The return of the indifferent snowperson!

Yay, the Sendai Rilakkuma Store 1st Anniversary designs were officially announced, and look who’s back for a cameo!

Sendai 1st Anniversary - Announcement

Snow and orange theme!

Christmas 2011 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - indifferent snow person

I see you!

The Sendai 1st anniversary Kiiroitori is holding a mini version of the indifferent snowperson from the Christmas 2011 Net Shop Exclusive playset!

Wow, I can’t believe they brought it back again this year, I’m so ecstatic!

I love the snow and oranges theme because oranges are also my home state Florida’s state fruit! Oranges are the sweetest after a frost because the cold makes the oranges produce more sugar for energy!

These cute mini-plushies will be sold at all the Rilakkuma Stores for 1300 円.

Getting more into the Christmas spirit…

Christmas 2013 - individual plushies

Going down the chimney to deliver presents!

Chrismas 2013 - Santa hat


Christmas 2013 - Store Exclusive set

A Christmas scene that says “Heartful Happy Christmas”! Loving the bear ornaments, wrapping paper, and stockings :D

Wow! The Christmas 2013 lineup is pretty incredible!

The three individual Christmas plushies (1800円 each) will be on sale at multiple locations as well as the San-X Net Shop, while the Santa hat (1480円) and playset (10000円)will be a Rilakkuma Store exclusive – all to be released on November 2nd!

There are also keychains and special drawstring bags exclusive to the Rilakkuma Stores, too!

Whew, November 2nd seems like a pretty exciting day! I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon, I feel like the time is really flying by!

In the just past week, I’ve learned how to draw blood, perform a cardiac exam, and insert an IUD. I also talked to someone about lowering their blood pressure by drinking less coffee, which was pretty exciting. Things seem really busy but everything is so fun/interesting that I don’t really feel too exhausted right now. I’ll just keep on keeping on with Rilakkuma by my side! :D

25 thoughts on “The return of the indifferent snowperson!

  1. You get to learn some really cool things! Hope nothing is giving you trouble :D I’ve never had an orange after the frost, now I really want to. It is really coming up soon. The return of the indifferent snow person always makes me laugh ;)

    • Yes! I can’t believe they brought the indifferent snowperson back, so adorable!!

      And definitely try those after-frost oranges sometime! It’s really tough bc if its too cold, the oranges will die off, but if the frost is just cold enough, those oranges are the best!!

  2. It is really nice to read that you are having fun and enjoying what you are studying for. That is really important. Happy for you!!=]]
    I really love it when you call that snowman ‘ The Indifferent Snowperson.’ Hahaha!! I really could not stop giggling to myself but great name!! That snowman is truly cute!! I did not even notice it at first glance. Thank you for highlighting it to me!!=]]
    I am going to eat less now and save for the November 2nd releases!! Hahaha!! We will stave for adorable Rilakkuma!! Everything so Kawaii!! Which to get???? ( what are you thinking of getting?=]])

    • I don’t know yet!! Ahh, I have such a hard time deciding what to get with every new release announcement! I always have a hard time keeping up with everything, but things get especially hectic during the holiday season! :O

  3. The Sendai Rilakkuma Store plush are so cute! I’m totally loving Rilakkuma’s plush and will probably add that to my wishlist.

    Oh man, love the name for the snowman/woman! I wish the Kii plush was cuter though -sigh-.

    I can’t believe Christmas is in two months, omg where did the year go!?

    I never tried oranges after the frost, you’re making me crave oranges right now! Ooo, sounds like you’ve had a really busy week but it’s great that you still have energy left after XD I’ve been zombie-like after work for the past week.

  4. I actually don’t really like that snowman as much as this other San X snowman that I have. I don’t know how to post photos here or else I would share with you guys how the one that I have looks. It is one of my first and most favorite San X plushies ever… I think you guys may have seen it before. It is long retired and really rare now.

    Thanks for sharing and I have just preordered the Heartful Happy Christmas scene plush. It looks soooo cute from the photo so I can’t wait to get it.

      • I am glad too and the price is decent but of course expensive as well. I hope that it will be worth it. Have you guys preordered it yet. Which 2011 Christmas set are you referring to? Are you referring to the one with indifferent snowman? I want to get that but it is really expensive and the chick one is not available so the set would not be complete. I did get the 2011 Christmas tree set of the 3 of them which is also really cute and one of my most favorite Christmas sets. How much did you get the 2011 Christmas set for and how much(if you do not mind sharing)?? Where did you get it?? That set is really rare now.

        Since I know that if I do not get these sets now, later on they will be even more rare like the 2011 sets. I did not get the 2011 Christmas set so just had to get this one. I also will not be getting the 2013 individual Christmas ones because they are not cute enough to me so had to get the Christmas scene.

        • Yep, I have the Christmas 2011 Net Shop Exclusive set with the bigger indifferent snowperson haha. I actually bought it for retail price on the Japanese auctions (~13000 yen).

          This year’s Christmas scene plush is definitely a wow piece!! I’m sure it’ll have even cuter details in person :)

          • Thanks for sharing the price. Was that including shipping? Is that for the whole set? If so, that is not too bad. This one seller on ebay(I think you know her) is charging like $95 for each plush in that set and she does not even have the chick anymore. I like that set a lot but don’t know where to get it for a decent price. Those sellers ebay just want to rip us off. But I am not a collector so just want to get the ones that I like only since they are so expensive and my space is limited.

            Will you be getting the Christmas scene??? I preordered it for $188 which is expensive but I got a slight discount or else it would have been more. Miraplush is selling it for $222 plus shipping so I guess $188 is not the worse price. I really hope that it will be worth it.

            • The price didn’t include the shipping, but I’ve gotten so used to paying for international shipping from Japan already so it’s no big deal, especially for a set that was in such good condition.

              I don’t know if I’ll be getting the Christmas scene just because I bought another Christmas set so recently plus I don’t have that much money left in my Rilakkuma budget for the rest of the year, but it really is super cute and has some lovely details, and would be a great addition to anyone’s collection!

              • Thanks for sharing and I just wanted to say that I did not get the Christmas scene. The seller said that she lined up to get it but someone beat her to it so she went to like 5 other stores to search for it, but in the end ended up empty handed. I did not realize that this set would be so hard to get as well. I thought that pre ordering it would guarantee that we would get it. I guess not…. You are so lucky to have the 2011 set. I hope to get it one day.

            • Really sorry to hear the pre-order didn’t work out – that’s what happened when I pre-ordered the floats set, and it’s really unfortunate when that happens :[ I can’t believe how hard it is to get Rilakkuma plushies these days!

              • It is ok and I actually kind of changed my mind since it was really pricy and I just realized that I do not have space for it. We can’t get them all. They are limited edition so that is understandable that they are hard to get. By the way, thanks for updates on the hearts/winter theme. They are so cute and are not limited edition so should be cheaper and easier to get.

                By the way, thanks for your sweet email!

  5. I can’t believe it’s almost Xmas! So many winter themed releases! The snow person is adorable! I don’t think I have her in any plush so I’ll definitely be getting the little plush so she can join the collection ^_^

    I love that I always learn something new after reading your blog! So informative! Hmmm… So where do I get those oranges after a frost >_<

    So glad you are enjoying the interesting experiences in med school! Keep it up~

    • Haha I think they’re just regular oranges you can buy anywhere, but year to year, you might notice that oranges taste better if there was a harsher winter – but then if the winter is TOO harsh, the crop will die so it has to be the perfect conditions. I only know this because oranges are a big deal in Florida hahaha

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