahhh I’m so excited to share with you all this plushie I received this week!

Hooray, it’s Sandwich Rilakkuma!!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - full

Sharing one big sub sandwich!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - Rilakkuma detail

Rilakkuma looks like he’s in a bit of a food coma haha

Sandwich Rilakkuma - Kiiroitori detail

Kiiroitori’s holding the Rilakkuma variation of the French flag!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - back

The back of the plush, with their little bear buns hovering in the air. Speaking of buns, the sandwich bun is incredibly soft and fuzzy!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - tag

Tag art! Looks like the illustration shows little kuma-toothpicks that hold the sandwich together, too!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - tomato detail

Wow, even the tomato slices hidden inside have little embroidered details!

This set was the Rilakkuma Store exclusive for the Bonjour Series, and was released February 19, 2010, which was also the weekend the Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store celebrated its 1st anniversary!

At the time, only the Umeda and Tokyo Station branches were open! Wow, and I was busy in the middle of my undergrad and hadn’t even heard of Rilakkuma back then haha how the times have changed.

This plushie is my ultimate dream piece, and has been at the top of my wishlist since I first started collecting. I love the Bonjour Series a lot (mainly because of its baguette-centrism), and I’m so lucky to have obtained two plushies I really dreamed for (this and the Caravan edition) during this past month!

This also means I’ll have to rebuild my wishlist again haha.

Huge thanks to Ariel for being so diligent in sending me links for Japanese auctions for this plushie!! I’ve seen 4 separate auctions for this plushie come and go (way above my price range) since the summertime, but I was finally successful with this one and it’s so perfect! Thanks again for keeping an eye out for me!

Of course, since these bears are French, we had to welcome them home with some croissants…

Sandwich Rilakkuma - with croissants

Any excuse to bake!

Hopefully one day in the future, I’ll get to visit France, and I’ll bring these two along – they’d blend right in, no problem!

29 thoughts on “Bonjour Series Rilakkuma Plushie – Store Exclusive!


    So happy for you that you managed to snag it! I didn’t know what it was called other than sandwich or baguette Rilakkuma plush XD. If you don’t mind me asking, was it really expensive? You can contact me through e-mail to let me know how much it was if you don’t want to post it here,

    If it isn’t too expensive, I may ask Ariel to help me find it as well. I saw this plush about two years ago and I was like gbjkbewahbkkasbg! But the owner wouldn’t tell me where she got it :(

  2. Omg I adore this plush! So cute, I didn’t know that they hover mid air in the back, too cute for words!!! So glad you were able to get this baguette rilakkuma >_< the details are so awesome, it would've been very cool if they added the kuma toothpicks on the actual plush too! I love it when wish lists are fulfilled~ yay congrats!

  3. Oh my gosh, you are do lucky to get that plush!!! I have been wanting to get that one but I know it would be hard and expensive. Would you mind sharing how much you got it for and how did you get it? I thought that Ariel no longer helped people get plushies and stuff. Thanks so much for sharing with everyone!

    • Thanks, I do feel really lucky! They are so wonderful to have but ahhh they really took so much work to get! I used Yahoo Japan auctions because I found it easier, but haven’t tried different Japanese auction/marketplace sites before so it could be that the search is easier if one uses many different platforms to search.

      If you’re interested in the price, I would be happy to send you an email with the details!

  4. OMG CONGRATS FOR YOUR EPIC WIN! Whenever I saw them on auction, I always thought of you cause you wanted them since forever right? ^^
    Now I’m glad they’re yours! And wow your bonjour paris collection makes me hungry lol but they all SO SO SOOOO CUTE!
    Congrats again! Happy for you <3~

    • Yay, and congrats to you too!! It’s such a good feeling to finally win an auction after a couple losses haha. Now my wallet needs to rest for a long looong time, but it’s okay bc the win is soo rewarding haha

  5. Weeee soooo cute! I love that plushie too! Amazing! I love that you baked again for them. Though I think your right rilak had enough and is slipping into some kind of diabetic coma!x

  6. The plushies are all SUPER adorable Faith!! Sigh!! And the Caravan Rilakkuma with his huge baguette is so handsome! Really melts your heart doesn’t he? =]]

    Faith, when you have time, could you drop me an email as to how to go about getting stuff from yahoo auctions too? Ariel mentioned that you do that really well. I know no Japanese and am clueless about what to do. Thank you so much!! Really appreciate!! Love to learn from you too!! =]]

  7. Ha ha the one day I don’t check 3 times a day >.< I'm a big fan of the tag for sure ;) Wow just an amazing plushie and it was fun tracking this with you, really happy you could get your dream one! I love all the details in this one, like the tomato. Plus Rilakkuma's expression is one of the happiest I've seen…this might be his favorite thing he did :D

  8. Ah yes! Sandwich Rilakkuma! Yay! Congrats! It makes me hungry! hehe, your collection is growing very nicely! Love how you’re revisiting all the older releases :D I love your nails btw ;) very pretty

  9. Awwwww that is such an adorable Rilakkuma set, I can see why it would be on the top of your list! Their faces are too adorable, I bet their all stuffed haha! I’ve started looking at the Yahoo Auctions site, and I was wondering how one would order something, cuz there are soo many hidden gems there, and I really want to order something! Thanks in advance!

    • I used to ask Rilakkuma sellers that live in Japan (like Harakuta on eBay) to bid on my behalf, but in the past year, I’ve started using Buyee, which is an auction service website – probably my favorite to use because it’s just like bidding on any other auction site. Buyee takes about the same (if not cheaper) service fee as most Rilakkuma sellers, so I like the convenience of bidding myself through the website instead of having to bother a person about how much I want to up my bid. Plus, I already use Tenso (Buyee’s sister website, just for shipping) when I order from Lawson or the San-X Net Shop. The only con is that shipping to the US is pretty pricey (though it is very fast and with tracking), but I think that’s pretty common with shipping from Japan anyway. For this reason, I usually only order older rare/unique bears from auctions that I can’t get from standard sites like Mira Plush, Modes4U, KawaiiGifts, Harakuta, etc.

      Finding rare Rilakkumas on the auctions is really so exciting!! I think everyone overseas has a different style when it comes to ordering from the Japanese auctions. Happy bidding, and let me know if you have any other questions :D

      • Oh wow thank you all this info, really helpful stuff!! I’ll check them both out. How are you able to read all the japanese??

        • Haha I just use the Google Chrome browser, which can automatically translate webpages from most languages (including Japanese) into English! The translation is never really perfect, but definitely a great resource to get the gist of what the listings mean! I think Buyee also has a built in Google translate option too, but sometimes I just like to ~window shop~ on Yahoo Japan when I’m not in the spending mood haha so Google Chrome is great for that.

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