Happy Natural Time Caravan design announced!

Whew, I feel like I’ve been waiting for an eternity for this design to be announced, but San-X finally released the Happy Natural Time Caravan design at long last!

Happy Natural Time Series - Caravan design

Is he supposed to be holding an owl for real this time, or is that supposed to be Kiiroitori?

How cute! I really love plushie designs that have alternative positioning!

That being said, I’m probably going to pass on this one since it just looks like a position and slight design variation on the original Happy Natural Time line. I was hoping to drop my money on a more pie-related plushie, but this guy is so cute nonetheless! I’d love to hear if you plan on getting him, and I can’t wait to see everyone else’s close up photos!

Hope everyone’s October is going well! Simon and I carved pumpkins yesterday with our medical school class, and it was a blast! The weather has been cooling down a lot from its usual blistering heat, so it’s definitely beginning to feel like fall!

Simon carved a Rilakkuma pumpkin hehehe:

Rilakkuma pumpkin - 2013


Eeee so cute when it’s lit up! Since this was taken on my phone at the school, I’ll try to take another photo on my better camera with my Rilakkuma plushie too when it gets closer to Halloween :D

11 thoughts on “Happy Natural Time Caravan design announced!

  1. I felt the same way it’s cute and all but a pass. He’s only wearing the deer hat and who is that bird because it’s totally not Kii. AHH that is such a cute pumpkin! I really love carving pumpkins and can’t wait to see more of your pictures >.<

    • This is actually the first year I’ve really been pumpkin carving! Before we would just kinda draw on them or have a plastic one that was pre-wired with a light inside so we could use it every year. It’s pretty cool to actually work on a real one finally hah

  2. Wow thanks for the news! So cute but I am not a fan of this pose, so it’ll be a pass for me too :( I was hoping they would have a pie caravan plush too!! And super cute rilakkuma pumpkin! Spooky and cute~

      • Yea, I guess I am relieved that I could save up money for future releases too… But the urge to buy them all is so hard to overcome, I am totally becoming too obsessed with collecting them all lol, it’s like pokemon but with rilakkuma, gotta catch them all!!!! >_<

        • Really nice pumpkin! Thanks for sharing and I will give this one a pass since I don’t like that pose and that bird is not Kii. I am not a collector because many of them are really expensive, plus I have limited space. I just pick and choose what I like only. I actually like a lot of the older ones but they are really hard to find and if we do find them, they cost a fortune. Boy, I wish that I had known about San X earlier.

  3. Oh!!!! Highlight of this post for me is definitely Simon’s Rilakkuma carving on the pumpkin!!! Very cute!!! I think that it is very nicely done and definitely not easy from the looks of it!! =]]
    Hmm.. A little disappointed with the caravan release but thank you so much Faith for sharing with us. I think the owl looks a little bit scary. Am also not much of a fan of Rilakkuma lying on his tummy too so I would also probably pass. Good thing that the other plushies in this series are adorable though.:))

  4. It’s cute but like you, I’m going to pass. The pumpkin is awesome! I personally hate craving pumpkins so I never do it. I actually have a pumpkin just sitting my office. All the tenants tell me that it hasn’t been craved…I almost feel like telling to carve it themselves XD

    • This is actually my first year carving! There were a ton of weird shaped tools and stencils that I didn’t know what to do with, plus scooping out the inner pumpkin guts is a little gross haha – I like whole pumpkins too haha, those are definitely more common in my family’s tradition for Halloween than the carved ones!

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